Wednesday, 12 January 2011

AROS days 9-12, a lazy doodle & positive motivation...

Lazy Tuesday Evening Doodle
I did this lazy doodle whilst watching TV, hence all the scrappy mistakes. But I thought I'd share it anyway so that the post had a picture as well as words:-) 
Catching up with my contributions to A River of Stones challenge - here are my small stones for days 9-12:
Day 9 – Sunday 9th January 2011
Rush Hour
Busy minds,
encased in steel,
lost in a concrete jungle.

Day 10 – Monday 10th January 2011
Noisily eating trees
it spits and splutters
glowing with warm pleasure.

Day 11 – Tuesday 11th January 2011
School’s Out
Stampede of small soles
bring smiles with their
cacophony of children’s chatter.

Day 12 – Wednesday 12th January 2011
Busy Wet Road
Sizzling cold lead,
misty trail of speed,
fluid motion.

©Katina Wright 2011
I'm finding these online challenges are helping me get motivated on a grey January when the fluey viruses are still hanging on and the scenery outside is rather bleak.
Some ways of getting motivated are based on fear, criticism and aggression. You know the sort: lose weight by deciding you're disgusting or work harder because you don't want to be a 'failure' or trying to achieve goals set by society/other people that don't really work for you. Personally these methods exhaust me and after years of self-criticism & unrealistic expectations I'm finally realising that the best way for me is to accept who I am, try listening to my intuition and live in the moment. I've got far more done this way than I ever did when chasing my tail and exhausting myself with unrealistic expectations. The online challenges (CED2011, Inspiration Avenue, A River of Stones) I'm taking part in are all about inspiration, support and positivity.
  • What positive motivational methods are you using this January?
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  1. I too am using many prompts to get going when my brain seems as frozen as the snowy weather outside today. I'm doing The Sketchbook Challenge; the Photo Friday; 365 Days of Photographs; and some writing ones from Mama Kat and The One Minute Writer. I like connecting with others and feeling like I have the support to keep going. Have you seen 365 Days Art Prompts? It's from Creativity Portal, and provides a different picture prompt and written idea to jump off from.

    And "scrappy" or no, your doodle is beautiful - for some reason the angle/lines in the center make it look as if the core is pulsing in and out. I like it! I was doodling the other day while the television was on in the background too, and found myself creating shapes that I would not have even thought about had I consciously been *trying*.

  2. Hi sweet lady! I love this post. I feel we have grown up when we have realized that we need to live the life we have being happy and be accepting of ourselves just the way we are. How wonderful and liberating! Your photo is beautiful and your smile warming. Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. What a great point of view. I think that perspective is everything and that inspiration and positivity are crucial.

    Thanks so much for mentioning A River of Stones to me in December. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I've been writing my small stones in a notebook and it really makes a difference in the way I look at the world around me.

    The support and motivation that I gain from others in blogland have been wonderful in helping to keep me going.

    Great doodle. I think it looks lovely.

  4. It is a lovely doodle.

    Good to make your aquaintance Kate. I found you through Julie P.

    I don't need much motivating at the moment - I've been out of action for the best part of a year/18 months due to ill health so I'm chomping at the bit to get writing again!

    Good to have found you. Look forward to dropping by again.

    warm wishes

  5. Amen Sister! I find the challenges fun and inspiring. I think it's the support and having others who thrive in the same way so helpful.

    I'm going to have to check out the River of Stones because I love what your writing!

    And your doodle rocks!

  6. I have time off work at the moment so I find motivation easier at present. There's nothing like time for self to get some new ideas and time to dream.

    I like to smooch around all the blogs available on the net. It's hard to choose where to spend the most time because there are so many talented people with very interesting sites out there.

    I'd like to copy your doodle (if I may?) and place it on my Zakgirl On ~ writing site.

    Is this ok?


  7. Oh, sorry, I forgot to say what I wanted to do with your doodle.

    I want to use it to talk about imagination and imperfection from a motivational approach.


  8. Hi Beautiful Kat...I love your gorgeous creations..magical and inpsiring as always!! I love this!
    Shine on!

    PS: and thankyou..your comments touched my heart on my art!

  9. Stretching my imagination - thank you for the info about the creative challenges; I shall check them out :-)

    Tammy - thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. I feel old & creaky rather than grown-up most days;-) Lol.

    Anne - I'm glad you're enjoying AROS & it is helping you see more beauty & detail. Blogland truly can be invaluable support and inspiration. X

    Debbie/Bluestocking Mum - thank you for stopping by :-) I'm sorry that you've not been well. I had problems with my vision & health that limited my writing and editing & I was like you - desperate to get back to it. So can truly empathise. Hope you're on top form soon and able to write as much as you wish. I shall drop by your blog soon. :-)

    Tracy - thank you for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment :-) I hope you enjoy AROS. I shall drop by your blog soon.

    Zak - Thank you for visiting :-) It is good to have time to yourself, dream & create - enjoy your time. You may copy my doodle of course but you may prefer to look through and choose one of my other doodles that are less scrappy/rough - up to you. (Oh, just read your second comment & realise you may prefer this imperfect one. lol.) If you could please provide a link back to my blog & let me know when you've put on your blog I'd be grateful. I shall look forward to checking out your blog soon. :-)

    Victoria - my comments were from the heart & I only ever comment the truth so I am very glad they made you happy :-) Thank you, as always, for your supportive kind comments. X

    Kat X

  10. It's fun to see your small stones and doodles. I too am trying to accept who I am, and change the parts I can and want to change. A third part of my equation is choosing joy in my expressions, and not allowing others to change the way I think. We each have our own opinions ~ we don't have to be right, or wrong.

  11. HI Kat yes of course I remember you - glad to hear you're still writing. Where are you living now?

  12. doesn't seem like a lazy doodle to me, it's lovely.
    And you're very right, bullying yourself is the worst motivation
    excitement's the best xx

  13. How do you do that Kat...... create a masterpiece while watching t.v.?! Most of my doodles are done while waiting in queues on the telephone..... yawn. I loved your stones as well, especially the stampeding children. :O)

  14. Mlissabeth - good for you, I'm glad your taking positive steps to more joy. X

    Flowerpot - I'm glad you remember me :-) I shall contact you this week via your email/facebook so that we can catch up further. X

    Megan - thank you :-) Excitement does seem a much better option. X

    Eliza - I think you are being super kind :-) But thank you because my confidence does need a boost and its great to have your support - thank you. X

    Kat :-)


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