Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Wings of Dreams

"Dreams are the wings that let our spirit soar."
©Katina Wright 2011 

This is my art & word entry into this week's "Wings" themed Inspiration Avenue challenge. I'm hosting the challenge this week and I am wowed by the many amazing pieces that have already been entered. Why not join us by visiting the Inspiration Avenue blog and be sure to visit again Sunday afternoon to view all the gorgeous results.

I'll leave you with a question related to my quote:
  • What makes your spirit soar? 
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  1. Love this doodle.... hope you are doing well Kat, we are suffering through a crazy heatwave.
    all the best, Warren

  2. Great question Katina! First off, love your sketch...every detail of it. What makes my soul soar though? Well, yesterday it happened when my wee ones (3yo) came into my room and helped me work on a doll. Today when they went out with daddy they came home with little chairs so they could sit in there with me more often. I was soaring for sure!

  3. I love this entire entry, Kat, but I especially like the feathers that surround the inner circle. You chose an awesome theme this week, and I know it was a genuine favorite based on all the entries.

    My spirit soars when I can make art. Right now I'm just getting back on track after months of having no inspiration.

  4. I love your circle of feathers!!!! Great theme this week! :)

  5. Love your piece for the theme this week. Your design creations give me so much to think about. I love the symmetry. Then all the elements and the symbols are beautiful. The theme you picked for this week is a popular one, lots of posts to visit. Love all the various takes on it. Thank you for a great theme this week.

  6. This makes me think of American Indian designs Kat. Love the feathers around the piece.

  7. Kat,Your mandala is awesome. Love the feathers and the center open for flight. Seeing others creativity makes my spirit soar, as well as using my own creative dreams.

  8. This is beautiful, Kat. I especially love the whimsical feathers, and the way you incorporate trees into so many designs. I agree that dreams let us soar to places we can't imagine. Now, if I could just remember more of my dreams...

    Amazing how many entries there were this week! You picked a theme that strikes a chord with so many people!

  9. Hi Kat!
    I know I have said this before an before, but me, you are making Native American Indian Art. So soulful and just full of their symbol isms. You make me believe in reincarnation. It is truly outstanding work!

  10. Your drawing reminds me of a family crest or a shield, it would make an awesome tattoo, beautiful!

    Answer: freedom and love.

  11. Kat this may be my new favorite of all your work- I love all the symbolism you've used and the feathers are the perfect finishing touch- really beautiful work! Also, I bow to you for the theme this week- I think you've recieved a record number of entries here- so many, that I had to take two days to visit them all! GREAT job- I just hope it didn't over tire you!

  12. Hi Kat. Your Wings piece is wonderful! I love the circle telling us everything is connected and comes full circle. I like the black and white from the medium as it makes the message that much more powerful. Awesome. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and for your sweet comments! I've been kind of lazy this summer about blogging. Hugs XO ~ Rhonda

  13. Warren - thank you:-) No sign of a heatwave here in the UK. I wore a thermal top in bed a few nights ago. Lol. :-)

    B - oh that sounds lovely, I can just imagine the little chairs & the shared delight :-)

    Elizabeth - thank you:-)Getting creative makes my spirit soar too. I'm glad you're feeling inspired again X

    Barbara - thank you:-)

    Jenn - thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the theme :-)

    Amanda - thank you for your lovely words :-) Glad you liked the theme. X

    Jo - thanks. The Native American feel to some of my artwork keeps being commented on this past year. It's been unconscious but now I'm thinking more about it and am drawn to doing more research. :-)

    gemma - thank you :-) I too feel my spirit soar when I get to share in people's art & creativity. X

    Maggie - thank you X Trees do creep into nearly everything; I just love them. The feathers were a new thing for me and made me stretch and learn with this attempt. :-)

    Lisa - thank you; you're so sweet. Yes the Native American feel to my art has crept in unawares and without me consciously doing it this past year. But now I feel I'd like to explore Native American art more. Funny how we can be connected to things we have no physical connection to. If that makes sense. As for reincarnation...well I keep an open mind on all things & wouldn't rule it out!:-)

    New end studio - funny you should mention tattoos...I've wanted to have a tattoo for a long time. It would be cool to have something that was all mine. I'll let you know if I ever get one done. :-)

    Stephanie - thank you for your super nice comment :-) Yes I was very tired BUT I was energised by the amazing art that was shared, so it was ok. Good job I took yours & others advice to keep adding to a draft. Over the whole week it took me many hours so if I'd left it until Sunday the results post wouldn't have been finished until Monday. Lol. Xx

    Rhonda - thank you sweetie :-) And it was a pleasure to catch up on your blog today. It seems ages since I've had a chance to visit. Has been busy few weeks. X

    Thanks all for the lovely comments.
    Kat Xx

  14. Kat sorry I'm late, been so hectic here - just trying to catch up now!

    Love your mandala - beautiful drawing and I'm very drawn to feathers so it's just my sort of thing!

    I did start a piece for this as I loved the theme you chose, but ...well, see above lol!

    The weather's actually been a bit nicer here last few days, since you wrote this, so hope it's reached you too - bit of sunshine works wonders! :)
    Angie xx

  15. I forgot to answer your question - art, music, and being with people I love make my spirit soar. Possibly a cliche, but true! xx

  16. This turned out wonderfully! I love your feathers take on the theme "wings" and your mandala is beautiful.

  17. Angie - thank you :-) I hope things get less hectic soon & you get some time for relaxing. Your answer to my question isn't cliched just shared by many including me!!:-) Nice and sunny here today. Xx

    EVA - thank you:-) Good to hear from you. I shall come visit & catch up at your blog. Xx

    Kat :-)

  18. Hi Sweet Kat. I love your Mandala. It captures nature wonderfully. Thank you for hosting last weeks challenge. It is never easy but you did a fantastic job of it. We had so many entries. It is always nice to get new participants.
    What makes my heart soar?
    1.Being with my children (both are in other states for college)
    2.Special moments between my husband and I.
    3.Time spent with family and friends
    4. Making a beautiful piece of art.
    5. Helping others.

  19. Tammy - thank you :-) Those are five beautiful reasons for your spirit to soar. Kat Xx


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