Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Ready, Steady, Paint!" TIC TOCC no. 13 with my daughter...

My daughter & I did TIC TOCC no.13 together. My answers to the TIC TOCC No.13 challenge were: Blue, Circle, Calm and Flowers.  (click here to see the challenge questions for this week). I painted using acrylics on the flap of a Budweiser box because I liked the corrugated texture. This was my result after 20 minutes:


It was a lot of fun, especially because I was painting alongside my nine year old. Her answers were: Pink, Circle, Sad and Pig.  She painted using acrylic on copy paper and completed this piggy in just under ten minutes:

 Then because I was continuing on until the twenty minute mark she continued to play with the paint using her hands and fingers. Some examples below:

She was grinning in delight covering lots of pieces of paper and getting her hands covered in the thick acrylic paint. 
  • What did I learn/explore/discover whilst doing this TIC TOCC?

~Painting with acrylic in a limited timed exercise means there is no time for the heavy layers of paint to dry. Therefore, the colours inevitably become mixed. However, I liked exploring mixing & layering in this way. Alternatively, I could have used a heat gun like I've done in the past; this quick heated drying can create another set of effects.

My 7 year old didn't want to paint but he did spend a lot of time decorating his fairy cake buns for his school summer fayre tomorrow.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent photo. But think large fairy cakes/buns with chocolate fudge frosting, fondant footballs and various other sugar decorations. Yum!

I'm tired but happy from our creative play time together.
  • What did you learn/discover/explore today whilst creating?
  • How did you get on with TIC TOCC no.13? Please do share your experience and results :-) 

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  1. very nice! i love painting alongside my kids. It can sometimes distract me since they are a bit younger but, it is so nice to see what they come up with! the pig is adorable.

  2. I really like that you did this with your daughter, I love having my kids on my lap while I'm working on projects. :) I can't believe the flap of a box can look so good.

  3. I really love your painting! And it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your daughter. Her pig is so cute.

    Time just keeps escaping me, but I'll come back with a link to my TIC TOCC when I can sit down and do it.

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts. Hugs to you.

  4. art2cee2 - thank you :-)

    Kristen - thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment :-) Yes, I know what you mean about it being hard to concentrate with young kids around. Mine are 7 & 9 but even so there are certain projects I find it harder to work on with them around. I shall pass on your compliment about the pig to my daughter. I was amazed how quickly she painted the pig. I guess she just had no fear of how it would turn out; it makes a difference.

    B - thank you - it's fun painting on or with the contents of the recycling pile :-)

    Anne - thanks, it was fun painting with her & I agree her pig is really cute & was so effortlessly & quickly done. The confidence of youth. We should take lessons from kids for sure! I shall look forward to seeing your TIC TOCC results when you get chance. Xx

    Kat Xx

  5. Hi Kat:) It's my first time to join Tictoc. I enjoyed the moment very much. I am very inspired by your moment with your daughter... the results are gorgeous! Love your flower circles painting and the cute lil pig.. certainly creative:)

    I shall post my results on Sat and get back here:) Have a great day!


  6. I'm back with my results:




  7. Elisa - Welcome! Thanks for joining in & sharing this week. I can't wait to go & take a look at your results! I shall make sure to tweet and facebook about them afterwards as well. Its great to have you join us! Kat :-) X

  8. I love your paint, it's quite super, love everything about it, Your daughters is great too. I'll have a story for ya tomm. I'm making sure I dod a Tic Tocc this week!

  9. Missy - great to hear from you & thank you for your kind comment :-) Looking forward to reading your story :-))
    Kat X

  10. Fun ideas! Love her pig, he is super cute

  11. iHanna - thank you:-) Yes, I agree, her pig is a cutie. I think she's also doing my next TIC TOCC with me. She already acted as a hand model for the photo part of the next prompt :-)
    Kat X


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