Sunday, 12 December 2010

Inspiration Avenue: "Peace"

This week the Inspiration Avenue challenge was based on the theme of "Peace". This was my take on the theme. It should read: "Let peace grow inside so you may spread love far and wide". I have painted this on a box canvas using acrylic, ink, and 3D pearlescent/gloss paints (which are difficult to appreciate in the photo).
This last few days have again been taken with Christmas festivities: the kids nativity, a Christmas dinner/party and today we're putting up decorations. Its been fun but I'm exhausted. Nevertheless I'm glad I made the time to create; I always feel much better. Yesterday I put the first layers of paint on when I was meant to be getting dolled up for the party. Which inevitably made me rushed :-) Then later in the evening when we were back home I applied more paint layers. This morning I managed to put the children off from starting the tree and finished the rest. Now the decs are only partly up, the house is a mess but I'm ready for a sleep. Lol.
How do you fit your creative work in during busy times?

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  1. Nice one Kat - just in under the wire! I can't believe how many entries we had this week.

  2. I like this. My body is telling me to let peace grow inside. I'm starting to listen...

  3. Very creative.
    and true.

  4. This is one lovely piece of art and a great sentiment, too. Glad you got it in on time, since I really like it.

  5. We should all grow peace inside.

  6. Love your piece. Creative way show the words and love the layering.

    And I am with you that it is hard to be creative with a busy life. I was busy this week with work and family so did not do any blog posts until this weekend. It is a tough one to make the time.. However, I have to say that since I have joined in blogging and then receiving and giving support, I feel more driven to be creative. So hang in there! Take Care, Amanda

  7. A very pretty piece, Kat expressing a fine sentiment. The tree in the centre reminds me of a real tree I photographed recently and put up on my blog earlier today.

    I'm struggling to be creative at present, not owing to any external pressures but perhaps more to do with the cold, dark days.

  8. Lisa - I know, only just got it in in time. Lol. To be sure I had to google what Midday EST time was here in the UK. I was glad that it was 5 hours behind GMT and that I had a few hours to complete and submit. Phew! Lol

    Mlissabeth - I think it's helping my health, hope it does yours too! X

    priti.lisa - thank you :-)

    Bleubeard & Elizabeth - thank you so much. X

    EVA - thank you :-)

    gemma - here's to that :-)

    Amanda - thanks. And I agree that the support is hugely beneficial!

    Yvonne - thanks!

    Christine - Thank you :-) I shall take a look at your photo next. Sorry to here you're not feeling so creative. I hope a bit of happy inspiration comes your way very soon. X

    Kat :-)

  9. Oh, I love love love this. And I am going to jump in the Inspiration "Believe" prompt as well... perfect for me right now...

    I love how the tree is at the center. Makes me smile and reach out in love... and reach in, also in deep, profound soul love...

    My CED check in.

  10. Julie - Thank you sweetie. I'm glad it made you feel happy - that makes me feel happy! Kat X

  11. HI Kat...soo gorgeous...I love how uplifting and colorful this piece is...very energizing and wonderfully creative!
    Shine on!

  12. How do I find creative time this time of year? Exactly as you describe - there are a lot of half finished/half started projects around here. But it's better than not getting to them at all! Love your finished peace - great message. Happy holidays!

  13. I love how you can actually read this piece a few different ways and each way is incredibly hope filled!

  14. Well done squeezing it in Kat, it's always worth it.
    And this is another very lovely piece
    M xxx

  15. Oh that's pretty.

    It's really difficult to fit creativity around family life. I've just finished a project that dominated our lives because of a deadline... Phew. There must be an easier way.

  16. Kiki/Victoria - thank you sweetie :-)

    Shannon - Thanks. Yes I know about half finished projects - my house is often cluttered with things drying or waiting to be finished.

    Robin - thank you, I'm glad you found it hope filled.

    Megan - Thanks. Even when its difficult, I'm glad when I've made the time.

    JJ - thanks. It is very difficult at times especially if, like you, there is a particular project that dominates your time and energy. Hope finishing frees up some time and head space for you. X

    Fiona - thank you X


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