Thursday, 10 February 2011

Passion and Pacing - opposites difficult to reconcile...

This February the Creative Everyday theme is 'Passion'.  The quick doodle above has a little deep red in it to symbolise the colour I associate with passion.  

Today I was thinking about this theme in terms of my passion for telling stories through writing, photos, music, art and verbally. Most days I am passionate about creating and telling stories. I have periods where I'm lost in my imagination, inspired and burning with ideas. At these times I'm bursting to express myself creatively. At other times I have a slow burning desire to create. But I can get frustrated because my physical health holds me back from creating as much as I'd like to. I have to figure in rest times and have learnt the hard way that I have to pace myself. Trouble is pacing oneself and being consumed by a passion to create do not go together very well. I try to be sensible but admittedly when a creative frenzy strikes I sometimes overdo it getting lost in the moment of creating. 

I suppose this is where I should offer an answer to this problem. Unfortunately I have yet to find a completely satisfactory way of reconciling the opposites of passion and pacing. What I have learnt is that it's pointless to waste my limited energy getting frustrated and fighting a losing battle. What I would like and what actually is are two different things. Instead I've learnt to make the most of each moment and the energy I do have on any given day. I try to focus on what I 'can' do. 

Today I got lost in creating a new fiction character's back story as part of my work on a new novel. The buzz of imagining a character into life is a wonderful high. Nearly two thousand words and two hours later I felt tired but exhilarated. I had been recently worried that my intuitive moment by moment days had not included editing my YA novel that has lay abandoned for some months in the second edits stage. Ideas for this new story have been circulating in my head for a few months but I'd inadvertently been punishing myself for not finishing the last edits on my previous novel by telling myself I couldn't possibly start another until I had. However, today I let go, stopped controlling and wrote. I am so glad I did. My faith that living in the moment will lead my writing where it needs to go is renewed. Already this way of living has led me to new ways of creating, new experiences and people. So if I never submit to a publisher then I don't. But I have enjoyed completing three books and the buzz of working on this new story is enough for now. And I'm learning that 'now' is really all we have for sure. 

  • Do you have opposing factors in your life that you find hard to reconcile? For example: maybe your day job keeping you from your true vocation or passion. If so, how do you manage these warring elements in your life?
  • What are you passionate about?

Another doodle using passionate red...

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  1. Maybe this is also tied in to the creative "spurts" when the ideas just keep flowing vs those down moments where coming up with an idea (or what to do with it) seems impossible? In those moments, I try to run with it rather than forcing it: If I'm getting frustrated from lack of ideas, motivation, or just ability to concentrate, I let it go and turn to something unrelated. When I'm in a zone, I'll keep going!

  2. Hi Kat, thanks for visiting my blog! :) It must be thrilling to create your own character from scratch! I think quite brave too. I've always wanted to draw my own characters but almost find it emabarrassing for some reason. (Not sure why!) Well done with the writing, I think that's amazing! xx

  3. 2000 words in 2 hours - I am incredibly impressed!!
    Love that buzz of beginning something new, though also love the playing with and playing with words that comes with editing, those small click moments
    You take care, Kat. Make sure you're well enough to keep going steadily xxx

  4. The constant war within me is the battle to keep up with blogs while at the same time allowing myself the opportunity to devote to writing, reading and other pursuits in the real world. It's a delicate balance, and not one I am always equipped to master.
    Thanks for the visit, Kat. I responded to your comment and by the way, I love that show!

    Kat M

  5. What a fabulous post!! Thank you for sharing a really good topic to reflect on. I know all too well how hard it is to find pace within in the middle of the creative fire... I read a quote today that said something like.... Happiness is somewhere in the middle of having too little and having too much. I like the simplicity in that statement and see how it can be applied to anything in life... Happy weekend!

  6. Stretching my Imagination - it probably is related and yes I think sometimes when we're stuck we have to allow ourselves some rest time to recharge. My problem can be getting carried away in the inspired times because I can exhaust myself & set my health back.

    Jessie - creating characters is one of my favourite things; by the time I get to know them & have written their story they feel real. You should create characters if you want to. Perhaps try calming your nerves by reminding yourself no one has ever got to see or know about the character. Would that help do you think?

    Megan - Thanks :-) When I was doing edits of my YA novel I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Yet I think I get the bigger buzz from the original creating story & character. I suspect I'm a better storyteller than editor. I love creating on the spot stories & characters for my kids. I guess its all practice.

    Kat - yes, I can relate to that battle. I enjoy blogging & networking but it can suck away all your writing/creating time if not careful. For me its a constant learning curve!!

    Shannon - thank you :-) I like your quote: "Happiness is somewhere in the middle of having too little and having too much." I'm trying to teach my kids a similar thing explaining most things are okay in moderation but can be spoilt in excess eg. sweet stuff or in my case coffee. Lol. But I think that applies to many things and living in a society that seems to encourage 'excess' and 'more' it is a hard thing to guide children in a beneficial way.

    Thank you all for engaging in discussion; I love to hear your comments & perspectives.
    Kat X


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