Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Art Everyday Month: Day 2 - Music

I liked the idea of starting a new journal especially for the Art Everyday month (see yesterdays post). But then this morning I decided that I wanted the freedom to explore art in its different forms. I panicked for a minute wondering then if my new AEDM book would limit me. Then I realised that on days when my chosen art form did not fit on a page I would simply write about it in this AEDM book.

Today, for the first time in a while my left hand was in fairly good working order & my vision not too bad. With this in mind I wanted to play music and so the first time in ages I got my recorder out and made my way through some recorder solos and suites. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Mind you I realised my puff-power was seriously lacking and that I need to build my lung capacity again. I used to play wind instruments regularly but now I don't its akin to taking a run without any training: you are left out of breath. No matter because I completely lost my worries in my enjoyment and concentration. I also realised that I miss playing music with other people in a band, group or ensemble - the fun of harmonising and being part of a more complex sound.

How was day 2 of your AEDM2010? Are you sticking to one art form or mixing a few? Did you discover anything new or were you perhaps reminded of an old passion?

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  1. I am using a wide variety of art forms. I write, I act, I am a poet, I am a photographer, I am a producer and yesterday I did ALL of them! Crazy!

    I love that you explored music today. Made me smile!

    Read my AEDM adventures2010 here.

  2. I wish was musical, but there is not a musical bone in my body! I'm mainly doing my drawing, but I'm also making stickers for an upcoming craft fair and doing some writing.

  3. I like that you aren't limiting yourself! I'm mixing media too! Really, anything is "creative" if you say it is. Since I have a 4-month-old baby, some days, my 'art' will be a home-cooked meal or an organized dresser drawer. It's the little things, really. And looking for creative ways to do otherwise mundane tasks brightens each day!

  4. Julie - you sound like you had a really fab day. I shall visit your link shortly & see more. Thanks for visiting :-)

    Missy - Yes but I wish I could draw like you - your illustrations are amazing!

    Abbi - Your comment had me cheering! Yes exactly my thinking too. Having a four month old will certainly take much of your time but you are approaching it with imagination & creativity - fab! Today is my son's 7th Birthday and I have a Birthday tea to prepare for 10 kids & 6 adults - so I had to do some art first thing & have allowed a short time now for a bit of blogging. Thanks for stopping by. I shall check out your link very soon.

    Kat :-)

  5. Well, this is exactly how I feel about it!! Sometimes it feels weird to blog about the daily stuff approached in a creative way while others are posting great paintings or ceramics :-)
    I have a 2-year-old girl bouncing around all day, I'll be glad if I make it to my challenge of inventing a new home-baked bread every possible day of AEDM!

    Thanks for sharing, everyone, it made me feel like not being alone :-)!

  6. baubodance - thanks for visiting. Yes I know what you mean - so many amazing works of art are getting posted! Children are a definite challenge to our time, LOL, but they're also great inspiration. It is wonderful connecting with so many interesting creative people.

    Kat :-)


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