Friday, 21 January 2011

Soothing music and a garden stone....

A small stone offering. Not sure if the writing is readable over the photo. It reads "Sugar coated garden, bitter to the touch".

A slow day for me health wise so I'm soothing my soul with music and words. Today I've been listening to James Morrison, One Republic, Leona Lewis and Emma's Imagination. My music tastes are varied and vary according to my mood.

  • What soothes you when you're not feeling the best?
For more small stones, doodles & thoughts on obstacles to our creative work see the post below.
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  1. "sugar coated garden" - I love that! It does look edible, doesn't it?
    When I'm out of sorts, I can't be bothered to listen to anything at all. I'll flick through my music collection flitting from track to track until I declare there's nothing worth listening to. It takes time, but it does pass...

  2. Oh my, I just had to drop by and say how much I liked your garden stone this morning. So beautiful and yet you have seen something that most of society would miss. I don't fully understand what this "stones" thingy is that you do but I like it and today, that one really hit the spot. Amazing!

    When I'm out of sorts I have a "me day" (if I can). I spend time of my own, might have a bath with bubbles and reflect on why I feel down and just let it happen for a while. I always reassure myself that this is just one moment in time and if not later today but definitely tommorow I will feel good, vibrant and effective again.

  3. When I first read it, I thought it said "butter to the touch!" LOL I think "bitter" sounds a lot better.

    Sleep is really the only thing that soothes me...I always hope that the pain will be gone when I wake up.

  4. BTW: I like your new mandalas at the top and the purple on the sides of this blog.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.
    I am really loving your blog. I honor your concept of creativity.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. That's a lovely stone, Kat. Everything does indeed look sugar coated. I hope you're feeling better now.

    When I'm not at my best, whether physically or emotionally, cuddling the dogs helps to soothe me more than anything.

  7. Gorgeous.
    Love the bitter and the sweet
    Take care of yourself, Kat

  8. Sam - thank you. Some days I cope better than others with my health problems. Generally I'm upbeat but with a virus aggravating as well I just felt exhausted. But I've picked up a bit & am back being positive.

    Zak - thanks so much for the lovely comment & advice :-)

    Mlissabeth - yes you're right, sleep helps. How fun reading "butter" - gives a whole new perspective :-) And thanks for noticing the new blog banner. X

    Mimi - thank you :-)Glad you stopped by:-)

    Eliza - cuddles are always a great boost, whether with the kids, hubbie or the cat! :-)

    Megan - thank you :-)

    Kat X

  9. I love this photo! Just lovely.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  10. Anne - thank you. I'm a bit over tired but am okay. I'm having the longest ever time between relapses so I count myself lucky. :-)


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