Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TIC TOCC no. 8 check in & results

This was my twenty minute results from using TIC TOCC no. 8. I seem to have inadvertently created a story starter from a prompt. A prompt from a prompt if you like.  I'm working on trying to create a different sort of TIC TOCC for next week....

  • What did you create using TIC TOCC no.8?
 If you'd like to share your results or comments about this week's TIC TOCC please use the comments section to chat or/and link to your TIC TOCC creations. If you're not already signed up or wish to view past TIC TOCCs and interviews then visit my Wright Story Extra page.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

"Purple and Green" for Inspiration Avenue

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge was to create something using purple and green. I used ink and watercolour paints to create this pattern. I'm barely scraping this entry in in time because Blogger wouldn't play nicely today but hopefully I've made it.

This past couple of weeks,  whilst having to rest, I've also been exploring various ideas. I think that sometimes when we're ill we are encouraged to take stock and review our approach to things that matter to us.  Recently, for me, this has been about working on my perspectives and dreams. 
  • Have you been exploring any new ideas creatively or personally recently?
I hope to be back into the full swing of blogging and creating soon. I'm looking forward to catching up with those of you I haven't visited in a while.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

TIC TOCC no.7 - Murder, Mystery and Fantasy results

Click on the images to enlarge and read

These are my twenty minute results from using TIC TOCC number 7. I aged the handmade paper in the first image using a Rooibos tea bag I had to hand :-) .
  • What were you inspired to create using TIC TOCC no.7? Please do share your results by leaving a link in the comments below.
(Apologies again for being MIA in blog land lately. I am improving, all the tests prove I do indeed have a heart ;-) & I shall join in more as soon as I'm able.)

PS I have updated my 'About Me' page if you fancy a look.
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

TIC TOCC no. 6 - creating whilst resting....

The last few days I've been quite poorly with complications in addition to the normal MS so posting the IA challenge results & creating this week's Wright Story Extra with TIC TOCC was a bit of a challenge in itself; having to be done from my resting place with little access to resources. But not liking to quit I've given it a try. You can read this week's TIC TOCC here which should help you make sense of this post. My three letters were B, T and F. I chose the things B - button, T - typography and F - flowers. Above is my twenty minute result. My typography attempt and flower should be obvious but the button came into it when I imagined this as a potential design for a blog button. The wording of course reflects where I'm at personally.

  • What recent life challenges have you expressed through creativity? How?
  • How did you get on with this week's TIC TOCC? Please do share.
Please Note: If you haven't successfully received your Wright Story Extra please do check you have confirmed your subscription and that your Extra newsletter is not languishing in your email Spam or Trash :-)

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Celebrating the 'can-dos' & a new Mandala (IA sacred/ancient/symbolic challenge)

This week I hosted the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge for the first time. I chose the theme sacred/ancient/symbolic art. I felt nervous hosting for the first time but have been grateful for all the support I've received and heartened by the wonderful art work that has already been submitted. Visit the Inspiration Avenue blog Sunday evening to view the challenge submissions and if you want to join in leave a link to your entry in the challenge post comments by Sunday Midday (EST - which is about 5pm UK time). There's a chance to win beautiful art work every month just by joining in. For this theme I created a new mandala (above) and intend to use it as one of the images in a set of art cards I intend to get printed and sold in my etsy shop soon. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this mandala. I found the process meditative. The detailed work involved gave me a bit of a headache. Lol. :-) But at least it shows how well my near vision and concentration has improved; this was done in one day and not long ago that would have taken several days and crippling pain. Now I just need to improve my peripheral vision and ability to follow movement so that I can drive again. I remain hopeful of this and meanwhile am so grateful for the progress I've made and what I can now do.

Talking of 'can-dos'....today I received copies of this month's  DPPI (Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood international) journal  in which I have an article published with the title 'Celebrating the can-dos'. 

  • What 'can-dos' are you celebrating this week?

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

TIC TOCC no.5 - My daughter & I create together...

For this week's TIC TOCC my daughter and I decided to do the timed exercise together. Unfortunately our timing went wrong but I think we both created for approximately 14 minutes. 

First up is my nine year old's attempts. As you can see in her beautifully colourful picture the copper kettle reminded her of a Genie's lamp. The tiny writing in the top right hand corner reads (and I apologise in advance. Lol.):

“I need to lose some weight”, says the Genie struggling out of the lamp.
“Yes you do!” Squeaks the shrimp from the top of the lamp.
“Perhaps I’m pregnant,” laughs Genie.
“Mackerel”, says Shrimp, “your burp smells horrible”.
Genie laughs and giggles.
By JW Age 9

My daughter can seem so sweet and then comes out with that but at least she had fun :-) I decided to write. Here is the unedited result:

It was strange being in Grandma’s house without her being there. It was quiet without the radio and accompanying high pitched singing that usually filled the small cottage. Even Hamster the cat was subdued and quiet; not even pestering for food like he normally would.  

“You miss her hey?” Fran reached down and stroked the cat in his basket.

Fran tried to recall her Grandmother’s instructions. ‘Inside the copper kettle in the sitting room inglenook.’ Fran wandered into the tiny sitting room that contained two worn wing backed chairs, a small cabinet and book case. One of the floral covered seats was adorned with half finished knitting; pieces waiting to be joined together to form some sort of garment. She tried to push away her morbid thoughts of how she would cope without her vibrant eccentric Gran.

Lifting the stiffly fitting lid Fran put her hand inside the pot tentatively; slightly afraid of what may be hidden in the dusty object. Her fingertips recognised paper. Pulling out her Grandmother’s prescription she placed the lid back and looked at her watch. Thirty minutes until the town bus left. Just enough time to get the medication and deliver it to Gran who was taking care of Great Aunt Gina in her town house. 

I wasn't very happy with my results but it was fun doing the TIC TOCC challenge with my daughter and this happy experience outweighs the results.
  • How did you get on with this week's TIC TOCC?

It would be great to hear your feedback and experiences. Please leave your comments and/or links to results in the comments section of this post. You can also contact me via Twitter, facebook or email links for which can be found at the bottom of this week's Wright Story Extra issue & on the blog tabs above.

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Brainstorm Garden: creating focus from a tangled mind...

Happy Paint Party Friday! This week I painted something a little different...
Sometimes my mind ends up in a tangle of thoughts and worries. Does that happen to you? I know that worrying about problems and concerns doesn't make them go away. Similarly tying ones brain into knots does not solve anything; quite the contrary: the resulting anxious perspective means we deal with life less effectively. I know all these things but sometimes I fall into the thought tangle trap; usually when I'm feeling over tired and/or overwhelmed. 

During this week's mind tangle I realised that I needed to regain an inner and outer focus in order to guide my days towards positive creative tasks meaningful to me, rather than towards unsolvable concerns. Writing in my journal helped a little. I considered brainstorming but my already overloaded mind balked at the idea seeing it as another task to perform. I wanted to paint flowers and from those two ideas sprung the idea of creating this  'Brainstorm Garden'. Suddenly my mind relaxed; I wasn't asking it to work but instead play. So I played with acrylic paint, acrylic paint pens and fineliners. I had creative fun whilst finding focus for my days. As a bonus, once I became involved in painting my mind started to relax easing the tension tangles. 

I started this Brainstorming Garden late two evenings ago and finished it yesterday.  In between these two sittings I read this post on the lovely Shannon's Free Spirit Knits blog and smiled at finding synchronicity with my blogging friend. Writing about removing mental clutter her words seemed to fit in wonderfully with where I was at. If you're not familiar with Shannon's blog you won't regret a visit. She has also kindly let me interview her for June's edition of Wright Story Extra
  • How do you find focus when overwhelmed?
  • Can you find ways to turn practical tasks into fun creative ones?
In other news: 
Have you visited the Inspiration Avenue blog to view the wonderful art auction in aid of Angel Faces charity? Just two days left to try and purchase a beautiful unique piece of art. Please do pay a visit. Its easy to bid & 100% of your money goes to this deserving charity.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

TIC TOCC week 4: Strange happenings at sea...

Cornish News Bulletin: "A North Cornwall beach is closed for a second day as investigations into multiple sightings of a strange creature were reported yesterday morning by early morning surfers and dog walkers. The police are puzzled by the varying accounts they have received which range from descriptions of a Loch Ness type monster parting the waves to a whirling vortex seeming to swallow part of the sky. Of the six statements on record not one is the same. However, their commonality lies in the time and length of the sightings and the level of certainty by eyewitnesses that it happened. In addition to these eerie reports a nearby RAF helicopter experienced instrument failure and many homes along that stretch of coast lost power for forty minutes. Investigations are being made by the Navy and government powers. Meanwhile the two mile stretch of coast is off limits to the public on land or at sea. We'll bring you updates as soon as we have them."

These were my results for TIC TOCC week four: a little bizarre but nevertheless the result of twenty minutes drawing and ten minutes unedited writing.

  • How did you get on with this week's TIC TOCC? 
It would be great to hear your feedback and experiences. Please leave your comments and/or links to results in the comments section of this post. You can also contact me via Twitter, facebook or email links for which can be found at the bottom of this week's Wright Story Extra issue & on the blog tabs above.

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