Tuesday, 5 April 2011

TIC TOCC - 7 days to go!!!

Only 7 days to go!!!!
Thanks to everyone who has signed up to receive my emailed TIC TOCC prompts. For those of you who are wondering what TIC TOCC is.........
On Tuesday 12th April I'm starting a new project called TIC TOCC that consists of simple timed creative exercises designed by me and delivered weekly free to your email address
[TIC TOCC is a just a fun anagram for - Ten-minute Inspiration Catalyst   Timed Optional Creative Challenge! :-) A bit of a mouthful but it went with my logo design and the idea of a timed exercise ;-) ]   

What does TIC TOCC involve?
  • Using my TIC TOCC prompts to create for just ten or twenty minutes (your choice).
  • Enjoy the process with no expectations for the outcome. 
  • Doodle, write, draw, paint, take photos, sew, or compose music.....any medium you fancy.
  • It is entirely optional & you can choose to do it whenever suits you. 
  • You may use it to help start you on a larger piece of work or assist with another challenge.
  • The option to discuss and link to your TIC TOCC results in the comments section of my weekly TIC TOCC check in post. If you prefer to keep the results private please do pop in just to say hi.

To sign up for a weekly emailed TIC TOCC (& a bonus once a month inspirational interview with people living the creative life) click: HERE
And to learn more about TIC TOCC please visit my TIC TOCC page.

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  1. Thanks Missy. Hope you can join in. Kat :-)

  2. I'm so sorry I missed the start of this but I'm looking forward to following........



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