Tuesday, 21 June 2011

(TIC TOCC no.11) Doodling & pruning my garden....

In this week's Wright Story Extra my TIC TOCC prompt encouraged various ways to doodle; offering suggestions to spice up the doodling experience. 

I did this doodle in bed last night, taking 25 minutes and using my fine liners. Whilst doodling I was thinking of my day. My friend kindly came to do some gardening for us yesterday. She was explaining the importance of getting rid of dead growth and flower heads to make way for new growth. As I was doodling I thought of how this compared to pruning our mental space; the need to get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose and threaten to hold back new growth. I imagined pruning my old thought patterns, bad memories and unhelpful habits. I soon realised I needed 'Edward Scissorhands' type tools to tackle the overgrown tangles in my head LOL. :-)
  • Do you need to prune any part of your physical or mental life?
It seems almost amusing to me that the overgrown parts of my garden may offer a reflection of me :-) Whilst drawing the branches of this doodle tree I imagined that the branches had been cut back leaving room for all this colourful growth.
  • How did you use the TIC TOCC prompt this week?
As always please share your TIC TOCC experiences and results in the comments section below. I always love it when you share your creative results and ideas.

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  1. Love your doodle. Somehow when I doodle it never comes out looking so fine! I also love your reference to pruning. Yes, we all need to do some mental pruning every now and then. Have a great day! :-)

  2. I have discovered through this week's theme, that intentionally doodling is hard to do! But I managed two pieces. :-) Love yours Kat. Mine didn't have any meaning to speak of.

  3. Rhonda - I know what you mean about intentionally doodling. I have to admit I like doodling without a plan best :-) I shall go and visit your blog next!
    Kat X

  4. Overgrown and in need of more weeding - that's my garden. Little time and unco-operative weather.

    Great doodle!

  5. Hmm pruning -yeah I need to do a lot of that - especially regarding the clutter that is threatening to take over my house. It's either that or move to a much bigger house... (just need to win the lottery for that one!).

    I enjoyed the prompt this week and actually spent ages on it before remembering it was supposed to be quick! So, when you see my blog, the pics down the bottom took less than 20 minutes!!

  6. EVA - thank you :-) Yep, it can be hard to keep on top of any sort of pruning & weeding :-)

    Lisa - ah yes, I too dream of the bigger house as it seems far easier than cutting down on the clutter ;-) Glad you enjoyed this week's prompt - I shall go have a look next...

    Kat X


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