Saturday, 8 January 2011

Inspiration Avenue Colour challenge & day 8 of AROS challenge...

The theme for the Inspiration Avenue challenge this week was “colour”. At first my imagination conjured a mix of emerald green with a touch of sea green. The theme also inspired me to play with my new coloured ‘Pitt’ pens I’d been gifted at Christmas. However, out of all my new colours I could not find the shade of green I imagined. The closest colour was to be finally found amongst my children’s new coloured ‘Crayola Supertips’. I was drawn to two colours from my own pack and was also keen to use my new silver Pitt pen. I decided to try and draw a mandala that would incorporate all these colours and the above is the result. Unfortunately neither scanner nor camera picked out the true colours or metallic shine of the silver. If anyone has any recommendations for decent scanners I’d appreciate the advice.
Feathery choir: wood pigeon alto with Celtic flute timbre accompanied by soprano sparrows.
Whilst having a cranial osteopath treatment this afternoon, through the open skylight of the treatment room, I was serenaded by a selection of birds sat in the surrounding trees.
  • How does colour inspire or/and influence your creative work?
  • What/who inspired you today?
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  1. That mandala is exquisite! Although full of admiration, I am so envious (in a nice way!) of people who can create such beautiful art.

    How I love the image of your feathery choir. :O) That's brilliant.... and all I could come with for mine was 'chitter-chattering'. :O)

  2. Super gorgeous..wonderfully inspiring and meditative..fabuous work!

  3. hey you! thanks so much for your recent comments. i'm happy we've connected over the last year as well. hey- would you have an interest in being interviewed for my "free spirit spotlight" interviews sometime this year?

  4. I so love this! The colors are amazing. You've inspired me today!
    So I am passing on to you The Stylish Blogger Award. Why, cuz I like your blog! If you choose to accept this award of awesomeness you have to pay it forward to fifteen other blogs and post about it and in the post say seven things about yourself. If you want you can check out my post:

  5. This is stunning, Kat! It looks like a stitched folk art quilt. This is perhaps my favorite of all of your mandalas!

  6. Wow this is beautiful. I love the design. I really like the symmetry and balance. I need to learn more about mandalas. The colors you used are yummy too. It reminds me of colors that Native Americans here in California used a lot in their art work. Earthy and comforting. Love looking at this over and over, see more details each time. Very nice.

  7. what a gorgeous mandala, such vibrant colours! Lovely description of the birds too.

  8. That is so beautiful. I wish I did know of a good scanner, but I can't seem to find one that prints whilst staying true to the colours either, so frustrating.

  9. Love these colors together....and all of the intricate work.

  10. Beautiful colours and mandala! My scanner changed a vibrant purple to deep blue ... so I can't help! (I need help!)

    Regardless if the colours are true, this is still beautiful!

  11. This is stunning, I could look at it all day! Great original use of colour - even if you couldn't find the exact shade you had in your head (I get that too!)

  12. Kat,

    This mandala is gorgeous. So much detail and a lot of hard work went into it, too. The symmetry you created is stunning. This is one true work of art.

    Silver and any metallic is not going to pick up well on a scanner, or a camera for that matter. The colors just don't come out as rich as they are in real life. Even high end cameras have trouble picking up the sparkle from metallics. I think your piece is beautiful, no matter what the "true" color. Maybe it's not your scanner, but your monitor (grin).

  13. Isn't it the truth! I'll have a bazillian shades of, whatever! And not the one that's juuuuust right! Oi! It's a shame that cameras don't do a better job of capturing shades and hues.

    But your mandala is great!

  14. That´s a phantastic mandala.
    Great colours and style.

  15. This is gorgeous! It looks almost Native American in the color and pattern...really very pretty!

  16. I love Madalas and this one!!!

    The colours ressonate with me too.

    I love it!



  17. Eliza - thank you so much X Chitter-chattering is just perfect as it is!

    Victoria - thank you :-)

    Shannon - Wow, I'm really touched that you'd like to interview me. Of course my answer is yes, thank you for asking!

    Missy - thank you for the kind words and award. I shall check out your blog for more info.

    Tammy (aka gypsy) - thank you, that means a lot considering your own mandala work is stunning. X

    Amanda - thank you for leaving such a lovely comment. I am flattered if it reminds you of Native American art in any way because there is so much I've seen that I admire.

    crafty green poet - thank you :-)

    Debs - thank you. I'm suspecting that it takes a very expensive scanner of the kind that professional printers use to get a decent image.

    gemma - thank you :-)

    EVA - thank you. If I discover any scanner tips then I shall pass them on to help you too. :-)

    art angel - thank you for such a lovely comment. Yes, my imagination does conjure many things difficult to find in reality ;-)

    Elizabeth - thank you so much. X. Yes I've yet to capture a true image of metallics and I think you're right about the difficulties.

    Judy - Thanks :-) Yep it is often hard to find the art material or words to match the idea in my imagination.

    Janine - thank you :-)

    priti.lisa - thank you very much :-) Amanda also mentioned she thought it had a Native American feel.

    Ana - thank you for the lovely comments. I look forward to visting your blog.:-)

    Thank you all for the support and lovely comments!
    Kat X

  18. oh wow! this piece is totally awesome. I can imagine it must be even more dazzling in person. it's so hard to get colours (especially metallics) to translate well into a web image.

  19. Liberty - thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such a lovely comment :-) I agree it is really hard to translate metallics digitally unless you have a very high quality scanner etc.


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