Thursday, 6 January 2011

A River of Small Stones: Days 4, 5, 6 & a small stone photo...

I'm enjoying participating in A River of Stones. I like the chance to focus on the moment; a meditative and creative experience. Reading other participants small stones is inspirational and fun. If you'd like to explore the variety of writing/art/photos go to the main site for links to individuals contributions to the river.

The photo above isn't related to the small stones written below but a small stone in itself. I photographed this in my garden. Fascinated by the beauty of the frost there seemed to be many small stone photos to be taken.

Here are my written 'small stones' for days 4, 5 and 6:
Day 4 – Tuesday 4th January 2011
Rain dance
Un-choreographed bounce
of crystal timpani
on decking;
antidote to a grey day.

 ©Katina Wright 2011

Day 5– Wednesday 5th January 2011
Whirling streamers of
intoxicating aroma
spiral up from my coffee mug
in an exotic slow dance.

©Katina Wright 2011

This next one may be a little long for a small stone but I was inspired today by the stream that runs past my writing hut at the bottom of the garden: 

Day 6 – Thursday 6th January 2011
Fluid companion
whooshing past
in your winter brown guise
on your infinite journey.
I hear your gurgling giggles.
What stories could you share
with your bubbling banter?

 ©Katina Wright 2011

  •  How do you use your creative practice to express the 'small stones' found in everyday life? (ie. poetry, photos, paintings, songs etc...)

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  1. Very very nice poems Kat!!

  2. I really like these, especially the one about coffee steam/aroma. The photo is beautiful, too.

  3. "Un-choreographed bounce
    of crystal timpani"
    Oh, what a beautiful description! The next time someone complains about the rain, may I quote you? :O)

    I very much like all three of your stones and the images they inspire.

  4. lovely small stones, the frosty plant is beautiful!

    I'm very much enjoying writing small stones every day!

  5. Beautiful.

    Nice Site!

    Just a note to let you know I've copied one of your free blog buttons and have linked back to your site. I have subscribed because this looks like a really lovely place to spend a few hours. Like sitting near a calm stream or a bubbling brook. It's soothing...



  6. Eva - thank you :-)

    Kelly - thank you for visiting & leaving such a kind comment.

    Eliza - thank you! Wow it would be cool to be quoted. lol. You are so supportive when I am often full of doubts - thank you :-)

    Crafty Green Poet - Thank you for stopping by & leaving such a lovely comment :-)

    Zak - thank you for that super kind & lovely comment; it has made my day! :-) I shall be visiting your blog next. It is great to connect up with new people.

    Kat X

  7. I absolutely love that photo with the frost. Lovely!

    Your small stones are beautiful. And I want to thank you for telling me about the A River of Stones. I've been participating in a non-high tech way, just writing down my stones in a notebook. I might share some on my blog eventually, but even if I don't I think it's been wonderful to be more aware of the details and of the beauty and precision of language.

  8. Your small stones are lovely. We have lots of rain here in British Columbia so really enjoyed number 4 loved the crystal timpani part.

  9. Beautiful photo! Love your stones as well.


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