Sunday, 20 February 2011

"Faded (Memories)" Inspiration Avenue Challenge

"Faded Memories"
"Faded" was the prompt for this week's Inspiration Avenue team challenge. The title 'Faded Memories' came to mind and I used this title as inspiration. It also encompassed this month's Creative Everyday theme of 'passion' by using my passion for trees, story and mixed media experiments.  I wanted to tie in various memories into a piece of mixed media art. I used an old table mat that held sentimental memories because it was bought new when we moved into our cottage. I then chose two photos I'd taken that were tied to personal memories. Then faded & tinted them before printing out. Here is a before picture to give you an idea: 

I've had a bit of a rough, tiring week feeling ill and looking after my little boy who had a fluey virus (he is much better now). My creative time was also cut to barely nothing. So I really wanted to have fun experimenting with art materials and surfaces; I knew it would cheer me up to get messy and creative. As illustrated below I covered the mat with a couple of coats of gesso tinted with Pebeo acrylic. I painted directly onto the worn surface so it would add extra texture and enable me to know the mats memory was still held beneath.

I then used scrunched up aluminium foil to create texture in the wet paint followed by adding my own mix of acrylic using the foil. (Drying in between each layer added).

I glued my photos on the painted surface using gel medium and then wanted to tie the memories together. This made me think of string and so I used string to create a doodle like frame around my photos.

Here is a different photo of the result. It is difficult to show the textures and layers but hopefully the photos of the process help to create an idea.

My hands (& workspace) covered in paint & glue I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. Six days of little creative or meditative time (along with the virus) really affected my mood. The thrill of experimentation, the feel of paint/glue, the playing with colours, images, ideas and words all helped give me a boost. My next blog post will reflect on ideas I could employ as emergency measures ready to use during difficult health times. Simple things that can help get me through, like journalling or doodling. I've written about similar things before but have a few new ideas I am mulling over and will share soon. Meanwhile....

  • What creative outlet never fails to lift your mood? 

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  1. This is wonderful. I love how you included the details and tutorial. Art is so cool. Especially when you put yourself into it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. This turned out lovely. I love your photographs. I use art journaling as a creative outlet and share that on my blog. I feel it really helps with healing~
    Happy creative week to you. Theresa

  3. Wonderful art Kat - the textures you've created are fabulous.

    I'm just like you - if I don't have time to play with paints and paper for a few days I find I start to get twitchy - art is definitely necessary for my health and wellbeing!

  4. great piece of artwork and a great theme for blog posts!

  5. Kat, this is gorgeous. The art work is fantastic and I loved following your process. You used a very interesting technique and I admire your creativity. This is one of my favorite projects this week!

  6. Clap! Clap! Clap! I hope you patted yourself on the back and said "well done"! It turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing your entire process with us! Very fun!

  7. Your art therapy turned out beautifully and successfully too as it improved your mood and your health. Great!!!

  8. Very beautiful. I'm in awe at how you find time to do all this around feeling under the weather and nursing poorly children. Good show! xx

  9. I love that you've shared the process, Kat. It turned out to be another terrific work of art.

    Glad you are feeling better <3

  10. Very cool, I really like seeing your process and the before and after pictures. Feel better over there!

  11. I love how you re-used something and turned it into art! Anything creative lifts my mood. It might be taking some photographs or editing photos or planning out a project...

  12. wow - you nailed this - excellent work

  13. This turned out very pretty. I am not really good with "mixed media" type art. I love watching you do it though. Very nice. :) Very thoughtful.

  14. What a gorgeous piece! Loved the description of your work. I know that feeling of not getting time for creating - that happened the past couple of weeks.

  15. oooh, lovely, lovely, lovely trees.
    Wonderful work Kat!

  16. Wow! This turned out so beautifully!

    Hope you and your little boy are feeling lots better!

  17. gemma - thank you & I agree art is cool :-)

    Theresa - thanks. Art journaling is great for healing :-)

    artangel - thank you :-) You too hey - I am fascinated (as you may have noticed ;-)) by how being creative affects our wellbeing.

    Jan - thank you :-)

    Carola - thank you so much :-)X

    IM Girl - thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed :-)

    EVA - thank you :-)And yes it did me good!

    Sam - thanks :-) Basically my secret is that my house is a tip & my husband is supportive :-)

    Lisa - thank you sweetie :-) X

    Missy - thank you :-)

    Kat - thanks for visiting! I'm like you; anything creative makes me feel better & it depends on my mood which creative outlet I use. :-)

    Yvonne - thank you :-)

    Frankie - thank you :-) I am a novice at mixed media but love the experimentation & adventure of trying to include lots of different element & materials.

    Beverley - thanks :-) You too hey - it makes me cranky not getting creative time enough. Its school half term hols this week which is also hard but I try & involve the kids in creative projects we can do together.

    Megan - thank you. Oh yes, just using trees helped soothe me :-) X

    Anne - Thanks. Yes both of us better. Its half term hols this week though so I'm tired out & surrounded by noise. Lol.

    Thanks all
    Kat X

  18. dthaase - I'm so sorry I missed you just now in the replies. Thank you for your supportive kind comment :-)

    Kat X

  19. Gorgeous Faded piece. I really like your style.

    Thanks for mentioning, Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists - I've added it to my Amazon wish list for next time I need a boost of inspiration.

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  21. I was going to hand the Versatile Blogger award over to you but it seems you already have one! :)

  22. Nicole - thanks for stopping by :-) I'm always happy to talk books :-)

    Frankie - well thank you very much for the sweet thought. X :-)

    Kat X

  23. Oh my goodness! I just saw your interview in Free Spirit Knits newsletter! SO VERY AWESOME!

  24. Robin - aw thank you xx I'm glad you enjoyed.


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