Sunday, 29 May 2011

"Purple and Green" for Inspiration Avenue

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge was to create something using purple and green. I used ink and watercolour paints to create this pattern. I'm barely scraping this entry in in time because Blogger wouldn't play nicely today but hopefully I've made it.

This past couple of weeks,  whilst having to rest, I've also been exploring various ideas. I think that sometimes when we're ill we are encouraged to take stock and review our approach to things that matter to us.  Recently, for me, this has been about working on my perspectives and dreams. 
  • Have you been exploring any new ideas creatively or personally recently?
I hope to be back into the full swing of blogging and creating soon. I'm looking forward to catching up with those of you I haven't visited in a while.

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  1. That's really cool! Love the colours!

  2. This reminds me of either an oriental rug or a church window. I like the symmetry. Very nice.

  3. Ooh lovely!! I agree with Mlissabeth, this would make a beautiful design for fabric or a rug! It strikes me as more African in feel though. Love the soft purple and greens you've used. It's fab Kat!

    To answer your question - I have lots of ideas that I'm wanting to explore but no time to explore them just at the moment. I'm keeping notes though...! x

  4. Oh oh oh I am Lovin this!!!!
    Very cool I saw it first and thought layers of paper then realized it was a painting.

  5. Gorgeous! Been MIA from Ticc Tock - will try to do better!!

  6. Hello Kat...woah...super-fabulous and very energizing...I love the feeling to all of your pieces..this one feels like it is buzzing with life..and a richness..and makes me think of an abstract of nature as well!
    HUgs and healing thoughts to you..i hope you are feeling shiny and sparkly real soon..shine on..get well!
    Your bloggy friend and kindred

  7. Hi Kat
    Lovely contemplative design.
    School's out for summer now so hopefully I will have time to participate in TIC TOC.

  8. Your patterns always are so very beautiful...I also love the size and shape. I am always full of ideas that I want to try. Some work out, some don't and some I haven't gotten around to yet. Oh yeah, and some were just plain silly...sometimes what makes sense at night is just ridiculous in the morning. I hope this week is a good one for you, Kat...xoxox

  9. I love your piece. I love the design and colors. I relate to your post too. I feel that I get into doing the same thing or (not doing what I could). But then when I stop let my true heart guide me, I think of things better or with a new direction. I need some practice on the belief of my creative side. You seem very creative and I am inspired by you. Hope you are feeling better soon and take care.

  10. Lovely pattern for the green and purple theme. Thanks for commenting on mine. Did you know that you're a "no reply" blogger. If you'd like to change that, here's a link
    to a post I did on it. I also have made the tree digital painting into note cards in my Zazzle store.

  11. Thank you EVERYONE for the lovely supportive comments. And apologies for not getting back to you all sooner. I won't bore you with my excuses.
    Angie: yes more ideas than time - I can relate to that! gemma & lisa (wrightstuff)- looking forward to your TIC TOCC company. - Lisa (priti)- I get that buzz of ideas all ending differently or not started yet. Amanda - letting your true heart guide you is sound advice. Geri - thank you for letting me know about the 'no reply blogger'. I've now ammended this as your helpful post explains. Thanks.

    Kat Xx


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