Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Photos of Cornwall, wonderful friends & a singing recorder (TIC TOCC no.12) & wonderful friends...

For this week's TIC TOCC I asked people to bring an inanimate object to life. I chose a recorder and this was my result:

  • How did you get on with this week's TIC TOCC?
Please share your experiences and links to your results in the comments section below.

This past few days I have been humbled by the kindness of our friends who for our 10th Wedding anniversary  babysat, gave us money to go out with and even bought and planted plants/flowers in the garden ready for us to have a party there.  We've been having a rough time with all my health stuff and their thoughtful gifts enabled us to have two full days exploring gorgeous West Cornwall, enjoying each other's company and sampling the delights of cafes and galleries along our way.

On day one of our trip out we were treated to gorgeous sunshine but I forgot my camera. On day two the weather was a bit grey but I did take a few photos. Here's a couple of examples (just try an imagine the sunny days I didn't capture on camera):

I have more Cornwall photos and tales from our days out but I'm going to save them for another day.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

(TIC TOCC no.11) Doodling & pruning my garden....

In this week's Wright Story Extra my TIC TOCC prompt encouraged various ways to doodle; offering suggestions to spice up the doodling experience. 

I did this doodle in bed last night, taking 25 minutes and using my fine liners. Whilst doodling I was thinking of my day. My friend kindly came to do some gardening for us yesterday. She was explaining the importance of getting rid of dead growth and flower heads to make way for new growth. As I was doodling I thought of how this compared to pruning our mental space; the need to get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose and threaten to hold back new growth. I imagined pruning my old thought patterns, bad memories and unhelpful habits. I soon realised I needed 'Edward Scissorhands' type tools to tackle the overgrown tangles in my head LOL. :-)
  • Do you need to prune any part of your physical or mental life?
It seems almost amusing to me that the overgrown parts of my garden may offer a reflection of me :-) Whilst drawing the branches of this doodle tree I imagined that the branches had been cut back leaving room for all this colourful growth.
  • How did you use the TIC TOCC prompt this week?
As always please share your TIC TOCC experiences and results in the comments section below. I always love it when you share your creative results and ideas.

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Sunday, 19 June 2011


*click image to enlarge*
This week's Inspiration Avenue theme is 'Romance'. I'm a sappy romantic and so this theme appealed to me and inspired some fiction ideas which I'm not able to share just yet. However, it also inspired the words & picture above.  The theme is also appropriate because hubbie & I will have been married ten years this coming Thursday :-)
  • What are your favourite romance stories, art work or songs?
You may like to take a look at other interpretations of the 'romance' theme by visiting the results post on the Inspiration Avenue blog Sunday evening onwards.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

(TIC TOCC no.10) Hope for the future & a metaphorical wall....

click image to enlarge
In this week's Wright Story Extra I interviewed the incredibly inspirational Shannon Kinney-Duh and I offered a TIC TOCC that encouraged the imagination to look past a historical wall that I had photographed.

The above result was done in 28 minutes (I couldn't stop at 20mins) and was created using Pitt artist pens & Rowney Georgian watercolours.  I've had this watercolour pan set for about twelve years and it still continues to be a joy. Do you have any creative tools/materials that have served you well over many years?

I've been contemplating the ways we keep going, brush ourselves off, scrape our moods off the ground and face the future. The prompt and photo originally sparked off another section to a fantasy fiction piece that I've been intermittently working on. But then I realised that to me, today, this wall also held a metaphorical reference. There's a wall that separates us from knowing what the future brings. Therefore in tough times it can be hard to motivate ourselves to keep going; not knowing if the future will bring any improvement. I decided to art journal what was behind that wall, out of sight, that keeps me moving forward. As you can see I imagined hope and dreams growing in the form of trees and blossom. Because that's what keeps me going: my hope, dreams and faith that love, growth and joy will always be found. I guess we need to believe in the present and potential goodness of life to keep positive. I think a large reason for the resiliance of human beings lies in their belief in hope.

Okay enough deep-stuff-waffle from me. Please do let me know (in the comments section below) how you got on with this week's TIC TOCC and if you enjoyed Shannon's interview answers as much as I did!

This post again also seems to fit with the Creative Everyday June theme of 'Metamorphosis'.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

(TIC TOCC no.9) A chance to recreate & positively transform using art/writing

I took a slightly different approach setting this week's TIC TOCC. As a result of personal circumstances I've become interested in creating art and writing using things that are broken, damaged or hold a negative connotation and transforming them into something new and positive.  Therefore I created a TIC TOCC that encouraged the chance to recreate and transform or/and use this idea as inspiration. I've just realised that this idea also fits in with the Creative Everyday June theme of metamorphosis. My results are the journal page above. I used the following in my creation:

I gathered:

  • A watercolour I'd recently created whilst painting with my children. It didn't turn out as I'd planned and so I ripped it into pieces hoping it may make good collage elements.
  • An expired plastic pre-payment medication prescription card which I cut and used to apply the Golden adhesive medium.
  • Ten random words taken from a letter that had been emotionally difficult to write (explanation below).
Yesterday, after having to attend two medical appointments, I'd been asked to write a letter with a description of my present symptoms, health problems and associated experiences. This letter was in reference to an application to change from medication that no longer works effectively to preferable medication that is only prescribed in parts of the UK but unfortunately not where I live. It is part of a shocking 'postcode lottery' presently being used in the UK regarding prescribed medicines. This better medication would replace three seperate drugs that I'm taking presently and could potentially improve my quality of living. An-y-way..........it was difficult to write a long statement that focused on all that was bad for me. So I thought that it may be therapeutic to use words from this letter in a more positive way. Similarly I was pleased with the re-use of the prescription card :-)

The resulting journal page is nothing special but the 22 minutes I spent sticking, writing and doodling were fun and I honestly do feel better for it.

  • How did you get on with this slightly different TIC TOCC?
Please do share your TIC TOCC experience and results using the comments section below. I love to see what you've been creating.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rainbow inspiration....(art & words)

This week's Inspiration Avenue theme was 'Rainbows'. I had a little trouble scanning the above mandala so you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you the colours are a lot nicer in the original. For instance the dark blue is in fact a rich purple and the washed out pinkish colour is actually orange. I tried a few times to alter the settings but to no avail. Therefore, my friends please use your imagination to enhance :-) Another colour version was this:

Again the colours are not true. Which do you prefer? I'm thinking your imagination, as always, will be the best bet. Lol.
Here are some rainbow quotes that appeal to me in this moment:

"Life is like a rainbow. You need the sun and the rain to make its colours appear." (source unknown)

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."
(Lord Byron)

Rainbows are part of countless cultural beliefs and the inspiration for art, music and literature. Many a soul has been inspired and uplifted by the sight of a rainbow. When I see a rainbow I don't think of the science behind its being but am instead in awe of the beauty in nature. To me rainbows are radiant, spiritual, magical and inspiring. I'm a dreamer through and through.
  • How do you feel when you see a rainbow?
For more rainbow inspiration please visit the  Inspiration Avenue blog to see the community results of this week's challenge. 

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