Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year 2011 - Trio of online challenges...

This New Year’s Day 2011 brings with it three online challenges.

The first is “A River of Stones” where participants are asked, for every day in January, to notice the small details in life. Day 1 of this challenge is in my graphic above.

The second: Following a very enjoyable time on the Creative Everyday 2010 challenge, I am participating in Creative Everyday 2011”. Click on this link or the lovely blog button to the left to find out more about this very inspiring challenge and its supportive community.

The third is the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge. This week we are asked to review our creative work and imagine how it will develop in 2011.

2010 can be split into two for me. The first half I was still recovering from a severe MS relapse and I struggled practically with my writing and art because of the resulting disabling symptoms. However, the second half of the year I focused on using my creativity as a form of rehabilitation and exploration. Finding it difficult to work on my novel edits I started to explore all the varying forms of creative expression I enjoyed. Initially I was frustrated that a well edited novel lay unloved. But eventually I was gifted by the inspiration and opportunities that opened up to me by simply taking each day and being creative in any way my intuition led me to. I’ve met some lovely people online, learnt a lot about myself and my health has much improved. I’ve played with and enjoyed different art forms and furthered my writing styles. In 2011 I’m not pressurising myself to work on & submit my YA novel, or the two finished children’s books that lay waiting. Instead I am simply focusing on taking each day, moment by moment, letting my intuition guide me in which way I wish to be creative every day. I’m going to trust that this is all part of my learning and that any publications or career advancements will come if and when they’re needed. I’m sure that I shall panic and doubt. And I can’t deny that I would like to earn a little money again as well as be able to share my words and art. But in 2011 my aims are to trust in myself and live in the moment. From my experience in 2010 this approach can lead to wonderful surprising things and fits better with my health than bashing my self over the head with expectations.

  • Do you have any wishes or aims for 2011? 
I highly recommend any of the above challenges simply because the people who participate on them are wonderful, inspirational and their support may just change your year for the better.

P.S. I've been having a lot of problems with blogger the past couple of days. It took me a few hours just for it to accept this post. Also when visiting blogs (even my own) I can't seem to leave comments. So please accept my apologies - I've not forgotten to visit you I just can't seem to leave you a message to say I stopped by!!

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  1. They are wonderful challenges, thank you! Happy New Year.

  2. That's a lovely post, I'm glad your health has improved. Thanks for reminding us that we can use creative expression in our everyday lives.

  3. Happy New Year, Kat! I am so thankful that we have met in blog land. Your story of the challenges you have had and how you are choosing to work with them is inspiring. I wish you all the best in 2011 and look forward to much more sharing. Take care.

  4. Happy New Year, Kat. What a lovely post - made me think for a minute and take stock. I definitely need to follow your advice in focusing on the small things and taking each day as it comes...

  5. Julie, Jan, Amanda & Shanta - thank you all for visiting and leaving such lovely comments.

    Kat X

    PS net working intermittently but I'm trying to visit you all when its working.

  6. Hello again Kat,

    I've just come back to read this - wow, what a lovely, inspirational post - another determined lady I see. We are kindred spirits and I'm glad to have found you too.

    We shall continue our health and writing challenges together.

    warm wishes


  7. Debbie: it will be fab to have your company in 2011!
    Kat :-)


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