Sunday, 16 January 2011

AROS days 13-16....

I've been a bit slack at regularly posting my small stones but here are the latest copied from my notebook:

Day 13 and I was watching the toddlers leaving playschool. It was such a happy and cute image....
Rainbow of umbrellas
Bobbing down the path
Over little legs
In an eager race

Day 14 and late evening I opened the door to let my cat out. My awareness of  the weather having been muffled by double glazing I was taken aback at the assault to my senses.......
Thick winter air
Icy energy
Thrashing branches
Rushing stream
by a passionate wind.

Day 15 and this was a very simple observation and I stared into my Muesli....

Jewels of dehydrated fruit promising sweetness, bathing in a milky pond alongside their pale oat companions.

Day 16  this may not strictly be a small stone and is not polished but this morning I just closed my eyes and listened. This is what I heard....
Washing machine spinning a storm
Radio singing multiple voices
Steel chinking china
Rustling paper
Fridge humming
Sunday breakfast.

Not prolific or fancy but observations that I can work on in the future. It was enough for me to be present in the moment and observe; a calming meditative exercise.
  • Have you found time this past week to stop and soak up the moment you're in?
  • If so, how did you express this or/and what affect did it have on you?
(In the next few minutes I'll be posting my Inspiration Avenue weekly art challenge if you'd like to take a peek just scroll up)
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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Muesli, hmmmm...... I'm nibbling on some pieces of cucumber right now.... must have a closer look! :O)

  2. I've found you!!! Kat, these are fab! 'Washing machine spinning a storm' - I love that.

    I'm going to pop back and spend more time browsing when I'm not trying to fit in as many things as possible before the school run!

  3. Eliza - thanks - I'll look forward to your cucumber inspired small stone ;-)

    Sam - welcome and thank you:-) Ah yes that last bit of time before the school's out always goes too fast; I know it well!

    Kat :-)


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