Friday, 1 April 2011

Painting embellishments (Paint Party Friday) and another new venture...

Today I've been painting wooden shapes with acrylic, metallic, glitter & 3D paint. I've been wanting to paint these blank wooden shapes for a while and knowing that it was Paint Party Friday helped motivate me to get on with it. Below are some close-ups: 

They measure approximately between one and four inches and because of their size are quite fiddly to layer and paint. I've created similar before as card toppers and have been wondering whether to make these into cards, brooches or keep as card toppers for my Etsy shop. In the past I've attached to felt and then created a card with a brooch as the embellishment so as to create a card with gift combination. Its still early days for me on Etsy and I'm still experimenting. I may just keep as gifts, we'll see.

Thank you for the get well and good wishes this past week. Today I found myself feeling a lot brighter, so all those kind words must have worked thank you. For a long time, especially when over tired or pushed for time, I've used short timed creative exercises to help inspire writing and ideas (a few of which I've shared on this blog). After doing a ten minute burst of writing/doodling etc I seem to feel more energised and inspired. Sometimes that's all I can manage but other times that ten minutes leads to a much larger project. For me creative activity certainly seems to improve my mood. With all this in mind I've decided to create weekly timed prompts and share them with you (if you like) via an email newsletter. I've created a blog button (which I enjoyed painting yesterday afternoon):

and you can learn more about TIC TOCC and how to sign up to receive it HERE. I hope you may join me on this new journey and enjoy spending ten (or twenty minutes) doing a timed creative challenge. The great thing is that once you sign up you can save the creative TIC TOCC prompt for whenever you're ready. I may use it sometimes as a prompt for Paint Party Friday.

  • Do you have any favourite ways of kick-starting your muse?

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  1. Gosh Kat, you are such an inspiration - I don't know how you find the time to do everything you do!

    I'm at a very low creative ebb at the moment, buffeted by everything from self-doubt to rejections, so I've signed up to Tic Tocc in the hope of a kick in the right direction - no pun intended!!
    Enjoyed reading your bit over on 'free spirit', another fab website I've found thanks to your blog. (am I sounding over-grovelly???)

    Sam xx

  2. lovely decorations on the wooden shapes!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better :)

    Very fun and lovely shapes!

    I'm off to learn more about Tic Tocc (sounds very interesting)!


  4. Glad you are feeling better. I love your creative wooden painted shapes. Wood is so much fun and you've done a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The colors have made you feel better, definitely healing art is not it? Greetings

  6. Happy to hear you're feeling better!

    Your decorated shapes look so pretty. They'd be lovely brooch/card gift combos.

    Tic Tocc sounds like such a great idea. I'll definitely read more about it!

  7. Lovely shapes and I bet whatever you decide to do with them will be great.

  8. Gorgeous Kat!! Wonderfully the colors,shapes and symbolic energy..awesome!!

  9. The TIC TOC challenge sounds like fun. I may want to join you. Glad you are feeling better.

  10. oh yes, the challenge sounds fun! for a creative kick, i always hit the library!
    I love the decorations on your pieces this week, and of course, I love PINK!

  11. Very pretty wood painting and new button, Kat.

    Love the colours.

  12. Very nice embellishments!! I love all the shapes. I am going to check out tic toc.

  13. How fun to work with 3D paint. I'm thinking of getting some to play with. Lovely shapes and colors. Well Done! ;)

  14. Gorgeous Kat.
    For me, a spot of freewriting often helps.
    You continue to take good care of yourself - so inspiring
    m xx

  15. Those little pieces of art are all precious! I would use them for a gift, but I would wear one as a pin. I am signing up for Tic Tocc! It sounds like just what I need, as my muse has been suffering of late.

  16. Little projects take a lot of least for me they do :)
    I don't know how you do all that you do, Kat, I have a hard time keeping my head above water. Your Tic Tocc prompt sounds like a nice little nudge rather than a kick in the butt...I am into that!

  17. These are so pretty. I could just see them as decorations on a really funky christmas tree!

  18. I can't believe you can fit such beautiful details into such small squares...they're all fantastic!! I'm amazed and inspired, thanks for sharing. :)

  19. Sam - So happy you've signed up to TIC TOCC and that I'll have your company. I don't do that much really & I have a messy house and understanding husband which helps :-) And no you don't sound grovelly - just really supportive which is very much appreciated, thank you. Xx

    Christine - thank you :-)

    Kristin - Thank you & I hope you'll sign up & enjoy having a go at TIC TOCC. X

    Gloria - thank you for your lovely comment :-)

    La Abela - thanks for visiting. Art is very healing, I agree. :-)

    Anne - thank you for the kind comment & advice :-) I hope you're inspired to sign up to receive weekly TIC TOCCs! X

    Marlene - that's so kind, thanks for visiting :-)

    Victoria - thank you sweetie. X

    gemma - thank you :-) Hope you decide to join me, your company will be appreciated. X

    Heather - thank you so much :-) I love libraries too - all those books capturing so many imaginations and knowledge: wonderful! X

    EVA - thank you X

    Heather - thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment:-) Hope the Tic Tocc page makes sense & inspires you to join!

    Hybrid J - I love the Pebeo Touch 3D paints best but my friend has just bought me some Anita 3D paints which I'm yet to try. They work on so many surfaces and some sorts fix to fabric. Using them is a bit like icing a cake :-)

    Megan - thank you :-)Free writing is a favourite of mine too. This works well with the TIC TOCC prompts too. X

    Roban - thank you for visiting & leaving such a kind comment & suggestions. Fab that you've also signed up for TIC TOCC - thanks for the support. :-)

    Lisa - thank you X. And I don't do much else really. The result is I have a messy & disorganised house & a to-do list that grows without being done. Lol. But basically because of being ill & limited I have to focus on what I can do, when I'm able to - I feel like I achieve very little most days. X

    Pointy Pix - thank you:-) I'd not thought of using for a Christmas tree - thanks for the idea!

    ileana - thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment :-)

    Frankie - thank you! Good to 'hear' from you :-)

    Kat X


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