Sunday, 21 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Days 20 & 21: A Little Tree Therapy- creating whilst feeling poorly...

I've been feeling poorly after having the flu jab a few days ago and felt sad that for the first time this month yesterday (day 20) I wasn't able to post. However, I did do a little wordy doodle (LHS) whilst resting. It was an exercise in cheering me up with bright colours and positive words.

Then today (day 21) and still feeling rubbish I set myself up on a comfy chair in the lounge with a black pen and a water colour pallet.

And created this:
And despite feeling resistant and considering just going back to bed I actually ended up enjoying this. I love trees and seem to fill my art journal with little doodles, photos and collage items inspired by them. Similarly my fiction writing and poetry is often inspired by them. So what is it about trees? To me they symbolise growth, wisdom, grounding, comfort, strength......I could go on but basically to me they have a beauty and energy that is revitalising. So anyway, I felt much better mentally when I'd completed this watercolour and ink drawing.

What do you find recurring in your creative work?

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  1. Sorry to hear that you have not been so well. It is amazing, though, that you found the energy and inspiration to produce that beautiful watercolour and ink drawing.

    This afternoon I went for a walk and photographed a tree that looked so much like your work of art. I love the tracery of bare branches against the sky.

    In writing I'm inspired so much by the landscape, by place and people's response to it.

    Hope you feel better during the coming week.

  2. Your word doodling is so bright and colorful. Each word evokes encouragement. Thanks! And I like all of your trees! The one today reminds me of the tree I digitally traced and posted the other day. I think the bare trees look like lace.

    I seem to have clouds, light and circles as recurrent themes and inspiration this month. For me, the clouds and light are reflections of my faith in God and his infinite grace, and the circles are infinite possibilities; no beginning or end.

  3. I seem to be fascinated by trees lately too! Really love the painting and the great art journal page!

  4. Gorgeous stuff, Kat. I'm a little obsessed with trees too. And water.
    Really hope you feel a lot better this week xx

  5. A beautiful tree! very well done.

  6. I like your wordy doodle and your painting with the pen is beautiful, great work for feeling ooky.

  7. Beautiful! Glad you were able to be creative even when feeling not so good!

  8. Christine - thank you for the lovely comment. Trees make beautiful art of all sorts.

    Mlissabeth - Thank you. What wonderful imagery describing bare branches like lace.

    EVA - thank you. Good to know another tree lover :-)

    Missy - thank you :-)

    Megan - thank you :-) And another tree lover! I also get inspired by water (as you may have noticed in the many photos in my posts. Lol.)

    Rachel - thank you :-)

    dthaase - thanks :-)

    Anne - thank you. It did make me feel better mentally to have created something.

    Thanks to you all for you supportive comments. I'm a bit behind visiting everyone but will visit you all soon.

    Kat X

  9. Feel better friend! I love your tree, and I find that I like doodling them, too. I'm also a flower girl. I try to get away from them, but they always find their way in my work.
    Your blog looks GREAT!

  10. Shannon - thank you for that lovely comment, it is much appreciated:-) Kat X

  11. Hi Kat. I was looking at your word art and I can definably see how you could get lost in that and forget about you not feeling good. I hope you are feeling better now. :) I love the word RUBBISH! I always want to say it but my kids would make fun of me... hahaha.. They would say I am trying to be like all my friends online.

  12. Hi Frankie - I'm sorry I didn't reply to your comment sooner. Thanks for visiting. I shall go and visit you soon. - Kat X

  13. Hey Kat,

    That is a very insightful way to connect with your inner self and to reflect on what's going on, especially when one is feeling poorly.

    Your painting is very beautiful, and I loved the way you used the tree.

    I love trees too! :) I have just made 4 mini Seasonal/Christmas cards with trees on them. I will be uploading them on my blog soon, for now they can be found on my flickr album if interested. :)

    Much love and happy weekend ~ Ana

  14. Ana - yet another thing we share in common - a passion for trees. Fab! I shall look forward to taking a look at your Christmas cards.

    Kat X


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