Thursday, 4 November 2010

Art Everyday Month: Day 4 - Mixed paper collages

After a very yesterday's busy day celebrating, today I found myself quite exhausted. However, I eventually got myself motivated and enjoyed doing a couple of collages. Above is a collage made from various papers in my paper box. Below is a doodle surrounded with a paper patchwork collage. Light hearted fun.

How was day 4 for you? Do you have any materials stashed away that you can rediscover and use for an AEDM project?
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  1. The top one is very pretty and I like your doodles on the second one:)

  2. I love rediscovering materials!

    Great collage work!

  3. Missy - thanks, the top one was fun to do.

    Leah - if you're anything like me you have many materials & tools tucked away. When I rediscover something I'd forgotten I had it is quite exciting. Lol.


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