Saturday, 30 April 2011

Princess Paintbrush & the Royal Proposals (IA Royal Wedding challenge)

This week's Inspiration Avenue theme was "Royal Wedding". The picture above goes with the following story:

Princess Paintbrush had been proposed to by many princes but had yet to find a prince that would make her happy. Her father, King Paintbrush, grew impatient for her decision. He insisted that the Princess narrow her choice to three princes and then make a decision based on what each could offer her.

The first prince was named Prince Jewel. He offered her unlimited supply of precious metals and stones that would be fashioned into endless jewellery made to her specifications. Princess Paintbrush smiled politely as she considered this generous offer. She was partial to pretty things and the prince possessed bedazzling good looks. Yet she was unsure if this would be enough to make her happy.

The second prince was named Prince Equine. He offered her hundreds of thoroughbred horses, beautiful ponies and a staff of stable hands to care for them. Princess Paintbrush loved horses and ponies and imagined the delight of having a kingdom full of these gorgeous creatures. The prince himself was tall, strong and yet graceful in his movements; a combination she found appealing. However, her heart did not flutter or warm sufficiently at his offer.

The third prince was named Prince Pen-to-paper. He approached the princess and offered her a large ornately decorated key. 
“What is this?” she asked, frowning.
“A key that opens a room full of art materials, stationery and books,” the prince explained. “Every time you unlock the room there will be all the beautiful creative supplies and inspiration you desire at that time. The key and room are enchanted with the magic of creativity.”
Delight illuminated Princess Paintbrush’s features as she held the key. Her heart sang at this thoughtful offer. It was obvious to her that she would choose Prince Pen-to-paper because he understood what would make her happy.

A month later Princess Paintbrush and Prince Pen-to-paper were married. They lived, of course, happily ever after...

So that's my IA contribution this week.

  • Did you watch the royal wedding? If you're in the UK and had the day off- how did you spend the day?

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  1. Ah yes, she did indeed meet the man of her dreams!! What a great piece and story Kat.

    I watched the wedding yesterday. Twas great!

  2. Aw I do like a happy ending! fab submission Kat - and I'd go for number 3 every time!

    Unlike the lovely Lisa, I spent yesterday trying to avoid all the coverage lol ;)

  3. Fairy tales and Happy endings makes for a lovely Inspiration Avenue Challenge!!

  4. How cute, you made me smile, also love the name Prince Pen to Paper!

  5. What a perfectly wonderful story. Happily ever after indeed!

    I think it's so funny that you mentioned Her Fearful Symmetry in your comment on my blog. I just picked up a copy of that book on the $1 shelf at the used bookstore. Have you ever read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman? It's a young adult book about a boy who grows up in a graveyard, raised by ghosts. I really enjoyed it.


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