Monday, 1 November 2010

Art Everyday Month - Day 1

Art Everyday can include writing, photos, music, any art medium from painting to textiles and more. Today was the first day of the challenge & it was a challenge in the sense that my time was limited. However, I've made a start in a brand new dedicated journal. No masterpieces here but it's a beginning.


  1. Like your journal, looks cool (found ya via AEDM, which I'm also doing).

  2. I have to say I was rather drawn to your blog by the name on Leah's Mr Linky list! Nice to meet another Wright!! No masterpiece on my blog today either, just a lot of frustration! I've put her aside until tomorrow.

  3. Your pages are wonderful; I love the lettering!

  4. Great page, Kat! I love that you're doing this in a dedicated journal!

  5. What beautiful words - play, be, breathe, express, create, love - how often we forget the importance of these simple yet profound things. xxx

  6. Missy - Thanks for stopping by. Its lovely to meet new creative people & AEDM is a fab way to do this.

    WrightStuff - LOL pleasure to meet a fellow Wright too - thanks for visiting. Those days when frustration takes over can be demoralising, I sympathise. Keep with it.

    geni - thank you for the encouragement especially as I was feeling a bit fed up with these first attempts.

    Leah - thanks - I suddenly got worried today that I may be limiting myself by having a dedicated book but then I realised I was being silly and that I can always work on different surfaces or with other art forms and simply journal about them in this book on those days.

    Shanta - It is easy to forget these simple things. I try and remember but sometimes find myself caught up in the busy day. It helps me to write them down, sort of like a meditation.

    Kat X

  7. lilasvb - thank you :-) And thanks for visiting.

  8. Looks like a mighty fine start to your AEDM project to me! At least you've got inky/messy!

  9. Anna Freeman - thank you. Yep I'm not satisfied if my hands aren't covered in paint, chalk, ink or glue. Makes me feel like I've had a really good creative splurge. Lol.
    Thanks for visiting
    Kat :-)


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