Friday, 3 December 2010

A new mandala & an 'air' themed haiku...

I spent all morning and a little of this afternoon totally engrossed in drawing this mandala. Normally it'll take me a couple of days to finish one but I just couldn't seem to stop until I finished! Its actual size is 18cm in diameter.

Materials used: Pens - Berol fine line, staedtler black triplus colour, Tartan pink permanent & Marvy LePlume no.64 plum. I attached some acrylic gems using Golden gel medium. It was drawn onto heavy white card.

Also this morning, with the Creative Every Day theme of 'Air' in mind, I wrote this whimsical Haiku:

Bitter air biting
Asserting icy power
Wool scarf rescues me!

I played with this final line also coming up with even sillier versions like 'Saved by Super-Wool' and such like. I regularly use this 5-7-5 haiku format to record thoughts, moments and feelings. I'm obviously not sticking to strict Haiku rules but I find this short poetry a great way to focus on the present moment. My moleskine notebook is full of questionable haiku. Another method I use to focus on the now is taking photos. On a daily basis I like to write in my journal; an invaluable place for me to spill all my crazy thoughts.

How do you like to record moments,  thoughts and feelings? What about when you're in a rush or on the move?

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  1. Very pretty!

    I'm thinking about for 2011 creating an art journal(s) for that kind of recording. Do you do that Kat?

  2. Hi Eva
    Yes I have an art journal and a journal for writing. I also created a small 10x15 journal to record my progress during aedm2010.
    Kat X

  3. A beautiful poem, Kat! I keep a lot of tidbits of notes in a moleskine journal in my purse. Now I need to go back through and read my ideas!

  4. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger. I look back at it now and I cringe. It is very dramatic and very sad. Its almost too dramatic. It does remind me of those feelings though and how I got along. I do not write anymore however. Never really want to. I am digging the Mandala! I never really liked repetitious patterns but I like the "idea" behind this piece and that is why I would consider making one myself. :) Very nice work Kat.

  5. Gypsy/Tammy - thanks. Lol. Yes that sounds familiar, I must have loads of ideas forgotten between the covers of notebooks. I also need to go back through. Moleskines are such great books for writing. The cheap knock-off versions are never the same.

    Frankie - I have loads of notebooks full of self indulgent poetry that makes me cringe. But writing it served a cathartic purpose. Let me know if you have a go at a mandala. It doesn't have to be completely repetitive, it just needs a centre focus I think. I've only done three so far, but found them really therapeutic.

    Milo - thanks for visiting - I shall pay a visit to your place real soon!

    Kat :-)


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