Tuesday, 7 June 2011

(TIC TOCC no.9) A chance to recreate & positively transform using art/writing

I took a slightly different approach setting this week's TIC TOCC. As a result of personal circumstances I've become interested in creating art and writing using things that are broken, damaged or hold a negative connotation and transforming them into something new and positive.  Therefore I created a TIC TOCC that encouraged the chance to recreate and transform or/and use this idea as inspiration. I've just realised that this idea also fits in with the Creative Everyday June theme of metamorphosis. My results are the journal page above. I used the following in my creation:

I gathered:

  • A watercolour I'd recently created whilst painting with my children. It didn't turn out as I'd planned and so I ripped it into pieces hoping it may make good collage elements.
  • An expired plastic pre-payment medication prescription card which I cut and used to apply the Golden adhesive medium.
  • Ten random words taken from a letter that had been emotionally difficult to write (explanation below).
Yesterday, after having to attend two medical appointments, I'd been asked to write a letter with a description of my present symptoms, health problems and associated experiences. This letter was in reference to an application to change from medication that no longer works effectively to preferable medication that is only prescribed in parts of the UK but unfortunately not where I live. It is part of a shocking 'postcode lottery' presently being used in the UK regarding prescribed medicines. This better medication would replace three seperate drugs that I'm taking presently and could potentially improve my quality of living. An-y-way..........it was difficult to write a long statement that focused on all that was bad for me. So I thought that it may be therapeutic to use words from this letter in a more positive way. Similarly I was pleased with the re-use of the prescription card :-)

The resulting journal page is nothing special but the 22 minutes I spent sticking, writing and doodling were fun and I honestly do feel better for it.

  • How did you get on with this slightly different TIC TOCC?
Please do share your TIC TOCC experience and results using the comments section below. I love to see what you've been creating.

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  1. Before reading your post I was struck by how lovely your piece was, the layers, the fragments, the trees, the colours. On reading the process behind it I LOVE it even more and see even more beauty and strength in the "broken bits". What an inspiration you are :)xx

  2. I bet it felt great making that. I always like how much of yourself you put into your pieces, its so personal, which makes it even more lovely. I hope everything with your medication works out well. I myself tore up a magazine page, I had 3 words, but only used 2, kinda forgot to use the 3rd poor little word.

  3. This week's challenge was so much fun. I tore one page from a tea catalog and one page from a seed catalog and cut words from each. I then played with the words, arranging some of them into a poem. I painted a faint watercolor background to glue them onto, but haven't finished yet (I totally forgot to time this and didn't really want to).

    Kat, your collage is lovely and the bits and pieces you used really meaningful. It's wonderful how you are able to transform so much that's negative into meaningful art. Again, you are such an inspiration. Thank you! I hope you are able to get the medication that you need. It's unbelievable that important things like that can be decided in such a willy-nilly way. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Jenny - thank you for your really kind comment :-) X

    Missy - thank you :-) It did feel good creating this. I shall pop over to your blog next - as always I look forward to reading your results. X

    Anne - Wow - your piece sounds wonderfully creative - I look forward to seeing it. I'm glad you enjoyed creating it. Thank you for your lovely words, they mean a lot. xx

  5. Thank YOU, Kat. Hugs to you. I've posted about my experience here: http://mygiantstrawberry.blogspot.com/2011/06/tic-tocc-and-some-introspection.html

  6. Anne - fab - I shall go take a look now! Xx

  7. Good idea, especially changing around the words from the letter about your illness. That would have been empowering.

    We have similar problems in Canada right now because of tensions between pharmaceutical companies and natural health products.

  8. wow, Kat, this is so powerful! I'm touched by your story and the courage you had to go and write that letter and afterwards turn it into this powerful positive piece. I love the sentence "succes = being you". So true, so often forgotten. Great reminder, thx!

    If it sings to you: I'm giving away an extended personal oracle reading on my blog. If you have any questions about your health/healing for the universe: do not hesitate to drop by and join in the give away party!


  9. I am sorry to hear about your trouble with medications and the red tape that goes with insurance and such. I hope everything works out for you Kat. I participated in this week's Tic Tocc...you can read about it on my blog: http://robanstudio.blogspot.com/

    I won't be participating in Paint Party Friday anymore as they don't want challenges to be included.

  10. Oh it is beautiful! What a wonderful idea to use your letter and change all that energy into something very positive and uplifting!

  11. Shayla - thanks for visiting & for leaving a lovely comment :-) I always thought Canada was meant to be the best for those things but it seems the problems are everywhere unfortunately.

    Nele- thank you for your kind comment, support & offer :-)x

    Rhonda - Great I shall look forward to visiting your blog next. Surprised about PPF - I thought lots of people combined challenges. I shall have to ask you more about it via email. X

    Tracy - thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely supportive comment :-)

    Kat Xx

  12. I LOVE reusing former work in artjournaling - I mine my old journals for writing because I find it difficult to write when I'm doing art (right/left brain stuff I guess). I do the same thing with my ceramics - break them apart if they've been around too long and don't seem happy-put them back together in a totem - a new whole. LOVE this post (came over from CED). Thank you for sharing it!

  13. Tammy - thank you for visiting & leaving those super kind words; they mean a lot. Kat X :-)


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