Sunday, 31 July 2011

The delight of a Cornish cream tea (Inspiration Avenue "Tea" challenge)

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This week's Inspiration Avenue theme is "tea". This morning I spent my morning in bed sipping tea whilst thumbing my way through vintage editions of 'Country Living' and out dated editions of 'Cornwall Life' to find images for the above collage.  It was fun to view issues that talked of a car Sat Nav as a distant futuristic idea and reminded me of fashions I once wore. Most of the images I've used are from these old 'Country Living' magazines and I knew that to be loyal to the wonderful county I live in I wanted to make a reference to the delicious delight that is a Cornish cream tea! For those of you unfamiliar with a Cornish Cream Tea: it consists of scones topped with jam & clotted cream and drunk with a pot of tea. Still not sure what I mean? Read this short article on what makes a proper Cornish cream tea. And after you've done that you may want to visit the Inspiration Avenue blog this Sunday afternoon to view other creative interpretations of the theme 'tea' set by the very lovely Maggie.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wright Story Summer Challenge...(TIC TOCC 16)

My children are now on their school summer break for the next 7 weeks and so I'm taking a break from sending TIC TOCCs & my Extra newsletter until September. So in this week's Wright Story Extra and for TIC TOCC 16 I've issued myself & you all a Summer Challenge to:

  • Branch out - Example: expand your creative business, try a new medium, technique or/and learn a new skill
  • Dare to be different - Example: try making your skies green, your animals talk
  • Allow yourself freedom - banish those self-imposed restrictions & expectations
  • Try something new - Example: create in a new place, with new people or create something not in your usual style
  • Mix it up - Example: try a new combination of materials or combine obscure genres

Go on: express the joy of creating & take a break from the norm! 

Join me in my Wright Story Summer Challenge.

I shall be posting my Summer Challenge experiences on this blog. If you want to share your experience then leave comments and links on any of my blog posts. I always love to learn what you've been creating.
My initial ideas for this summer challenge are to try and get some new type of items in my etsy shop, experiment with threads/fabric, try painting/mounting on wood and I really want to start creating ACEOs. But my priority will be to enjoy my children therefore I'll just take each day with the challenge in mind and see where the summer takes me.
Meanwhile...don't miss my interview with Tammy from Daisy Yellow in today's Wright Story Extra.

And you can catch up with TIC TOCC numbers 1 through to 15 by visiting my Wright Story Extra page which lists links to past issues. If you give any of these past TIC TOCCs a try and want to share your results - just leave a link in a comment on my latest post. I shall be sure to visit your results and can post links on Facebook/Twitter to direct other people to view your blog.
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Wings of Dreams

"Dreams are the wings that let our spirit soar."
©Katina Wright 2011 

This is my art & word entry into this week's "Wings" themed Inspiration Avenue challenge. I'm hosting the challenge this week and I am wowed by the many amazing pieces that have already been entered. Why not join us by visiting the Inspiration Avenue blog and be sure to visit again Sunday afternoon to view all the gorgeous results.

I'll leave you with a question related to my quote:
  • What makes your spirit soar? 
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Doodles & Magical Fiction from my daughter & I for TIC TOCC 15

For TIC TOCC 15 I not only persuaded my daughter to model for me for the prompt photo but she also joined me in doing the TIC TOCC again. You can view the TIC TOCC no.15 creative prompt here.

We both used 20 minutes.  Above is my doodle in black Pitt pen on an acrylic red background. I'd painted this journal page a couple of weeks ago with left over red paint from another project. So the painting was not part of the 20 minutes.  I wanted to write about the plant I doodled but ran out of time. I imagined that it grew fantastical odd shaped fruit, each one had a different deliciously sweet flavour. For instance chocolate, fresh strawberries, cheescake, banoffee etc... Each of these fruits had a magical property so that when you ate them you would gain a power for a day. I thought of things like the ability to fly, turn invisible, walk through walls, mind read etc.... So that was as far as I got but I'm thinking it may make a cute children's story that I may write someday.

My daughter did this fantastic piece of writing with illustrations (putting me to shame):

Her writing is quite teeny so here it is typed:

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Sam and a girl named Biancia. Sam and Biancia were twins.

One day their Mother felt ill. Sam and Biancia went out for a walk to leave their Mother in peace. When they were walking across the fields they met a fairy. 

"Hello my dears, why the glum faces?" the fairy asked.
"Our Mother fell ill yesterday and we can't afford to buy any medicine for her," answered Sam.

"Oh, dear. I know! Now listen very carefully. I have some magic seeds. If you plant them, only one mind, roll them up inside a piece of parchment. On the parchment write down what you want. Plant it and within an hour dig it up and there instead of seeds you'll have what you want."

Handing them the seeds, she pulled out her wand. With one swift move she was gone.

The two twins ran all the way home and did exactly what the fairy had instructed.

At the end of the week their Mother had recovered. It still lies a mystery what object they had wished for but it was all down to the fairy.


  • What did this week's TIC TOCC inspire you to create? Please share your comments and links to results in the comment section below.

I won't be home to check your results during today but shall look forward to reading you comments and visiting your links tomorrow if not this evening. 

Missed any of the previous TIC TOCCs or Wright Story Extra interviews? You can find links to these on my Wright Story Extra page where you can also sign up to receive your weekly TIC TOCC and monthly interview direct into your email inbox.

I'm also hosting this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge with the theme of 'Wings'. Why not pop over to the Inspiration Avenue etsy team blog to join in the fun.

Wishing you all a happy & creative week! :-)
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"Meeting Place" fiction writing for TIC TOCC no.14

This was one of the photos I used for this week's TIC TOCC challenge no. 14.  It is one of many photos I took a couple of weeks ago in West Cornwall. This week I decided to write for ten minutes. Here is the unedited result which uses the same characters as I used in this timed piece of writing & also in a short story I wrote last year (I feel the start of a novel being formed in my head):

"Faith shivered in the fading sunlight, exposed on the rocky landscape the north coast breeze penetrated her wool coat. They'd had to arrange a late meeting because during the day the site of this ancient mine engine house was a regular meeting point for climbing groups and a photo opportunity for tourists. Ten o'clock at night and Faith felt vulnerable out there on her own; she willed Ed to arrive. He'd left her with map coordinates last time they'd met two months back. The engine house ruin with its ancient stone was apparently a strong place to cross dimensions. Faith remembered the end of their first meeting when Ed had stepped into thin air over the river in the park near where she lived. She'd saved his life that day and he'd sworn her a debt of gratitude. Gratitude had since turned to something more powerful between them. Dare she imagine it to be love?" (10mins)
        BUT I couldn't help but write for a further 10 minutes. Here I continue:
"The light had now all but faded and Faith felt frozen to her core. Disappointment weighed heavy in her gut as she accepted that he may not be coming. She walked the short distance back to where she'd parked her car. Getting in Faith locked the doors and waited, keys in the ignition and tears stinging her eyes as the unlit road turned to the darkness one could only find far away from civilization's fake electric light.
             A short tap on the window caused Faith's sleepy body to jump, heart hammering and throat blocked. Ed's grimacing face of apology waited at her passenger window. She wanted to hit him, scold him and grab hold of him tight all at once. Faith's mixed feelings jostled for primary position as she unlocked the car so that Ed could climb in. His eyes that even in the dark seemed to be illuminated pleaded forgiveness. She felt herself soften and relax as the memory of Ed's lateness and frightening appearance seemed to fade in his presence. 
          He grinned.
          "I don't believe it!" Faith said angrily managing to break eye contact. "Are you trying to do that mind meld star trek thing on me again?" She gave her head a little shake. The first time they'd met he'd used that hypnotic power over her to prevent her from panicking and calling the police at the sight of his bloodied clothes." (Just over twenty-one minutes)
Mmm - all rather random when you know nothing of the characters and story that has been circling my head for a while since I did that other timed exercise last November. These characters keep cropping up in my writing and daydreams.

  • How did you get on with TIC TOCC no.14?
  • Do you have any ideas/creations that pester you to be explored further?
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Ready, Steady, Paint!" TIC TOCC no. 13 with my daughter...

My daughter & I did TIC TOCC no.13 together. My answers to the TIC TOCC No.13 challenge were: Blue, Circle, Calm and Flowers.  (click here to see the challenge questions for this week). I painted using acrylics on the flap of a Budweiser box because I liked the corrugated texture. This was my result after 20 minutes:


It was a lot of fun, especially because I was painting alongside my nine year old. Her answers were: Pink, Circle, Sad and Pig.  She painted using acrylic on copy paper and completed this piggy in just under ten minutes:

 Then because I was continuing on until the twenty minute mark she continued to play with the paint using her hands and fingers. Some examples below:

She was grinning in delight covering lots of pieces of paper and getting her hands covered in the thick acrylic paint. 
  • What did I learn/explore/discover whilst doing this TIC TOCC?

~Painting with acrylic in a limited timed exercise means there is no time for the heavy layers of paint to dry. Therefore, the colours inevitably become mixed. However, I liked exploring mixing & layering in this way. Alternatively, I could have used a heat gun like I've done in the past; this quick heated drying can create another set of effects.

My 7 year old didn't want to paint but he did spend a lot of time decorating his fairy cake buns for his school summer fayre tomorrow.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent photo. But think large fairy cakes/buns with chocolate fudge frosting, fondant footballs and various other sugar decorations. Yum!

I'm tired but happy from our creative play time together.
  • What did you learn/discover/explore today whilst creating?
  • How did you get on with TIC TOCC no.13? Please do share your experience and results :-) 

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

"Twinkle, Twinkle"

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge theme was 'Nursery Rhymes'. Here's my doodle entry. (It's ridiculous how much pleasure I can gain from a simple bit of doodling.) This was my eldest's favourite nursery rhyme whilst my littlest always loved 'Row, Row Your Boat' with all the rocking actions on my knee. Ah! The precious, priceless memories! If I had a time machine I'd have to keep popping back to visit their baby selves :-)

  • If you had a time machine where would you travel? What memories would you revisit? Or/and would you want to peek at the future? 
I would, like I've already mentioned, go for cuddles with my babes when they were babies. I'd also visit my wedding day and like many people I would of course visit those who have passed away. But as tempting as the future is I think I've got enough to deal with in the present ;-) Although, the winning lottery numbers for next week might just tempt me......

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