Saturday, 6 November 2010

Art Everyday Month: Day 6 - Writing Exercise

attacked + naked + hammering + irritation + kept + interested

Today I did a ten minute writing exercise. My inspiration was this photo I recently took at Golitha Falls in Cornwall and the challenge was to include six randomly & blindly chosen words (shown above) from Paul Hoffman's "The Left Hand of God".  Then I gave myself ten minutes (although I cheated by using twelve) with no chance to prepare and wrote whatever came to mind. Here is the unedited (bar two words) result:

My sword had been stolen when I was attacked and now I felt naked without it. I kept moving, the feeling of vulnerability a constant irritation to my pride. I had to reach The Falls. The hammering in my head, the result of the earlier blow, made me nauseous. My vision was distorted and my balance upset causing me to keep tripping over the ancient tree roots that snaked across my path. I could feel the wise ones watching. They were not shocked by my failings; trees as old as them were used to human weakness and stupidity. Interested they observed  and lent a little of their powerful energy to my failing body.
         Then I saw it. Or maybe I felt the warmth first. Light burst through the green foliage refracted by bark and beautiful in its magical energy. I stumbled to my knees. I'd not been forgotten. They were here.

I love doing this type of exercise. It is great fun, perfect for exercising the imagination and stretching writing muscles. I've often created the first ideas of a character or story during this type of writing. 

Do you have any favourite creative exercises that you like to use? Feel free to use this photo and words and please do let me know the results. If you want to, post the results on your blog/website but especially if you use the photo I would appreciate you credit me with a link back to my blog. It is always fun to see what different creations are made from the same stimulus.

Hope day 6 has proved an inspirational one for you all!
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  1. what a fun writing exercise! i love the photo and what came from it!

  2. Hi Kat - love this story, I'm always a fan of anything with a bit of magic in!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left on my blog, I was so touched. I'd love to send the little girl with the pink hair to your daughter as a thank you. Why don't you drop me a line with your address wendy.windblows[at] I'm not an artist yet - well not one that earns a living anyway!!

  3. Leah - thank you :-) If you feel inspired please do share any resulting painting.

    WrightStuff - I've just read your comment to my daughter and she is really happy. And also impressed that you've got the same surname as her. Lol. I shall send you an email. Thank you for being so kind.

    Kat X

  4. What wonderful writing! That is a great creative exercise and with stunning results. For me the hardest part is getting started, so getting different things out on the table and studying them usually gets me going.

  5. Mary - I can't believe I missed this lovely comment a couple of days ago. Thank you. I know what you mean about getting started. Like you, I often find its the hardest thing whether I'm writing or collaging or practising the piano etc.

    Kat X


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