Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Doodles & Magical Fiction from my daughter & I for TIC TOCC 15

For TIC TOCC 15 I not only persuaded my daughter to model for me for the prompt photo but she also joined me in doing the TIC TOCC again. You can view the TIC TOCC no.15 creative prompt here.

We both used 20 minutes.  Above is my doodle in black Pitt pen on an acrylic red background. I'd painted this journal page a couple of weeks ago with left over red paint from another project. So the painting was not part of the 20 minutes.  I wanted to write about the plant I doodled but ran out of time. I imagined that it grew fantastical odd shaped fruit, each one had a different deliciously sweet flavour. For instance chocolate, fresh strawberries, cheescake, banoffee etc... Each of these fruits had a magical property so that when you ate them you would gain a power for a day. I thought of things like the ability to fly, turn invisible, walk through walls, mind read etc.... So that was as far as I got but I'm thinking it may make a cute children's story that I may write someday.

My daughter did this fantastic piece of writing with illustrations (putting me to shame):

Her writing is quite teeny so here it is typed:

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Sam and a girl named Biancia. Sam and Biancia were twins.

One day their Mother felt ill. Sam and Biancia went out for a walk to leave their Mother in peace. When they were walking across the fields they met a fairy. 

"Hello my dears, why the glum faces?" the fairy asked.
"Our Mother fell ill yesterday and we can't afford to buy any medicine for her," answered Sam.

"Oh, dear. I know! Now listen very carefully. I have some magic seeds. If you plant them, only one mind, roll them up inside a piece of parchment. On the parchment write down what you want. Plant it and within an hour dig it up and there instead of seeds you'll have what you want."

Handing them the seeds, she pulled out her wand. With one swift move she was gone.

The two twins ran all the way home and did exactly what the fairy had instructed.

At the end of the week their Mother had recovered. It still lies a mystery what object they had wished for but it was all down to the fairy.


  • What did this week's TIC TOCC inspire you to create? Please share your comments and links to results in the comment section below.

I won't be home to check your results during today but shall look forward to reading you comments and visiting your links tomorrow if not this evening. 

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I'm also hosting this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge with the theme of 'Wings'. Why not pop over to the Inspiration Avenue etsy team blog to join in the fun.

Wishing you all a happy & creative week! :-)
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  1. I'm lovin your tree! Looks cool on the red bg. I wouldn't mind a tree that did the things you mentioned. Youyr daughter's story is sooo creative, love it! I wrote some more about the Crowleys.

  2. Missy - Yipee - more about the Crowleys. Just what I need to cheer me up!
    Kat :-) X

  3. Kat, this is wonderful! I love your daughter's illustrated story. And this week's prompt was great. What can be more inspiring than sparkly seeds? I've got a good story brewing. Might not get to blogging it because I'm out of town without my computer, but I wanted you to know it was inspiring me.

    Your tree with all it's magical properties is so cool. I can imagine lots of stories around it.

  4. Anne - thank you :-) I'm glad you're feeling inspired and that you took the time to share that with me; it means a lot to know that the TIC TOCCs are reaching people and helping create new things. Enjoy writing your story. Hope you're having a good time away. Hugs, Kat Xx

  5. Kat, it took me till today to be able to post my work. I love your theme about the sparkly seed and you are right that it has a lot of possibilities on what we can do with it! I love your work and it looks like those Chinese ornaments hanging on a tree, it's properties are extraordinary:) Your daughter's piece is beautiful.. she has the same talent as yours in writing:)

    I am sharing my work. http://harmonythoughts.com/watercolor/the-edible-flower-with-a-heart

    Thanks a lot for your inspiration as always!

  6. Elisa - thank you for your lovely comment :-) I'm glad you were inspired and enjoyed the TIC TOCC. I shall pop over to your blog next...
    Kat X

  7. I've been looking forward to receiving my first TIC TOCC tomorrow. I may be on a roadtrip so it may be... a very different sort of ten or twenty minutes of creativity!

  8. Hi Julie

    I shall look forward to you joining in with the TIC TOCCs. Because it is school summer hols I'm taking a few weeks break and will be back in September. So this week's TIC TOCC is more of a Summer Challenge. But there are also 15 past TIC TOCCs to be found by visiting my Wright Story Extra page if you need a bit of timed creativity.

    Kat Xx


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