Thursday, 20 January 2011

Obstacles to creative work, doodles & small stones (aros days 17-20)

In between formulating ideas for a new digital mini mag and Etsy shop (more details of both soon) I've been journaling, doodling and trying to write small stones for A River of Stones challenge. Here are my latest small stones followed by another doodle:
Woolly lime moss draped like ‘silly-string’ streamers caught in the outstretched arms of a naked tree.

#18 (I visited a favourite woods and was sad to see the results of recent flooding)
Between toothy gap reminders of tree victims rise haphazard giant molehills of displaced earth whilst nearby the scrubbed wire-braced riverbanks are patched with foreign rock. Awkward flood damaged beauty.

Exposed twiggy survivors of watery excess are comforted by the glockenspiel scale of a singing stream restored to its original size.

#19 (There has been a recent tree disease in a nearby valley that has necessitated alot of trees being felled.)
Stubble faced forest valley scarred by disease.

Fidgety paws, twitching nose, wiggling whiskers, flicking tempestuous tail, restless gut – dream time cat adventures.

Cold fingers tip tapping on my laptop keyboard; marking my thoughts in words on an illuminated screen. As I pause the cursor flashes its impatience, urging me on.

I'm excited by the new creative projects I'm working on but a little stunted by very low energy at the moment. Yet I remind myself not to think too far outside of enjoying the moment and energy I have. This halts any panic and keeps me appreciating what I do have. But does require some reluctant pacing and patience on my part :-) My present motto is: little by little, moment by moment.
  • Are you working on or/and excited by any new creative projects?
  • How do you manage your creative work when illness, worries or other obstacles get in the way?

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  1. I find my creativity at the moment to be extremely random. It incorporates anything and everything at any given moment. I can't focus, or dedicate myself to anything lengthy or drawn out. I wish I could.


  2. Creative energy ebbs and flows. I think it's best to just let it. I was feeling icky for a few days this week and when I felt better all those ideas just came flooding back and I was able to pick up where I left off. Fighting with how you feel just makes things worse, I think.

  3. Kat - I think it is good to have times like this, it enables you to stretch your creative muscles in different ways. I'd advise you to just go with it. X

    Anne - exactly, fighting with how you feel does make it worse. Its not always easy to be patient and trust though when you're feeling rough. I just discussed this with Shannon from Free Spirit Knits as part of an interview she did with me. Hope you're feeling fully recovered :-)

    Kat X


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