Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TIC TOCC no. 8 check in & results

This was my twenty minute results from using TIC TOCC no. 8. I seem to have inadvertently created a story starter from a prompt. A prompt from a prompt if you like.  I'm working on trying to create a different sort of TIC TOCC for next week....

  • What did you create using TIC TOCC no.8?
 If you'd like to share your results or comments about this week's TIC TOCC please use the comments section to chat or/and link to your TIC TOCC creations. If you're not already signed up or wish to view past TIC TOCCs and interviews then visit my Wright Story Extra page.

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  1. Another winner, Kat. Not only have you created a propmt from a prompt, but the bones of maybe a more complex picture to follow on the theme of the garnet door.

    (I loved doing this one as usual but again spent more like three quarters of an hour on it! it's on my blog now.)

  2. Very interesting. I love how you created a prompt form a prompt. :-)

  3. Great, I like how you created a prompt with your prompt. This sounds like the beginning to an awesome story! Love the drawing and handwriting! This prompt has given my story a moment of darkness and has set the foundation for future scenes!

  4. Hi, Kat, great job, again! I always like how you combine writing and art in your interpretations of the prompts.

    I made a point of both writing and posting my writing this week.

    Thanks, again, for doing this. It's been fun!


  5. Sorry to all of you that I didn't get back to you yesterday.

    Liz - thank you :-) It's great that you have a blog now! I shall pop over to your blog next!

    art2cee2 - thank you :-)

    Missy - thank you :-)I'm intrigued by your hint at a 'moment of darkness'. Looking forward to reading.

    Anne - thank you :-) Great! glad you were able to share again this week. I'll pop over shortly to view your results.

    Kat X

  6. This was another great one! A little harder for me, but I think I did okay with it. You can see it on my blog: http://robanstudio.blogspot.com/

    As always you are the queen of creativity Kat. :-)

  7. Rhonda - thank you for your kind comment :-) I shall go and look at your results next...

    Jessie - thank you :-)

    Kat X

  8. Hi

    Thanks for the TIC TOCC inspiration, this is the first time I have participated in something like this and I have really enjoyed it. My TIC TOCC inspiration can be found on my blog post (which is not yet a month old!) - dillyboo-swirlygirl.blogspot.com/

  9. Swirly Girl - thanks for joining in this week. Glad you enjoyed. I'm looking forward to seeing your results. I shall pop over to your blog next. Thanks for sharing!

    Kat :-)


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