Sunday, 3 July 2011

"Twinkle, Twinkle"

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge theme was 'Nursery Rhymes'. Here's my doodle entry. (It's ridiculous how much pleasure I can gain from a simple bit of doodling.) This was my eldest's favourite nursery rhyme whilst my littlest always loved 'Row, Row Your Boat' with all the rocking actions on my knee. Ah! The precious, priceless memories! If I had a time machine I'd have to keep popping back to visit their baby selves :-)

  • If you had a time machine where would you travel? What memories would you revisit? Or/and would you want to peek at the future? 
I would, like I've already mentioned, go for cuddles with my babes when they were babies. I'd also visit my wedding day and like many people I would of course visit those who have passed away. But as tempting as the future is I think I've got enough to deal with in the present ;-) Although, the winning lottery numbers for next week might just tempt me......

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  1. What a great star doodle. I don't think I'd want to see the future either but I'd venture into the past if it was only for a visit.


  2. So good to get through.. blogger is being difficult some. I love your entry for the IA theme. I remember when mine were little too and we sang the rhymes and did the hands. I agree too that the future is something I can wait for but would love to visit those precious moments and people I miss these days.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. If I could go back in time I'd want to make a lot of changes! So, it's probably better that I don't.

    I love your doodles!

  4. Your doodle is so sweet! Hmmm... time machine? I'd love to go back in time to see art exhibits and concerts. Visit with loved ones who are no longer here and I think I'd like to visit my younger self.

  5. Such an awesome doodle, Kat!
    And I would love to pop in on my babies for a moment...if only for that baby head smell!

  6. Your star would make a beautiful cross stitch! I love to doodle, sometimes my favorite things are created while doodling!

  7. I would definitely go back for the cuddles. You just took me there. 25 years ago putting my baby girl to bed. She would say " Mama sing Twinkle! " Xoxo. terah

  8. That's a really lovely doodle, and like you I'd go back to when my children were little and cuddle them for hours! I'd also talk to my Grandad and find out more about his life growing up :o)

  9. Darla - Thank you :-) Yep, I too would only want to visit certain past moments but wouldn't want to stay there.

    Amanda - thank you :-) I sympathise; it is annoying when Blogger is difficult! Those type of precious moments are just the best; priceless.

    Judy - Thanks :-) And - oh no, making changes may undo the good stuff; best stay out of the time machine then! Lol. ;-) X

    Anne - thank you :-) Ah yes, never thought of concerts and similar. I'm not sure I'd want to visit my younger self but if I did I'd want to encourage a little more peace & confidence in her.

    Lisa - thank you sweetie :-) Oh, babies, they are so gorgeous aren't they? My neighbour and close friend is over five months into her pregnancy and I am so excited to do some baby cuddling :-)

    IM girl - funnily enough I was imagining the idea of trying an embroidery version. Of course my sewing skills aren't good enough to do all the detail but I like the idea of taking the overall design and stitching it. And, like you, I often get ideas & create the basis for a design whilst doodling. X

    Terah - I'm glad I helped take you back to that wonderful precious time :-) x

    Karen - thank you :-) Another Mum who would travel for cuddles! Yes, it would be wonderful to spend more time with Grandparents learning more about their early lives. Lovely to hear from you :-)X

    Kat Xx

  10. This is awesome Kat!
    I remember singing the song to my grandson as we sat outside in the evening and looked at twinkling stars. It's a favorite memory

  11. gemma - thank you :-) They really are lovely memories to make. :-)
    Kat X


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