Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"Meeting Place" fiction writing for TIC TOCC no.14

This was one of the photos I used for this week's TIC TOCC challenge no. 14.  It is one of many photos I took a couple of weeks ago in West Cornwall. This week I decided to write for ten minutes. Here is the unedited result which uses the same characters as I used in this timed piece of writing & also in a short story I wrote last year (I feel the start of a novel being formed in my head):

"Faith shivered in the fading sunlight, exposed on the rocky landscape the north coast breeze penetrated her wool coat. They'd had to arrange a late meeting because during the day the site of this ancient mine engine house was a regular meeting point for climbing groups and a photo opportunity for tourists. Ten o'clock at night and Faith felt vulnerable out there on her own; she willed Ed to arrive. He'd left her with map coordinates last time they'd met two months back. The engine house ruin with its ancient stone was apparently a strong place to cross dimensions. Faith remembered the end of their first meeting when Ed had stepped into thin air over the river in the park near where she lived. She'd saved his life that day and he'd sworn her a debt of gratitude. Gratitude had since turned to something more powerful between them. Dare she imagine it to be love?" (10mins)
        BUT I couldn't help but write for a further 10 minutes. Here I continue:
"The light had now all but faded and Faith felt frozen to her core. Disappointment weighed heavy in her gut as she accepted that he may not be coming. She walked the short distance back to where she'd parked her car. Getting in Faith locked the doors and waited, keys in the ignition and tears stinging her eyes as the unlit road turned to the darkness one could only find far away from civilization's fake electric light.
             A short tap on the window caused Faith's sleepy body to jump, heart hammering and throat blocked. Ed's grimacing face of apology waited at her passenger window. She wanted to hit him, scold him and grab hold of him tight all at once. Faith's mixed feelings jostled for primary position as she unlocked the car so that Ed could climb in. His eyes that even in the dark seemed to be illuminated pleaded forgiveness. She felt herself soften and relax as the memory of Ed's lateness and frightening appearance seemed to fade in his presence. 
          He grinned.
          "I don't believe it!" Faith said angrily managing to break eye contact. "Are you trying to do that mind meld star trek thing on me again?" She gave her head a little shake. The first time they'd met he'd used that hypnotic power over her to prevent her from panicking and calling the police at the sight of his bloodied clothes." (Just over twenty-one minutes)
Mmm - all rather random when you know nothing of the characters and story that has been circling my head for a while since I did that other timed exercise last November. These characters keep cropping up in my writing and daydreams.

  • How did you get on with TIC TOCC no.14?
  • Do you have any ideas/creations that pester you to be explored further?
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  1. Beautiful Kat.. I enjoyed reading your piece! You can already turn it into a novel:)

    I was rather excited with doing this activity and wasted no time since I am quite free. I find this activity quite adventurous to the mind. Please check my work at http://harmonythoughts.com/art-activities/what-it-used-to-be

    Thanks a lot for organizing this.


  2. Ooooh, intriguing. I'm glad you continued past ten minutes! I like the piece prior to this. A novel definetly I'd say. I want to know more!
    I didn't do as much writing this time and mainily focused on illustration.

  3. Kat, I loved this! I read A LOT of novels, and I can definitely say this would intrigue me to read more if I picked it up. I hope you turn it into a book!!

  4. Elisa - thank you :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the TIC TOCC challenge. I'm looking forward to visiting your results next! :-) X

    Missy -thanks, I'm glad you liked :-) I'm almost scared to start another novel after finishing three books and being to chicken to send them anywhere. I'm very happy to have you back this week - I always look forward to your results :-) X

    Maggie - thank you for your kind words of encouragement :-) I would like to develop these characters further into a novel. I feel guilty though that I've completed three books & done nothing with them yet. Part of me thinks I should go back to them but another part just wants me to write this next story! X

    Kat Xx

  5. Hi, Kat! Love your story. Glad you continued after the first 10 minutes. I would love to see this be a novel. Don't worry about not doing anything with those other books yet. If the writing is important now, do the writing. Trying for publication and publication itself will happen when you're ready. As you know, I'm struggling with the same sort of thing.

    This week I did a little doodle.


    Thanks for another great week and hugs to you!

  6. Anne - oh thank you sweetie for the kind comment & wise words. They give me courage to just write and not worry what happens next. Thanks. Doodle lover that I am I'm looking forward to seeing your results next!
    Kat X

  7. I am in awe of your writing here, especially given the short period of time you wrote it in!! Just fantastic!

  8. The timed writing seems like a super way to jump start the creative process. I enjoyed reading your story. The photo is lovely as well. I admire your multi-faceted approach to creativity!

  9. Interesting story...I think it would be a good start to a novel. :-)

  10. lisa, kelly & art2cee2 - thank you very much for you kind supportive comments :-)

    Kat X

  11. OOOh it always stops too soon, you temptress you! :)I agree with everyone else...a novel for sure!
    Thankyou so much for your well wishes...I'm pretty much back to "normal" now..but lovely thoughts always gratefully received :)xx

  12. Jenny - I'm so glad you're feeling much better :-) I'd love for it to develop into a novel but we'll just have to see...;-)
    Kat Xx

  13. I loved reading the story Kat, very very intriguing. Don't you just love it when characters seize your imagination and won't go away?

    I painted this week, and I've put the picture up over at good ol' www.talesofveryordinarymadness.blogspot.com/

    Now I'm going to pop round and have a wee look at what everyone else has been doing xxx

  14. Sam - thank you :-) I shall go & have a look at your results over on your blog.
    Kat X

  15. Hi Kat, I absolutely love your writing style. The amount of suspense you managed to create in that short space is very impressive - the last piece definitely left me wanting more. I say if these characters keep cropping up then roll with them, they could be very fruitful.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, I'm so new to this I'm finding it very overwhelming, but I'm so glad to have such encouraging people such as yourself taking the time out to comment. It means a lot to me so thanks (and if you ever want a journal in my shop just contact me and I'll whip you up a discount - we junkies have to fuel our addiction don't we?)

    Much love

  16. Jenny (Jennibellie) - thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment. And thanks for the offer of a discount.
    The blogging community in my experience is a very friendly one. I hope some of the links help you connect up with lovely folk. And if there's anything you think I may be able to help me with then just drop me an email anytime.

    Kat :-) X

  17. Hi Kat! It's me, Joyce, from My Pure Joy. Just wanted to let you know that you won Robin's backpack! Info on getting your address to me is on the blog. Yay!!! :-)


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