Friday, 8 April 2011

A Sweet Walk Through My Imagination (Paint Party Friday & IA's Roald Dahl)

It's Paint Party Friday and prompted by Inspiration Avenue's theme of 'Roald Dahl' I painted this bit of whimsy. This is just part of the whole picture because it wouldn't fit on the scanner. Nearing the end of this painting I managed to spill glitter and wet paint (a few choice words were spluttered). This necessitated me hurriedly having to paint over/patch up a large part of the middle section. It has spoilt it a little however, as it was a 'just for fun' painting I guess it doesn't really matter. I feel this picture needs an accompanying story. I may have to add one later but for now I'm quite drained and want to go visit some paint party people before I run out of steam.

Roald Dahl has always inspired me with his vivid imagination. Children and adults over generations have enjoyed his fantastical stories.

  • Are you a  Roald Dahl fan? If so: how has he influenced your creative work?
  • Which children's books, authors & illustrators have inspired you?

Thank you to all the people who've signed up to receive my TIC TOCC timed challenges. If you haven't yet signed up and want to learn more take a look at my TIC TOCC page. I'd love to share the fun with you.

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  1. Love your sweet sticky picture Kat! Just the kind of thing I had in mind when I set the challenge! We're reading loads of Roald Dahl in this house at the moment.

  2. I like your work too. Growing candy, how fun. Happy PPF to you.

  3. I immediately thought of Willy Wonka when I saw your first picture. My kids LOVE that movie.

  4. Love all the candy and whimsy of this painting. I am inspired by Beatrix Potter and lots of contemporary illustrators. Happy PPF!

  5. I love this what a great piece, so fun and great colors! Matilda is my fav book by Roald dahl. Influence wise I'll have to go with Don Freeman, he's been my fav since I was little!

  6. This is a "SWEET" picture. Happy PPF!

  7. We love Roald Dahl in this house, and this is a fitting tribute!

  8. SO much fun, like traveling into Candyland! I didn't get a chance to do anything for IA this, so I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else......
    Happy PPF!

  9. Beautiful work! Fun and imaginative. I'd love to hear the story behind this painting.

  10. What a fun, sweet little painting! I love the yellow background. Very cheerful!

  11. So fun! I do love Roald Dahl. Oh, and so many other children's authors. I worked as a children's librarian for nearly 12 years, so I have so many favorites from board books for infants to teen novels. So much great stuff out there.

  12. I am a big fan of Roald Dahl and now a big fan of your yummy fun candy trees... wonderful!


  13. A wonderful interpretation of the theme Kat! I love your candy cane and lollipop trees. This would be a lovely children's book illustration - you should definitely write the story to go with it :)

  14. Lovely candy work ... now you got my sweet tooth going. Wonderful work! ;)

  15. This is so fun, Candy land for sure. I have never heard of that author, but I bet my grandkids have from what I read.

  16. Yay Kat!! This is so enchanting and beautiful...i love love love the colors in this piece..what kind of blue is that?..perfection!! I feel like I am inside a whimsical enchanted world in your piece...gorgeous! Shine on!

  17. Oh, Yumm! LOVE your fantasy land, Kat! I had not heard of this author until I read about him on the Inspiration Avenue blog. I will definitely check him out!

  18. Loving your rock candy garden, fab imagination. Annette

  19. Candyland Dream! I have to say I'm sorry that I am not familiar with Roald Dahl but it certainly did the same for me as it did for Christine...Willy Wonka. Beauitufl whimsical piece.

    Annabelle ~^..^~ made me : )

  20. A wonderful whimsical candy land! Lovely!!!

  21. Candy that grows on trees, oh yes, next week I want chocolate! teeheehee

  22. Yummy! I would love for my next walk to be through this whimsical forest. This perfectly captures Roald Dahl's imaginative world!

  23. Ah Kat, I'm a huge fan of Roald Dahl's 'Tales of the unexpected', they've inspired everything from my short stories, to the name of my blog! Love your picture, and looking forward to Tic Tocc xx

  24. Hi Kat
    Very sweet and fun!
    Looking forward to Tic toc challenge this week.

  25. this is awesome - so well done

  26. If only candy grew on trees...this must be a painting of Heaven :o)
    I love your imagination, Kat!

  27. Lisa - thanks for the inspiration :-)

    Gloria - thank you :-)

    Christine - yes, Willy Wonka and the toot sweets from Chitti Chitti Bang Bang film came to mind when I was painting this :-)

    Theresa - oh yes, Beatrix Potter is amazing!

    Missy - thank you:-) Matilda is great. Don Freeman doesn't ring a bell, I shall have to google.

    Sheri - thank you :-)

    Melisa - how kind, thanks :-)RD is fab.

    Stephanie - sad you couldn't join in but thanks for visiting :-) X

    ileana - thank you :-) A story is taking form in my imagination.

    La Abela - thank you :-)

    Deanna - thank you, I felt drawn to yellow and blue for some reason. Glad you found it cheerful. X

    Anne - I hadn't realised you'd been a children's librarian. I've always thought working in a library would be a dream job. Children's books are so inspiring for the imaginations of young and old! X

    Kristin - thank you :-)

    artangel - thank you. There's definitely story potential and various ideas are circling my mind. X

    Hybrid J - thank you :-)And sorry if I've tempted you into eating lots of sweeties. Lol :-)

    Marlene - he's hugely famous so I'm sure the grandchildren will have come across. You may know his work via the film adaptations eg. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Witches or the recent Fantastic Mister Fox. Great fun for children and adults. Hope you enjoy looking him up.

    Victoria - thank you! The blue is a mix, I can't remember exactly, but I'm glad you liked:-) X

    Pam - thank you. I'm sure you'll enjoy checking out RDs books & films; they're great fun :-)

    Netty - thank you :-)

    Annabelle - glad it made you smile :-) thanks X

    EVA - thank you:-)

    Lynn - thanks & yes chocolate is my favourite :-)

    Maggie - it would make a fun, yummy walk - glad you liked the idea :-)

    Sam - Thanks. RDs work covers so much and I agree is so inspiring. Glad you're looking forward to TIC TOCC - very glad you're joining me, thanks X

    gemma - thanks & yay - glad that you're also joining me on TIC TOCC Tuesday :-)

    dthaase - thank you :-)

    Lisa - heaven, lol :-) Thank you for the kind comment. X

    Thanks all for the lovely comments.

    Kat X

  28. Oh I think I need a candy tree! So cute and awesomely done!

  29. Toni - thanks for stopping by. Yes I'd quite like a candy tree growing in my garden too. Or even better: a chocolate bar tree :-))
    Kat X


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