Sunday, 13 March 2011

Black, White & Pink ....

It was my Birthday on Wednesday and I was lucky to have a week of celebrating by spending time with family and friends. Being busy has exhausted me a little and I wasn't going to enter this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge. But then I thought I'd create an image and do just a ten minute writing exercise. I just hope I'm not too late to submit. The following is the unplanned unedited result of writing for ten minutes on the theme of black, white and pink, and using the above image I created:

I got to keep the club house flag after we had to leave 'Grove House'. The move was sudden; only half a day's warning left us just enough time to convene in our club house and swear to find each other again one day. None of us knew where we were going but in our eight year old naivety we held firm the belief we would find each other again. Our club house was an old lean to shed down by the river. We'd patched up the holes and gaps with cardboard and branches. We made a flag by drawing on an old white sheet with marker pens. Black white and pink. My favourite colour was pink, James' was black and Ollie's was white. The flag brought us together and represented our commitment to each other after having grown up together in the failing Victorian mansion. We'd been told we were special and the night we were all taken away to separate destinations we were told we were in danger and must hide, must behave, must do as our guardians told us. 
         Sitting on the cross country train today I take the crumpled foot square of material from my coat pocket and imagine seeing Ollie in less than half an hour and for the first time in twenty years. Our contact so far has been brief, coded and secret. I wonder what he will look like, where he's been and if he knows anything about what has happened to James. All I know is that he feels it is important that we meet......

So actually that was 12 minutes! Okay, I must dash to see if I can get included in this week's submissions. Despite feeling unwell just a short burst of creativity has already cheered me no end! Timed writing exercises and doodles are two good ways for me to inject a short burst of creativity into a day when I feel energy depleted. 
  • On days when you're lacking in energy or time - what are your favourite ways to include a short burst of creative activity?

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  1. Ah yes, what great creativity and a cracking story. Magic from beneath your fingertips!

  2. Love your take on the theme, stunning ! Marie

  3. LISA -
    Wow, you visited my post just moments after I published it! I've just edited it to include a clickable link to the IA website and include an ending question of:

    "On days when you're lacking in energy or time - what are your favourite ways to include a short burst of creative activity?"

    Hope you are feeling much better. I shall have a catch up over on your blog soon.

    Kat X

  4. Oh and Dolly - thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment.
    Kat X

  5. WoW! You Wright girls can write!
    I enjoyed the read...I want 12 more minutes :)

  6. What fun! I want to keep reading. Hope you'll return to this someday.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! Mine's in just over a week. Hooray for March birthdays!

  7. Happy birthday to you for last week Kat, and wishing you a fabulous year!

    Love your submission - it's amazing what you can do in 10 (well, 12!) minutes.

    To answer your question - if I'm away from home and my art things for any length of time, I try and take a small pad and pencil with me so I can make little sketches. Even a few minutes of art energises me!

    I hope you're feeling better soon. I wondered if you may be interested in this blog - he gives some great advice about little-and-often creativity :)

  8. Oh, this is truly beautiful, Kat!

  9. Your story leaves me wanting to know more...always the mark of good writing in my opinion :) Will you add more to it? I hope so!

    Happy belated birthday, by the way!

  10. OOOh We had a fort like that in 6th grade. Your clubhouse flag and story
    leave me wanting more. xx

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

    Wow. I'm impressed by this impromptu creative burst for Inspiration Avenue... Such suspense - I definitely want to find out what happens next!

    I always grab my sketchbook, flip through the pages and revisit ideas I didn't have time to develop before.


  12. Lisa - thank you, glad you enjoyed. There was more than another 12 mins developing in my imagination so you never know :-)

    Marie - thank you :-) Sorry I called you Dolly earlier because I didn't realise your name was Marie.

    Anne - there may be more in that story, we'll see. March Birthdays are the best ;-)

    artangel - thank you :-) Yes I follow & subscribe to Michael's great newsletter/mag. I'm trying to start my own mini mag type newsletter & I've already interviewed him for this. His answers were very interesting & helpful.

    Thanks Yvonne :-)

    Magpie - thank you :-) Few people have asked for more & it is possible.....

    gemma - thanks & glad it reminded you of happy memories. There may be more in the future. A couple of writing exercises I've posted on my blog have had requests for more. Maybe I should start a mini serial. :-)

    Kristin - glad you enjoyed :-) A bit like you I use my doodles for further inspiration to develop.

    Kat X

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! It was a joy to read your writing, especially with such pretty design. I felt like I was climbing a set of stairs, especially while looking at the squares of black with pink splashes that went up diagonally. Keep up being so wonderfully creative!

  14. A bit late, Happy Birthday. Nice little story you had there...

  15. Hi Kat - What an exciting and captivating story that makes me want to read more. Your writing draws me right in.

    For a short burst of creativity when time and/or energy are lacking? Usually I pull out something that is within reach and already in progress, like an art or sketch journal and just add to it.

    Mary :-)

  16. What an original way to meet the challenge. I really like this.


  17. Wow! I'd like to read more!! I'm afraid when I'm frazzled creativity goes out of the window, but I have a feeling this is something I increasingly need to address xx

  18. That's so funny we both are in-line with 10- minute art projects today! Very cool. Thanks for sharing! You also reminded me today that I must get finished w/ your questions.

  19. Wow..I want to read more...:)Very captivating :) do I restore depleted energy? that is a good question!....when I remember and when I get the chance I do try to just take some quiet time out and just breathe! Empty my mind and breeeaathee!! :)Ahhh feels good just writing it!heehee!
    Ps. your "celestial" painting is stunning. I LOVE it!
    Hope you feel better soon X

  20. Interesting story,,,, for my "getaway" I spend 15 minutes a day painting, actually twice a day, since I can't paint at home but paint on my breaks at work. It's hard to put the painting away but at least I get to do it for awhile...

  21. Yay..Happy Birthday!! Wishing you many birthday sparkles all year long..enjoy your special day!

    yay..beautiful creations as always...shine on kindred!

  22. craftydvl - thank you :-) I like the idea of the stairs. Its great how we all see different things & get inspired in different ways from the same prompt.

    Pauliina - thank you :-)

    Mary - thank you, glad you enjoyed :-) Yes, its a good idea to have things on the go that we can return to & add a little to.

    Darla - thank you :-)

    Sam - thanks X If you can try & do even just a little doodle it can make you feel so much better.

    Shannon - I love me some synchronicity :-))

    Jenny - thank you X Yes 'breathing' is not only essential but if done deeply and included with a little quiet time it can help a lot!

    Andrea - thanks for visiting :-) A fifteen minute burst of creating can do the world of good - a fab practice.

    Victoria - thank you - you're always so sweet & positive! Xx

    Kat X


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