Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rainbow inspiration....(art & words)

This week's Inspiration Avenue theme was 'Rainbows'. I had a little trouble scanning the above mandala so you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you the colours are a lot nicer in the original. For instance the dark blue is in fact a rich purple and the washed out pinkish colour is actually orange. I tried a few times to alter the settings but to no avail. Therefore, my friends please use your imagination to enhance :-) Another colour version was this:

Again the colours are not true. Which do you prefer? I'm thinking your imagination, as always, will be the best bet. Lol.
Here are some rainbow quotes that appeal to me in this moment:

"Life is like a rainbow. You need the sun and the rain to make its colours appear." (source unknown)

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."
(Lord Byron)

Rainbows are part of countless cultural beliefs and the inspiration for art, music and literature. Many a soul has been inspired and uplifted by the sight of a rainbow. When I see a rainbow I don't think of the science behind its being but am instead in awe of the beauty in nature. To me rainbows are radiant, spiritual, magical and inspiring. I'm a dreamer through and through.
  • How do you feel when you see a rainbow?
For more rainbow inspiration please visit the  Inspiration Avenue blog to see the community results of this week's challenge. 

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  1. WOW Kat! I love this.
    Great design. So cool to complete the arc and make circles.

  2. I love the colors whether they are true or not! Love the design as well, and who doesn't love a rainbow after a rain! :-)

  3. Kat, I you always come up with these cool designs. I can understand your frustration with the truth of colors when scanning. I encountered that several times as well - annoying.
    I was trying to do the TIC TOCC this week, but got stuck very soon after beginning. Oomph. I still hope, one day...

  4. Hi

    I prefer the second design, I think it's because the colours are slightly muted. Mandalas are very mesmorising!
    Rainbows are beautiful aren't they? you I'm not too interested in the science behind them, I love the beauty of them. For me, rainbows are spiritual and magical and I always get reminded of the song by Elkie Brooks - Sunshine and Rain, she sings "oh where is the silver lining shining at the rainbow's end"

  5. gemma - thank you :-)

    art2cee2 - thank you :-) And yes I doubt anyone dislikes a rainbow. LOL.

    Carola - thank you :-)With regards the TIC TOCC - my best advice is to try not to worry about the result - anything goes even if it seems totally unrelated to the original prompt.

    Swirly Girl - a girl after my own heart liking rainbows for their magic beauty rather than the science. I think you may be right about the 2nd being preferable but like I said neither seemed to reflect the original colours. Srange how the scanner works better sometimes than others.

    Thanks all.
    Kat X

  6. I am finally able to leave a comment on your blog. Regardless whether the color is true to form or not, it is a beautiful design that captures the essence of the rainbow. Just think of it as the light hitting the rainbow in a different way. Regardless, I love both versions!

  7. What a gorgeous design! A vibrant, modern, rainbow mandala :)

    I think the second one is my favourite - my personal preference is for slightly richer tones - though the first is more of a true rainbow colour scheme.

    Rainbows always seem such a positive symbol don't they? Especially if you think you may find a pot of gold...! x

  8. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite between the two ~ they are mesmerizing, and I love them both! The colors look great in both, but I know what you mean about capturing the true color in a scan. Purple always seems to be a little off with my scanner.

    I love the quote about needing both rain and sunshine to create a rainbow, and how it relates to life!

  9. Rainbows always feel like miracles to me. Surprising when they appear.. living in a place of little rain, there are also few rainbows.

    Love the vibe your mandalas gives off.

  10. Elizabeth - Yay! Glad blogger is behaving and you're able to leave comments again. Thanks - I like the idea that it might depend on how the light hits it. Fab :-)

    artangel - thank you :-) Yes, I think the second may be better. Shame neither showed the purple and orange effectively. Yes, rainbows do seem positive and yes I could really do with finding a pot of gold.Lol. :-)

    Maggie - thank you :-) You too?- what is it with scanners and purple? lol. That quote is lovely. Unfortunately I couldn't find an author. Maybe it is an ancient folk saying that's been passed on?? X

    Julie - thanks:-) I can imagine that rainbows become even more precious when you don't get many. Even in the rainy UK you don't see that many so no wonder you get so few. Good job your imagination can fill in for those rainbow-less times :-)

    Kat X


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