Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A weekend of fun & inspiration by the sea....

Above: Looking towards our hotel from near Pendennis castle

After two weeks of a fluey virus followed by half term school holidays I was more than ready for our girly weekend away. Five of us girls, all very good friends, went away for the weekend to celebrate a 40th Birthday. We got an excellent deal at a lovely hotel in Falmouth Cornwall and had a fabulous time. The inclusive food was divine, service excellent, location heavenly and the company fantastic. The next couple of photos show the stunning panoramic sea view we had from our room's balcony:

 Early on day two I took the following photo from my bed:

I could quite happily live permanently with a view from my bed like this. During the night we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves breaking on the sandy beach (also helped by the wine & large portions of food ;-) ).
Below is the five of us lounging in my room with a huge box of chocolates:

In the mornings the others made use of the health spa gym and swimming pool. I wasn't able to participate as I needed a little more rest than them. But I was very happy sipping coffee, doodling, and taking photos on the balcony whilst they were gone. When my room mate returned from the pool she snapped this photo of me doodling in the sun:

 And here is the doodle I was drawing at that particular time:

I have returned from this weekend exhausted but very happy, inspired and grateful to have such wonderful friends. Thanks for humouring me as I shared this special experience.

In other news I've been interviewed by the wonderful Shannon as part of her Free Spirit spotlight interviews. You can find the interview and her inspiring creative blog here. Be lovely to see you over there.

For this weekend I packed my current book (The Golden City by John Twelve Hawkes), doodle pad, pens, writing notebook and camera because despite nearly all my time being with the girls I just have to have some creative supplies for capturing moments and inspiration. 

  • Which creative supplies do you travel with?

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  1. I just love your doodles!! So happy you had a restoring and fun time with your girlfriends. Happy restful week to you! And thanks again for your insightful, lovely interview. xo

  2. So happy you had a wonderful weekend with your girlfriends! Sounds divine! What a gorgeous place!

  3. Back again! Just wanted to say how much I loved your interview. Congrats! It makes me so happy that you are living your creative life.

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend with friends. Hope you are feeling better. I loved seeing your doodle!
    Have a lovely week. Theresa

  5. What lovely photos. sound slike you had a great time! I read your interview over at the other blog, nice job!

  6. From your photos and post, it seems like a wonderful trip. I agree with you that there is no better way to relax then near the ocean. Love your doodle too. I am learning to be better about bringing art supplies on trips. I just recently learned how to make my own journals so hopefully I will have some on hand next time I take a trip.

  7. Shannon - thank you:-) And the interview was my pleasure; I was flattered to be asked. X

    Anne - thank you:-) And thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on Shannon's blog too! X

    Theresa - I did have a wonderful time, thank you :-)

    Missy - thank you, I did have a great time :-) And thanks for popping over to read the interview with Shannon. X

    Amanda - yes, the trip did me the world of good. How wonderful to make your own journals. This is something I'd like to do. I've tried very simple versions and decorated plain books but need to learn some journal making skills. :-)

  8. Hello to the fabulous Kat! yay..congrats on your interview..I will check it out..shine on..wonderful! And such beautiful photos..so beautiful..lucky gal! Gorgeous art as always..thanks for always adding a sparkle to my world with your thoughtful visits

  9. Girl trips are such fun!!! Sounds like an amazing time.I'd love to visit Cornwall....I'd take my twinkling H2O's to paint with.

  10. wonderful, wonderful Kat - and much deserved. Huzzah for ladies! Huzzah for the sea!
    m xxx

  11. I'm just planning what supplies to take with me on my holiday!

    Love Falmouth. Funnily enough earlier this week a memory of being there just popped in my head. Spooky coincidence?

    I'm going over to Shannon's site to read your interview now.

  12. Victoria - you're so sweet, thank you :-)

    gemma - sparkling H2Os are great & a good medium for creating art inspired by the glittery sea. :-)

    Megan - thank you :-) Huzzah for girlies & the sea, indeed! X

    Lisa - I love spooky coincidences - you're obviously meant to visit Falmouth again. Its a gorgeous place. I lived there for a year when we first moved to Cornwall before jobs took us to another area. But we still love it; I got all nostalgic whilst we were there. Good luck packing your supplies. The hardest job may be leaving enough luggage room for clothes ;-) Kat X

  13. sounds like you had a lovely time. Falmouth is a beautiful place, I haven't been there for years though

  14. Fabulous doodle piece, Kat!


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