Tuesday, 10 May 2011

TIC TOCC no.5 - My daughter & I create together...

For this week's TIC TOCC my daughter and I decided to do the timed exercise together. Unfortunately our timing went wrong but I think we both created for approximately 14 minutes. 

First up is my nine year old's attempts. As you can see in her beautifully colourful picture the copper kettle reminded her of a Genie's lamp. The tiny writing in the top right hand corner reads (and I apologise in advance. Lol.):

“I need to lose some weight”, says the Genie struggling out of the lamp.
“Yes you do!” Squeaks the shrimp from the top of the lamp.
“Perhaps I’m pregnant,” laughs Genie.
“Mackerel”, says Shrimp, “your burp smells horrible”.
Genie laughs and giggles.
By JW Age 9

My daughter can seem so sweet and then comes out with that but at least she had fun :-) I decided to write. Here is the unedited result:

It was strange being in Grandma’s house without her being there. It was quiet without the radio and accompanying high pitched singing that usually filled the small cottage. Even Hamster the cat was subdued and quiet; not even pestering for food like he normally would.  

“You miss her hey?” Fran reached down and stroked the cat in his basket.

Fran tried to recall her Grandmother’s instructions. ‘Inside the copper kettle in the sitting room inglenook.’ Fran wandered into the tiny sitting room that contained two worn wing backed chairs, a small cabinet and book case. One of the floral covered seats was adorned with half finished knitting; pieces waiting to be joined together to form some sort of garment. She tried to push away her morbid thoughts of how she would cope without her vibrant eccentric Gran.

Lifting the stiffly fitting lid Fran put her hand inside the pot tentatively; slightly afraid of what may be hidden in the dusty object. Her fingertips recognised paper. Pulling out her Grandmother’s prescription she placed the lid back and looked at her watch. Thirty minutes until the town bus left. Just enough time to get the medication and deliver it to Gran who was taking care of Great Aunt Gina in her town house. 

I wasn't very happy with my results but it was fun doing the TIC TOCC challenge with my daughter and this happy experience outweighs the results.
  • How did you get on with this week's TIC TOCC?

It would be great to hear your feedback and experiences. Please leave your comments and/or links to results in the comments section of this post. You can also contact me via Twitter, facebook or email links for which can be found at the bottom of this week's Wright Story Extra issue & on the blog tabs above.

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  1. I love your daughter's story, funny stuff and her drawing is cute too. Love the details in your story and I love the name Hamster for a cat, great stuff! When I wake up on Tuesdays now I anticipate what we'll be writing about today, having fun!

  2. Missy - thank you :-) Glad you enjoyed.And its lovely to think you're anticipating creating & having fun with the TIC TOCC :-) I shall head over to yours next.
    Kat X

  3. OK, this one may have taken me longer than 10 minutes - probably around 20 with a bit of tweaking!

    I'm loving this exercise, it's real fun to just let the imagination go and see where it takes me.

    Both your stories are great. Totally random with the shrimp and mackeral burp - what a genius she is!

  4. Love that you're doing stuff with your daughter Kat. Tell her her genie's genius x

  5. Sorry its taken a day to get back to you (another week of hospital appts etc)

    Lisa - I've passed on your comment to Jess. Strange but a few of us had problems with the time this week. Must be in the air. Lol. But it doesn't matter because its all about being creative, stretching the imagination & having fun. I'm very glad you're enjoying & that you're keeping me company - it makes it fun! I'm off to visit your blog next! X

    Megan - I love creative time with the kids. At the weekend D was painting with me & then J did this TIC TOCC with me. Great fun.
    I've passed on your genie's genius comment to J. X

    Kat :-)

  6. Blogger is back on! Yay. I posted my Tic Tocc sketch for this week.

  7. Rhonda - yay! Thanks to your email I already know how gorgeous your sketch is and I'm so glad you were able to post it and share with everyone!
    Kat X

  8. Haha get J to write some more stories. The shrimp is quite a character.
    I also love the way you evoke such feelings of nostalgia in Grandmother's house. it was an everyday ending I suppose, but nice to know that she was still alive and living in the house!

  9. Hi Kat!

    What a lovely idea to do the exercise with your daughter, and I loved her story and picture, it made me laugh. I enjoyed your story too, because it led me to think it was the gran who was seriously ill, not Aunt Gina - nice twist.

    Grandmothers were a theme for me too, I've posted my efforts over at http://tinyurl.com/686tr2o

    Hope you are feeling okay this week xxx

  10. Liz - thank you:-) It is great that you've a blog now where you share your TIC TOCC results!

    Sam - thank you, glad you enjoyed. I'm off to visit your results next.....

    Kat X

  11. Enjoying your story about creating with your daughter, and about not censoring her and letting her be herself in her art! Yay!


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