Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Art Everyday Month Day 3 - Doodling

Today's post is a little rushed because in 90mins I will have 10 children & 5 adults here to celebrate my son's 7th Birthday. But I did put aside a couple of hours this morning to make time for day three's AEDM contribution. In that time I finished the above doodle. Because this is a photo, the perspectives are a little distorted but it gives you an idea of what I've been creating today.

Do you set aside creative time when you're busy? Or do find yourself putting your creative practice last?
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  1. Hi, Kat:

    I have found that I must make art in the morning or the evening. The afternoon is a dead time for me.

    I love the detail of this doodle.

  2. love the line work and design

  3. Just gorgeous!

    have lots of birthday fun (-:

  4. wow, that's nice for being rushed, love all the detail.

  5. Wow, oodles of doodles, great work.

    I think I find that the more other work I have to do, the harder I will fight to do my creative stuff and more will actually get done. Weird, I know.

    I work best in the mornings.

    Thanks for sharing, my fellow doodler :D

    (who ran out of time yesterday and did a similar thing)

  6. Virginia - Thanks for visiting. When I talk to other creative people usually they have a time of day they work best, which is quite interesting.

    dthaase - thanks for stopping by & thank you for the kind comment :-)

    Megan - thank you *blushes*

    Missy - I didn't do it all just on day 3 - I'd started it a couple of days previous but then spent a good chunk of time on finishing it on day 3. My vision would never hold up if I did all that tiny work in one sitting :-)

    Gumnut - I know what you mean, sometimes if we have too much time procrastination or apathy can creep in. And when we have limited time, we tend to appreciate it. A morning person hey? I am so not a morning person. I usually start most days grouchy. Lol.

    After party was over I found myself with a glass of wine and colouring with chalks in my AEDM journal to relax.

    Kat :-)

  7. I usually create a little something, somehow. It may simply be taking a photo to document (creatively) my life as it unfolds. When I am busy with rehearsals, that is a creative activity all ready... sometimes I am able to write during rehearsal but because this show is such a (fun) challenge to me, I am literally at creative work from the time I arrive until the time I go home.

    I love this doodle. So intricate. Mine are so much looser... and as I say to people "Isn't it great we are all different?"

    I hope the party was fun!

  8. Julie - you live such a creatively rich life; sounds wonderful. Your doodles are brilliant. Like you say it is great that we're all different & that's part of the reason AEDM is such inspiring fun.
    And yes, thank you, party went very well.


  9. Nice doodle... I love to doodle! will check back to see more...

  10. giddy up - thank you. I've visited your blog & have discovered that not only do you love to doodle but you are also very good at it. :-)


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