Tuesday, 1 February 2011

This weekend I rested in style.....

Very good friends of mine have just completed a gorgeous barn conversion on their farm. This weekend I was honoured to be the first guest to stay in their sumptuous master suite. It was a great opportunity to get away, feel pampered and have some rest.

These may not be the best photos for you to appreciate the place but if you click HERE you can see some internal photos (although my friends have added new artwork & extra touches since these were taken). [Please note: This link will also provide you with instructions on how you can book a stay there if you fancy a trip to Cornwall.]

My obsession with trees was fed by my immediate surroundings.....

These two photos show the surrounding countryside:

I snapped many more tree photos with the intention of using them for future artwork.The following tree, my favourite, could be seen from a bedroom window.

The lane just beyond the cottage:

The following picture was taken on the farm and captured my interest because of the wonderful colours the rusty metal brought to the picture.

 And these nearby companions inspired one of the small stones I wrote at the weekend.

The photos may have been better if I'd left the cottage earlier in the day and taken advantage of the superior  light. But I was too happy lazing in my PJs, drinking coffee/tea, eating biscuits and thumbing through glossy magazines all alone with no kids or household jobs to distract me - bliss! I was only gone for 24 hours but the rest and head-space this allowed me was invaluable. I came home content and creatively inspired.

To conclude the January part of A River of Stones Challenge I scribbled a few small stones over the weekend:

#29 Twisted bark limbs etched on indigo ink.

#30 Soft eyed bullocks with black clouds on your white sky hide. Eager to greet me as I pass your gate; bemusement flickers in your chocolate drop gazes.  

#31 Tree tunnelled lane whose high hedges ensure its bends hide the secrets beyond.

Luckily the writing support continues in the new community 'Writing Our Way Home' designed by A River Of Stones creators Fiona & Kaspa. 
  • How was your weekend? Did you allow yourself any time to reflect and rest? 
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  1. What an amazingly gorgeous property!

  2. Jan - it really is & even nicer in real life. The link to the internal photos also links to the booking facility if you should ever fancy a trip to Cornwall :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! What a beautiful place!!

  4. This looks like a beautiful place, and I liked the way you described the limbs of the trees against the sky. Looks very restful.

    I took a nap in the afternoon on Saturday, anticipating a party in the evening. We didn't go to the (adult) party, but instead went to a humorous show at the theater with the whole family. I think i enjoyed that more.

  5. Gorgeous photos Ka - I need me some of that
    and know all about #29

  6. It all looks so very long ago..........
    and so very perfect.......

  7. What a beautiful and peaceful place that looks! I love trees too, especially the shape of their bare branches :)

  8. Nice stones, Kat! What a gorgeous barn conversion too - and have I told you how much I love Cornwall? I was there in the 90s and would love to visit again one day.

  9. Hi Kat....what a beautiful place..such peaceful bliss!! Love the tree shot too..woah! Beautiful writing..you are a shining star!

  10. How lovely, sure does look beautiful and peaceful! Twisted bark limbs etched on indigo ink, I really like that. If it was in a novel I was reading I would underline it and mark the page so I can go back later and read it over again.

  11. sounds very restful indeed. Mine involved meeting friends, lots of walking and just the right amount of wine....

  12. Ooooh, that looks like heaven! I'd love to escape somewhere like that for a couple days.

  13. Wow! What a beautiful place to rest and relax....how lovely :)What gorgeous trees too, even though everything is so bare at the moment it creates some beautiful and striking sights!

  14. Ooo, what a wonderful place to escape too! Love the tree pics and your small stones.

  15. Sorry all for taking so long to reply.

    Anne, yes it was beautiful & I thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

    Mlissabeth - thank you:-) Glad you had a good time at the theatre. Sometimes the unplanned trips can turn out the best.

    Megan - I'd highly recommend a trip down here to Cornwall & a stay at Heritage Cottage (and meet up with me of course ;-) ) :-)

    Mimi - its a week later & it does feel so very long ago now. Lol.

    artangel - trees do make such striking silhouettes when their branches are bare.

    Kat - Cornwall is a magical inspiring county that bewitched us and made us move down here over 11 years ago. I highly recommend a visit :-)

    Victoria - thank you X It is a beautiful place.

    Missy - thank you :-) I am a little tree obsessed. I love to take photos & write about them. Now I'd like to practise painting/drawing them more.

    Sue - friends & wine can make a beautiful weekend :-) Thanks for stopping by.

    B - they are taking bookings & I'd highly recommend despite the travelling distance :-)

    Jenny - its wonderful how trees whether bare or leafy can have such amazing beauty. I keep trying to persuade my friends to let me keep the cottage as my personal retreat instead of having it as a holiday rental. But I guess it won't pay their bills, dash it LOL.

    Leah - Thank you :-) I was very lucky to have been invited to stay.

    Kat X


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