Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sharing my first Tuesday TIC TOCC writing & art

Yay! Today I sent my first Wright Story Extra emails out with a TIC TOCC prompt and interview with Michael Nobbs. I'm hoping if you've signed up to be part of the TIC TOCC gang that you've received your email inspiration okay today. Please let me know in the comments section below. If you didn't receive it here is a sneak peek.

I did the TIC TOCC prompt twice - ten minutes doodling and ten minutes writing.  This is the unedited result:
"Tamsyn ran up to what she'd long ago named as the 'hugging tree' because of its long outstretched limbs. Darting behind its mass before Harry caught up with her she slid to the ground her back against the ancient trunk, breathing heavily. She rubbed her hands against the exposed roots; saying hello to her favourite tree. Her left hand brushed against something unfamiliar that jutted up from between the roots and dry soil. Tamsyn's heart lifted at the thought of finding treasure; her quarrel with Harry forgotten in her excitement. Using her fingers and stubby nails she unearthed an oval wooden object about 10cm in length. A broken leathery cord was attached and as she rubbed away the dirt she began to reveal what appeared to be a carved wood pendant. Tamsyn rubbed it clean with her t-shirt uncaring for the stains she left on the pink top. The pendant was covered in strange geometric and swirly symbols. In the centre she could make out a heart and eye encased in a tear drop. Near the bottom there were symbols that reminded her of the hieroglyphics she remembered from her school Egyptian history lesson. She dropped the pendant in surprise as it began to vibrate between her fingers grip; it emitted a strange hum. What was it she wondered? Her curiosity forced her to pick it back up and shove it into her jeans pocket as she heard Harry's heavy footfall crash through the undergrowth."

So that was what I came up with in two timed ten minute sittings.

  • How about you? What was your experience of using this week's TIC TOCC prompt?If you've managed to have a go at this week's TIC TOCC challenge then please share your experience below in the comments section. 
  • And it would be great if you can include a link to show us your resulting creations. 
  • But if you're feeling shy then please do still leave a comment to tell us how you've got on with this timed creative challenge.

If you haven't signed up to receive weekly TIC TOCC mini imagination challenges its not too late to join in with this week.  Here is a sneak look at today's TIC TOCC and Wright Story Extra.

You can read more about TIC TOCC here and sign up HERE.

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  1. Yay-hey! I can't believe I'm first, Kat!!

    I did this last night. I decided I didn't want to write, I wanted to have a go at drawing - I've put the results on my blog, http://tinyurl.com/3fwweg2

    I couldn't believe just how much I enjoyed doing it! I carried on for ages after the twenty minutes had expired. I've always talked about wanting to learn to draw, but I've never made time. So having to purposely sit down to do the challenge, I was able to enjoy it without worrying about whether or not I ought to be doing the ironing or whatever.

    I've written more of my thoughts over at 'Tales', but thank you Kat! And I adored the photo, doesn't the tree look like it's dancing? xx

  2. Sam - your only the second person to contact me and the only one to post your results. I was feeling a bit lonely. But now you've made my day - thank you for keeping me company :-)) And I feel happy that you enjoyed doing the TIC TOCC. I'm off to see your results now!!

    Kat X

  3. I was at work and unable to do the challenge when it was first sent. A butterfly hides behind the tree in my drawing.

  4. Hi Gemma
    No worries - there's no time or pressure. I was just worried and insecure with it being the first one that people had received it ok etc. But I'm really glad you did get it and that your imagination has already conjured a butterfly.

    If you want to share your results I shall enjoy seeing your butterfly but if you want to keep your results private then that's fine too. But thank you for stopping by to say hi - it is great to have your company!

    Kat Xx

  5. That's good stuff! I like how you have the drawing to go with your story!

  6. Hooray for the first TIC TOCC!! I really enjoyed the interview, but I'm waiting till I'm less tired to do the exercise (I know, that's defeating the point a bit, but I am allowing myself that because I did work on other creative projects today).

    Your newsletter looks great and I am really excited that you've started this!

  7. Missy - thank you:-) I did the drawing in the first block of 10mins and then that inspired an idea for the ten minutes writing. I think I may try doing this way again. X

    Anne - Thank you :-) I'm really glad you liked it. Michael Nobbs is inspirational and full of good ideas. Take your time (no pun intended) and enjoy the TIC TOCC when you're ready. Thank you for stopping by with your kind feedback and your company :-) X

    Kat X

  8. Back, again, Kat! I worked on this this afternoon and posted the results on my blog: http://mygiantstrawberry.blogspot.com/2011/04/tic-tocc-week-1.html

    Thanks so much for this! It was a lot of fun!

  9. Anne - that's fab. I'm all excited to see your results. Off to view your blog post next!

    Kat X

  10. What a great idea! Such a creative way to spend 10 minutes. :)x

  11. Jessie - thanks, yep 10 or 20 minutes and it makes me feel so much better and inspired. Please feel free to sign up for the prompts and play along if you wish:-)
    Kat X


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