Sunday, 3 April 2011

Self-Portraits, Freeing the Imagination & Happy Mother's Day (UK)

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge was to create a self-portrait.  I seem incapable of drawing faces let alone my own and so I could've given this week a miss but instead I allowed my imagination free reign; the picture above was the result.  I tried to draw a portrait of my inner self, allowing myself to draw freely. I really enjoyed the experience.

I'm always talking about how much creative activity improves my mood and wellbeing. I think this is even more effective when I allow my imagination the freedom to create without any expectation or censoring. When I do this I find the experience cathartic and sometimes even spiritual in its connection with my inner self.  This happens with free writing as well as art.  
  • Do you censor your imagination consciously or unconsciously?  How do you suppose this affects your experience of creating? 
For instance, for me, if I censor or try to stick by a set of 'rules' I can end up stuck. Sometimes rules can help us improve but other times they can be destructive.

Setting up my TIC TOCC challenges to do in ten or twenty minutes encourage me:
  • to write/paint/create within a set amount of time with no expectations or censorship. 
  • Plus only needing ten minutes to complete they offer very little time/energy commitment.
  • the option to keep private or share (I'll share if I have some fellow TIC TOCC mates to share with).
  • Sometimes the results I get may be able to be used for other challenges I do like Paint Party Friday.
I'm offering to share the exercises I create via email. All you need to do is add your email to my list by clicking HERE. You can either keep the results of using the TIC TOCC prompts private or on a Tuesday I'll do a check-in post where you can leave a link or just chat about the experience in the comments section (but this is entirely optional). It would be lovely to have a few people share the experience with me. If you want to read more about TIC TOCC you can read this page I've set up.

And if you've signed up then it would be great if you could display one of my lovingly created blog buttons and link it back to the challenge page:
They look like this:

But you can get them in various sizes on my blog's TIC TOCC page.
If you like this idea then please pass on the details via your blogs, facebook or twitter as I'd love to share the experience with other adventurers of the imagination! 
And to those of you in the UK and elsewhere that celebrate today HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! XX. I'm eating some delicious chocolate I was gifted whilst writing this. Yum! I can also smell the dinner my husband is cooking and it smells delicious. I was also given some gorgeous handmade cards, poems, pens and cuddles. I feel a lucky Mum. Enjoy the day :-)

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  1. Your inner self is wonderful, sunshine, music and flowers all coming from the heart. Beautiful. Thank you for visiting me and for your very kind comments. Happy Sunday. Annette x

  2. You really captured the things that make you YOU- I love how the borders and colors and symbols combine together to emphasize the tree and YOU. Beautiful job!

  3. Gorgeous inner self, Kat! Superb thinking outside the box :)

  4. Hi Kat.

    Leave me an email and we can talk about painting walking sticks.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Kat!
    GORGEOUS self-portrait
    m xxx

  6. I love this sense of growth in your heart, the beautiful design and music notes in the air....lovely SP.

  7. I love your way of a self portrait - it's YOU! It tells me so much more about you than a face would have. You have SO MUCH creativity inside you!
    TIC TOCC - I just signed up! Can't promise I will always be there but I'll try!

  8. WOW!

    Perhaps that sounds very cliche and I guess it is but that's how I first reacted to your post this morning.

    I've never seen you choose so many bright colors and in such a perfect combination that I just had to make the effort to pop by and post my thoughts. I guess I've never seen YOU in this light before.

    How lucky you are to see yourself and your soul in such a light!

    I find the musical notes particularly interesting/striking and something that me and many others would have in common with you.

    I also found it interesting that you have the circular shapes, one of which is almost at the 12 o'clock position and then it's almost as though one side of what looks like your brain is more developed than the other. I assume this is your creative side/talent showing through.

    I found this to a most fascinating IAC SP this morning and I thank you. Nice to finally meet the real you.

    Keep up the great posts. I always get them and I have come to look forward to them as a visual stimulant for my muse and accompanying my first early morning cuppa. A great way to start the day!

    Today will be a good day with the brightness already shining through.

    Thanks Kat!


  9. I love how you interpreted your self portrait! I never would have considered an alternative! It's beautiful with all of the personal symbols that really capture the true spirit inside of you. Wonderful!!

  10. It's wonderful that you are allowing yourself to create without inhibition. It resembles a Mandala and that seems appropriate for your cathartic artwork. Very nice.

  11. It's beautiful, Kat! I love what it says about you, which is what a self portrait is all about. Love what you wrote in your post also!

  12. I think this turned out lovely, it is colorful and beautiful.

  13. Love your self-portrait/inner self piece! I couldn't agree more that creativity really nurtures our spirit in a way that nothing else can. It's such an important thing to practice on a regular basis. Your TIC TOCC challenge is a great way to do this!

  14. So beautiful Kat! Love your inner self. Happy week ahead to you~Theresa

  15. Love your self portrait. Makes me think you are an old soul. :) Very folk art - ish. :) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  16. Oh this is such a lovely portrait of you inner self, I love the colours against the sillhoutted tree....gorgeous.
    Sounds like you were pampered and loved on Mothers day, long may it continue after :)
    Thankyou soooo much for your wonderfuuly supportive words on my post...holding workshops is a definite dream of mine for the future..and you will be the first to know (need to build an annexe first!! heehee!) BIggest of hugs to you XX

  17. This is super cool! Love it!

  18. I'm late doing my rounds this week but I had to tell you how much I loved your "inner" self-portrait Kat - your soul is obviously full of music and sunshine and joy! x

  19. Thank you - Netty, Stephanie, Yvonne, Judy (I shall email you), Megan, Gemma, Carola, Zak (your comment made my day & was super supportive), Pam, Tammy, Magpie, Lenoracle, the spirit that moves me, Theresa, Frankie, Jenny, Missy & artangel.
    Thank you all for you lovely warm comments. They mean a lot. And its fab that some of you've signed up to receive TIC TOCC & will be sharing the journey with me. Thanks. Kat X


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