Saturday, 5 February 2011

"SHINE" (Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge)

"Shine" is this weeks creative prompt for the Inspiration Avenue Challenge. "Shine" inspired me to think of the sun, of metallic colours, jewels and shining from our inside out. The photo above shows the result of combining these ideas. It took five or six coats (lost count) of acrylic gold paint on a deep edged 7 x 5 inch canvas that I then painted on in ink & heavy acrylic colours. The photo below gives an idea of the 3D effect:

How does it relate to me shining from the inside out? Well I've been doodling similar designs but was afraid to try translating this to a more involved piece. I was allowing the usual self depreciating doubts to stop me from trying. This weeks challenge encouraged me. I really enjoyed creating this, so much so that I feel free to create more in this style. And, drum roll to match my nervous heartbeat, I am going to offer this for sale (probably in the Etsy shop I've registered but not yet used).  I feel light, shiny & happy at getting past my silly fears and expressing myself as I feel in this moment. I'm also working on painting a mandala on a 12 x 12 inch canvas that is making me jittery but is exciting at the same time. I think I need to follow the same principle by sharing of the reams of writing I keep hidden away.
  • Do you allow your true self to shine? How? If not, what is holding you back?
  • Is there something new you'd like to try but are too scared to for fear of making a mess or looking foolish?

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    This is a really nice piece. I like how you interpreted it. It has an Egyptian/hieroglyphics feel for to it.

  2. Gorgeous colours! I think it looks rather tribal, a lot of energy in there.

    I think I'm working on my own little journey towards overcoming being too scared of what people think to try new things. Long way to go, old habits and all that. Thank you for sharing both your work and your thoughts, very inspiring xx

  3. OOh this is fabulous...I love your is like a symbolic tablet of secret messages..beautifully done!
    Shine on!

  4. This is such a beautiful piece. I can understand your fears, I know very similar ones, and I like the idea of selling this in your Etsy store. I'm dreaming of opening an Etsy store, but so far I haven't even registered. You're a step ahead - go for it!

  5. That turned out so wonderfully! I love the texture and 3-D effect!

    So exciting that you're putting it in your Etsy shop. It's scary to take the first step with Etsy, but you have to start somewhere.

    Good luck and keep creating!

  6. Hi Kat!
    Your work always reminds me of Native American Art...I wonder why that is? Maybe it's the intricute simplicity...if that makes any sense.
    Whatever it is I love shine!

  7. Wow - this is awesome! In one way it reminds me of a modern twist to an embroidery sampler but mainly it gives me a feeling of totems or native American artwork. It is very expressive and creative. Inspiring too!

  8. Tammy - thank you :-) Yes I can see what you mean about the Egyptian feel.

    Sam - thank you :-) I did put a lot of energy into it & like the idea of it being tribal, thanks. I wish you lots of strength, courage & inspiration on your own journey X

    Victoria - wow, "symbolic tablet of secret messages" - thank you so much for that comment. Maybe I should write an accompanying story...X

    Carola - thank you :-) I hope you get the courage up to start an Etsy shop. It is scary to put yourself out there. Good luck. Thanks for visiting.

    Anne - thank you for the kind comments & encouragement:-) Your own story & art is an inspiration to me! X

    Priti.Lisa - thank you so much :-) I admire the Native American culture & spirituality so this is a lovely compliment, thanks X

    Mary - thank you for such a lovely comment :-) A few people have mentioned Native American & tribal art. It hasn't been an intentional aim to make it so but I do like tribal, celtic & ancient artwork so it is nice to think it has that sort of effect. Lately I seem to be imagining lots of patterns similar to this, not sure why but this type of art and also mandalas seems to call to me at the moment.

    Kat :-)

  9. Kat I agree with Tammy - the first thing I thought was "oh it's like a beautiful Egyptian artifact made of gold!" Love the colour and intricate patterns and the 3D effect too.

    I think it's safe to put your doubts to one side, and carry on creating - I can see your creative talent shining through from here!
    PS when you open your etsy shop let me know - I'd love to see!

  10. Wow Kat I love this awesome geometric creation...great design beautiful patterns...excellent!!!

  11. Kat, I thought "tribal" also. The colors and the symemetry are beautiful.

    Society teaches us wrongly to not appreciate ourselves enough. It took alot of therapy and self development to be able to allow myself to shine. I was allowing my perception of "my age" to hold me back. I'm kicking myself into gear and re-discovering scuba diving, and spanish among other things. Terah

  12. Like the feel of heiroglyphics, but most of all LOVE how you let this challenge produce this wonderful creativity. That's what it's all about sometimes - that little prompt that shakes up the Muse and gets her doing her job properly. I can feel how much you loved this. It's so unique. Wonderful stuff :)

  13. What a fun find, your blog is ~ so happy to have stumbled upon it. Love your creation for this challenge ~ fabulous!

  14. Shine! Shine! being your authentic self is easier than some may think! And, although sometimes it can backfire, I'm glad I take those chances!

    God bless you as you embark on your Etsy advenure!

  15. As with everything else this week, I'm late getting here. But I love the way you interpreted this challenge. And you should NEVER have doubts about your abilities, Kat. You are one super artist. I see so many beautiful things in this piece, all the way from an Egyptian influence, to early American/Victorian England cross stitch. I know it will have a broad range of appeal as soon as you place it in your Etsy shop. After all, you really DO shine!!

  16. Kat, so exciting and scary to take those few steps. Take them friend, we are all here cheering you on!

  17. artangel - thank you for those super kind & supportive comments :-). I hope to open the shop by next month & shall let you know.X

    Grannie Annie - thank you so much :-)

    Terah - thank you :-) Wow scuba diving & Spanish what wonderful new things to be learning. I'm glad you're appreciating you & letting yourself shine :-)

    Lisa - thank you for the lovely comment & thank you even more for providing the prompt that fuelled my enthusiasm. X :-)

    Sharon - thank you for visiting & leaving such a kind comment. I shall be visiting your blog. Looking forward to getting to know about you :-)

    Judy - thank you so much:-)I guess to progress & learn we have to take chances & do things out of our comfort zone. Great to hear you so positive :-)

    Elizabeth - thank you for once again leaving a comment full of support & positivity - it really helps & is much appreciated. X :-)

    Sandy - thank you :-)

    Robin - thank you Robin :-) It is amazing to get such support from my cyber-chums. X

    Julie - thank you :-)

    Wow - it really does help to have support from all you lovely people. It help me believe & keep the doubts from taking over. THANK YOU!!!!

    8 February 2011 20:35

  18. I know I'm not the first to say it but there is a definite Egyptian feel to this piece, it's lovely,

  19. What a wonderful blog you have! I can relate to so many of your posts. I really like this piece. It's tribal and mysterious. Beautiful!

  20. Crafty Green Poet - thank you :-) A few people have said my art work has a tribal, Native American or Egyptian feel to it. It wasn't at all intentional but I'm happy with the comparisons :-)

    Julie - thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a lovely comment. The fiction writer and spiritual person in me likes 'tribal and mysterious' :-)

    Kat X

  21. I agree it does look Native American but also like a lot of quilts. Love the bold design and the way the designs are integrated throughout the piece.

  22. Shelley - thank you for your kind comment & for visiting my blog. Kat:-)


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