Sunday, 24 April 2011

IA Angel challenge & my inability to paint/draw faces!

I'd like to learn to draw/paint faces because, as you can see above, I have an inability to do so. I'm not putting myself down just stating fact. When the Inspiration Avenue Challenge this week was 'Angels' I was initially stoked because I love angel art and sculpture. But then I remembered my lack of ability in drawing people. I've felt quite poorly this last few days and so had a valid excuse not to join in however, I wanted to push myself with the thought that only practice will help me learn how to draw faces and people. I didn't want fear of getting it wrong to get in my way. So I sat in my comfy chair with water colour pencils and my art journal and this was the result. The face was the hardest bit and after I put too much red watercolour I made things worse by overworking in an attempt to correct. But the process was fun, I learnt from mistakes and gained some much needed practice.

Faces tell a story and by the title of my blog you may guess that I'm a story enthusiast. Last week I created an 'On Story' page for my blog to explain about how I feel about, work with and view 'story'. If you've got time take a look and let me know if it makes sense.

  • What creative skill would you like to learn and improve on?
  • Does fear ever hold you back from trying a new creative technique or project?
Happy Easter and Happy Spring Holidays to all.
Visit my last post for a bit of magical art and romance fiction. There are 55 people signed up to receive my Wright Story Extra with its TIC TOCC prompt. All are welcome to sign up and it is wonderful when people share their TIC TOCC results via the comments on my Tuesday blog post, email, Twitter or/and facebook. Hope to see you soon.

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  1. Aw Kat she's lovely, I think your face drawing skills are better than you think! The yellow is a great choice - it makes her all glowy!

    I actually really like drawing faces, though it's not something I do an awful lot of these days. Drawing hands, though - ugh! ;)

    Angie x

  2. Kat, I am glad you didn't let your fear overcome your desire to create this beautiful angel. Hope to join in your TIC TOCC prompt next week.

  3. I love the wonderful glow around her happy face! She definitely imparts the love that the heart signifies!

  4. I think she is beautiful. I like that you can see her features like her eyes are beautiful. I love the dress design with the heart front, just what I think an angel would have. You need to give your self more credit, I like your piece.

  5. I understand your feelings about drawing faces, and I have to congratulate you that you didn't let fear take over but did draw a face instead - and one that is much better than you think.
    I'm sorry that so far I haven't joined in your TIC TOCC, I hope I can do so really soon.

  6. Kat, I think her face looks great! She has such a sweet expression. And just imagine how much easier the next one will be, too. We're constantly learning.

    I am not at all confident in my ability to draw people, but it's bodies, more than faces that give me trouble. They always look too stiff and not quite right. Guess I need more practice!

    I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Hope this week is lots better!

  7. she is so sweet. She looks very happy!!!
    Have a great day! xo

  8. Kat, I think you are a far better artist with faces than you believe. I am totally impressed.

  9. Thank you all for taking time to leave such generous comments and support. It was lovely to read your comments.
    I'm hoping I'll improve at faces with practice.
    Kat X


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