Thursday, 16 December 2010

Creative first aid during the Christmas craziness....

Daily creativity has been a challenge this past few days. I've been a little overwhelmed by the crazy season and a few niggling health issues. Writing in my journal yesterday helped stabilise my mood and put things into perspective. Some days I'm not sure I would get out of bed if it wasn't for the release of writing in my uncomplaining journal. I realised that by allowing myself to get caught up in medical poop and pre-Christmas madness I had inadvertently pushed my creative time away.  I'm sure that if I'd managed to carve out more creative time in those three days I would have avoided becoming so stressed.

How did I get out of my three day mood & energy slump? My first aid measures were instinctively journaling; thankfully this is a practice that never fails me. Yesterday, unable to embark on a larger project, I did a spot of doodling. Both writing/journaling and doodling are easy, portable and can fit into a limited time slot. This is why I always carry a small notebook and pen in my handbag at all times! I also like to keep a camera with me whenever possible.

  • What are your creative first aid tips?
  • When time is limited or you're away from home which creative activities keep you sane?
  • Which creative tools do you carry with you at all times?

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  1. Journaling has been one of my favorite self care tools! It's why I created my ecourse based around journaling! Another thing that helps me stay on course is yoga- sometimes just laying on my mat and breathing puts everything in perspective. Take good care.

  2. Pretty doodle, it's very festive to me. I know what you mean about the holiday madness. Stay well and I like the fact that you have an uncomplaining journal. When I'm in a slump a lot of times I actually listen to music or read and somehow one of the two always inspire me to create.

  3. Do you have special stationary Kat? I have a tendency to get a little bit notebook-obsessed xx

  4. Lovely doodle, Kat. I find that writing my diary every day keeps me on an even keel.

    Hope you manage to maintain your energy levels over the festive period.

  5. Journaling is good for me in a pinch! the texture and color of the journal never fail to draw me right in. And in my most desperate stints I crochet my troubles away!

  6. Happy to hear that journaling helped you. I have also been feeling a little worn out, and today a little sick. I've got a feeling it's due to the energy vibrations of the moon, and the up and coming lunar eclipse set to take place early next week. What I have been doing is finishing my Christmas cards, making a birthday card, and replying to pen pals. I love making new friends. So happy you are well now. Blessings to you ~ and happy holidays

  7. Welcome to my blog

  8. doodling really does help clear the mind. drawing from observation especially people, animals and plants somehow calms me too. i like your doodles a lot. the other creative tool i carry everywhere with me is my mind.... i like daydreaming. :)

  9. Sorry its taken me so long to reply to you all!

    Shannon - yes of course I knew journaling would be a favourite of yours too :-)Anyone able to join your course is lucky. I can't physically manage Yoga but do find meditation and light Chi Kung stretches very helpful and I imagine probably a similar benefit to Yoga.

    Missy - thank you. Yes reading and music are favourites of mine too!

    Megan - oh yes I can definitely relate to a notebook obsession. Infact a stationery obsession - notebooks & pens clearly coming in the top two places. I have a problem leaving any shop where pens & notebooks are sold; even supermarket shopping is distracted by the stationery aisle. Closely followed obsession is art & craft materials with things like ribbon seemingly necessary to purchase. Lol. :-)

    Christine - thanks. Yes when I say my written journal I'm meaning a diary type entry. Every Birthday I buy a new journal to write in. Then this year I've also started art journaling.

    Robin - Aha another journal user. I would love to re-learn crotchet; there are so many pretty creations to be made. But alas I seem to have forgotten even the basics. My closest thing these days is I go through stages of knitting lots of scarfs - for friends, family, charity. I do loads then stop for ages. But I find that therapeutic watching the stitches join and the scarf grow in length. :-)

    Ana - I do hope you're starting to feel better. Take care of yourself and get well soon. X

    ghostkitten - a fellow doodler, fantastic. I am quite awful at drawing from observation so I am impressed with you finding this relaxing. But I can imagine that it focuses you on the moment in a similar way to me taking photos or writing haiku. I like the way you describe the mind as a portable creative tool - excellent. I am a big daydreamer and like this way of looking at it.

    Thanks all and once again sorry to take so long getting back to you all !
    Kat X

  10. I love your doodling. It's so pretty and it is such a release to just doodle whatever comes through the tip of the pen. I'm a big time doodler too. Hope you are enjoying Corfu. I am so jealous!! I hope you take lots of pictures for us to drool over.


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