Sunday, 16 January 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge - What inspires you?

What inspires me? This is a question with so many answers. Firstly I'll explain how the artwork above answers this question in part. No sarcastic pretending to be sick miming please ;-) Love inspires me.  I am a complete romantic but I'm not just talking about romantic love but also the way we love our children, our pets, our friends, our creative work.  

But here, in no particular order, is a more detailed list of things that inspire me:
Music (playing, listening, live or recorded); books (fiction, poetry, picture...); people; my children; the creative blogging world; nature (especially trees, water, mountains, changing weather and seasons); journaling; colour; words; film; theatre; collaging; photos (other peoples and taking my own); enticing craft materials (ribbon, buttons, paints, glitter, assorted papers, recycled items...); oh I could go on and on......

But I guess the important question is what can inspire us when we are completely stuck, uninspired and blocked? I believe we often just need to rest, recharge and be present in the moment. This can be hard because being stuck can lead to fear and panic. Therefore it's important to recognise that the resting quiet time can be as important as the passionate creative times. Apart from this the things that can help me out of a rut are being outdoors amongst nature, journaling, music, reading and other people.
 (Below this post you can read my small stones for days 13-16 of A River of Stones)

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  1. What better inspiration than LOVE? How perfect!

  2. Great post. I've been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. It's wonderful to feel inspired and awful when you don't. When I'm stuck it helps to get a different point of view. Being outside, taking a walk, pushing myself all help. And allowing myself some time to veg. It's hard, though and I'm glad that lately inspiration hasn't been too far away.

  3. This is a beautiful post! Not only the art but what you have written too! I agree so much with what you have said. I completely understand and have to admit that I have let fear and worry derail me from my creative growth. I love your thoughts on the quiet rest time, I tend to not let myself have that and now I am learning later in life that I need to put that first so all the rest will be better. Wonderful post. Take Care.

  4. I love when you "no pretending to be sick miming"... because I SOOOO get that, when I start talking about love and my relationship to love, love, love.

    I keep meaning to leap into inspiration avenue. Perhaps, today, I will.

    My CED2011 check in...

  5. Such a lovely post, and I heart your hearts :) Gorgeous!Luckily I haven't had a problem feeling inspired lately..however I am suffering from the opposite! So much that I want to little time to fit it in! I end up feeling very unbalanced and constantly on the go...I definitely need to take time to stop and smell the roses along the way! :)x
    ps.So glad you could join in the JOY journal giveaway!And THANKYOU for such a lovely comment :) You made me smile today :)!

  6. Heay! Cool! Anything can inspire me! Here's mine
    If you have twitter, follow me (MsMatsui)

  7. What inspires me? My family is the biggest one, husband and kids, mostly the rolls I play in their lives and who it makes me. But it's so much bigger than it sounds.

  8. Tammy - indeed, thank you :-)

    Anne - you're right - it is such a fab feeling to float high on inspiration but such a heavy downer when you feel blocked. Wishing you plenty of inspiration always! :-)

    Amanda - thank you :-) I'm glad you're learning to take that time for yourself; you deserve it and it will fuel your creative spirit. X

    Julie - thank you :-) It would be great for you to join us at Inspiration Avenue. Hope all your new year plans are going well :-)

    Jenny - thank you X All my fingers & toes are crossed in the hope I win that lovely journal. And I totally get what you mean - I'm buzzing with ideas but struggling to find the energy/time to fit them all in. But deep breath & one moment at a time.... :-)

    Shigune - thanks for stopping by. I shall check your blog out very soon :-)

    B - people, especially our children are a huge inspiration I agree!

    Kat X

  9. Lovely post. Today I'm inspired by the snow falling outside, by the dinosaurs all over my living room floor and by the smell of chocolate chip cookies in the oven!

  10. VERY wise words, worth repeating as often as necessary! I just came off of one of these dry spells, but I wasn't worried b/c another artist explained the necessity of this part of the artistic process to me a few years ago. If it hadn't been for her advice, I could have become so disheartened that I might have given up. So you repeat this again and again to the emerging artists you know!

  11. Shannon - thanks, all that inspiration sounds wonderful. In my interview answers to you I think I mentioned how some of the best inspiration can be found in the everyday stuff :-)

    Kathy - thanks for stopping by :-) Yes, I try to repeat it not only to others but to myself lest I should forget when in low moments:-)I agree it has been an important lesson to learn.

    Kat X


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