Thursday, 27 January 2011

Accepting rest.....(and a couple of doodles/small stones)

I've been doodling and writing small stones this past few days but my low energy has made all things a bit of a struggle. Accepting I have to rest is probably one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn.  I've been proud of myself learning to take things moment by moment and accepting rest when its needed.  But this last week it has felt as if I've been learning this all over again. This seems to happen in life. We think we have something figured out and understood but all of a sudden we realise we've slipped into old habits. This past couple of weeks I've battled with my energy levels and re-learnt that going into battle exhausts me. I've had to remind me to accept rest as part of my creative life journey. A time to ponder and refuel. 

Michael Nobbs Sustainable Creativity micro mag 'Getting Your Important Work Done' gave me a reminder of this. If you haven't already discovered Michael visit his website and subscribe to his micro mag to receive advice on how to manage your 'very important work'. Whether your energy is low because of illness or a hectic life his writing could help you. But I'm not going to tell you any more about Michael now because he has agreed to be interviewed for my own email mini mag that is coming very soon. Watch this space.

Here's a couple of recent small stones (my contribution to 'A River of Small Stones'):

#26.  Slender trees sway to the vibrant beat of a demanding conductor.  
#27.  A small hand softly sneaks into mine and electrifies my heart.  

  • What life lesson do you seem to struggle with & need to repeat?
  • Who/what has helped you with this struggle?

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  1. I'm always in awe of your productivity Kat, so I'm not surprised you need to rest. Enjoy it and let yourself recharge. x

  2. Beautiful stones Kat and, as always, I love your doodle art. Is beautiful doodling able to be learned or is it a talent that comes from within? I'd love to be able to doodle like this.

  3. Helen - Thank you :-) I don't think I do that much really but thank you for helping me appreciate what I do do.

    Eliza - LOL the top one is skewiffey & the bottom scrappy (I almost didn't post them!) but it doesn't matter because I just find it relaxing to doodle. And sometimes I get ideas for my mandalas & patterns through doodling. In answer to your question - everyone can doodle. The more you doodle the more you experiment with shapes & lines. But ultimately the key is not to care & just give it a go. I only started doodling for doodling's sake a few months ago. I am convinced you'll produce fab doodles - just pick up a pen & paper & give it a go. A good way to start is either draw a shape & fill it in or start from the middle and work out. Let me know how you get on. And thank you so much for being so kind & supportive. Xx

    Kat :-)

  4. Thanks for the advice Kat. I bought a little art pad and a pencil today, so I'll give it a go. As you point out, it's relaxing.... that's mostly why I'd like to do it. I remember joining in with my daughter, when she was younger, at colouring-in and I really found that therapeutic. :D

  5. I love this design!
    I've recently begun to explore crochet tapestry and am loving it! This would make a very lovely tapestry! :)

    Love reading your stuff....!

  6. Hi Kat!

    Thanks for the pointer to Michael Nobbs, I've signed up to his micromag, it looks good. Look forward to seeing yours!

    I'm learning Tai Chi, which is energy work, and you're so right, listening to your body and going with the flow is really hard to do. My toughest lesson has been learning that even though you think you've dealt with issues and moved on, they can still come back and bite you!

    Loved your stone about the small hand, gorgeous xx

  7. Glad you're accepting your rest, even if it is a struggle.

    Your small stones are lovely. I especially like the one about the trees.

    Take care and feel better soon!

  8. Your small stones are simply goregeous, beautiful, Kat.
    You keep taking care of your lovely self

  9. How funny, this is the second reference to River of small stones I've come across today!

    Yes, you rest my girl. Listen to your body. I made the mistake of ignoring warning signals before and ended up being off work for 8 weeks :(

    Now I'm self-employed, I can't afford that to happen again. There's lots of ways to recharge a creative battery - how about a wander around all those lovely Cornish art shops?!

  10. Kat, I appreciate your reminder about rest. The stones and doodles are beautiful and they rest my eyes. I'm visiting from CED. I am one that needs more sleep and rest and quiet it seems than most others. Accepting that without judging myself harshly has been a journey. Xoxo. Terah

  11. Hi Kat!
    I find that when I am stressed and I decide not to pay attention to it, I begin to engage in much more harmful activities, such as eating too much. When probably all I need to do is just rest. Do you set aside a place or time to do that? I am thinking about setting up a space for meditation and giving that a try.

  12. Eliza - hope you feel brave enough to share sometime as I'd love to see your doodles.

    Mimi - thank you :-) Crochet tapestry sounds complicated and beautiful, I'm intrigued.

    Sam - thank you :-) It is exhausting how issues come back after you think they've been sorted I think. I've been doing very basic Tai Chi Qi Gong at home, it is wonderful for relaxing & being in tune with your body.

    Anne - thank you :-) My blog post today shows how I rested in style at the weekend ;-)

    Megan - thank you X

    Lisa - ah yes art shops & book shops are very therapeutic (except for my bank balance!) :-)

    Terah - I agree it is very hard to accept rest without judging ourselves - I'm constantly working on it. Thanks for visiting. Its a while since I visited your blog & so I look forward to a visit and catch up soon. :-)

    Sara - I don't have a special place in my house to meditate but I do have an old summer house at the bottom of my garden that is a lovely space (although not so much in winter). I love to be outdoors near the sea or in the woods but as I can't get out very often I try to create temporary quiet space anywhere in the house. Lighting a candle or music helps. I think it would be a lovely idea to create a special area.

    Thanks all for visiting even when I'm resting & not visiting you all as much as usual.
    Kat X


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