Saturday, 5 March 2011

"Celestial themes & creating without expectations..."

This week’s Inspiration Avenue challenge theme was ‘celestial’. This is my entry created using acrylic paint & ink on canvas paper. I experimented, learnt from a few mistakes but really enjoyed the process of creating this. 

The latter part of this week it has been as if the Universe has been sending me and others a loud message. Some friends & I have had (separate) experiences that have challenged our self confidence and self image. The details must remain private but towards the end of the week I’ve doubted myself.  These instances got me thinking about the courage it can take to share our creative work and to reveal our true selves in the art/writing/music we create.

If we play it safe and create just what we think others would approve of our efforts may lack authenticity.  If we rely on approval then we may create with the idea of pleasing others and this can cause us to freeze and feel blocked.  Perhaps we may imagine that by not fully expressing ourselves we’ll be protected from hurtful criticism. Of course, the folly is that if we never allow ourselves freedom of expression then we hurt ourselves and our creative output. 

Today I reread the interview Shannon did with me for her Free Spirit Spotlight and laughed at myself for having already known this but having to relearn it again this week. Life offers its gentle (and not so gentle) reminders ;-)  My advice is to look within, trust your intuition and allow yourself the freedom to create whatever you want to in that moment without expectation or restriction. If you make a living by creating for a certain market with certain guidelines that’s fine but allow your creative self regular times to let loose outside of these parameters. Write, paint, scribble, play, dance, sing or whatever takes your fancy even if the result is self indulgent, out of tune or indecipherable. Who cares? Because the funny thing is you’ll almost certainly learn from this experience and likely be inspired to create something further.
  • When was the last time you created with wild abandon and with no expectations?

Go on give it a try. Allow yourself the freedom to create anything and in any way! If you do, let me know how you get on. 

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  1. Kat, your story has so much truth in it. Thanks for sharing it! I love your celestial piece ~ it's so pretty and looks as if you were just letting the creative process evolve.

  2. Love your painting. Your post are always so uplifting!

  3. I love your piece this week. I really love the details you put in the centers. Your post is touching and I really understand what you are saying. I work in an environment that is very strict and conformity is demanded. So I am slowly learning to let my artistic side out more. It is scary but you are right that it is very important to do. I wish you much creative energy and appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Very wise words Kat! I've been doing quite a bit of commission work recently, which is great, but I really think it's important to sometimes create something just for yourself, without worrying about the end result or whether someone else will like it.

    I love the swirly freedom and colours in your painting - it's gorgeous :)

  5. Wise words indeed. It's great to let go and remember that you're creating for YOU as much as anyone else.

    A great post and great art too!

  6. Very well said. This week I was having a conversation at work about why so many artists feel that drugs help their creativity. I feel that they hurt the creativity by hurting the artist, but the reason so many think they do is that they allow them to create with wild abandon.
    When someone can step out side of safe, without needing outside chemical help, that is when true creativity occurs.

  7. So true, Kat. I was just having this same conversation this week. Let your spirit guide you :)
    Your piece this week is so pretty, I love the details. Happy Sunday xox

  8. Kat!! Such a beautiful post..I love your celestial painting..very powerful and reminds me of many dazzling orbs of light i see in my mind's eye when I meditate or drift off to sleep..very healing and energizing!

    Such a magnificent post..I agree..wise words and beautiful insights! I do create with wild abandon as your quetsion asks...and I probably create selfishly...just for me...but in that I agree there is an authentic seed that comes to life..I create for myself.and from my spirit....and am pleasantly suprised when others say they like a painting..or conect with is a magical feeling. I think we should all create from that inner is where WE truly are..and when we create form there it is magical!
    I was once asked by a friend regarding my paintings how i could be so vulnerable/courageously open....and i didnt realzie that i was..I never perceived it like that just feels natural to flow with it..maybe that is what we need to to be a child and simply play ..not aware of who is watching or what someone may think. I think that creates freedom!

    I so enjoyed this powerful are awesome..and THANKYOU for such a beauitful touching message you left for me..hugs and hugs!You are a shining star!

  9. First of all I love your celestial painting. Yes you are right on many levels. No wonder there are so many blocked artists....I am one 90% of the time.

  10. Gorgeous picture, Kat! I love the colours and shapes. And thank you for sharing your thoughts on creativity. Don't think that I've ever created with wild abandon. Perhaps I should try it.

  11. Hi Kat, thanks for your lovely comments on my blogpost! :)
    What a lovely theme to interpret, 'Celestial'! Your painting is gorgeous and has a wonderful feeling of the celestial about it. In my experience of making art, I've found the more true and free I am with my work, the better it is. The more I force something, the more contained it becomes and that shows in the final piece. The trick is to be confident enough to 'put it out there', something I struggle with daily but I'm slowly getting there! xx

  12. Nice submission and great reminder!
    I do tend to put myself in a little box and I am always reminded of that when I see all these fabulous challenges weekly. There is something to be said for "letting go and dancing wildly"
    Next week I think I will dance wildly!

  13. Great advice. So hard to remember sometimes.

    Your painting is lovely.

    Reading your posts always encourages me.

  14. ahh...the power of writing things down. this is why i journal...because i forget...and must be reminded. :) happy, happy birthday! hope you got some rest today. xo


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