Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wright Story Summer Challenge...(TIC TOCC 16)

My children are now on their school summer break for the next 7 weeks and so I'm taking a break from sending TIC TOCCs & my Extra newsletter until September. So in this week's Wright Story Extra and for TIC TOCC 16 I've issued myself & you all a Summer Challenge to:

  • Branch out - Example: expand your creative business, try a new medium, technique or/and learn a new skill
  • Dare to be different - Example: try making your skies green, your animals talk
  • Allow yourself freedom - banish those self-imposed restrictions & expectations
  • Try something new - Example: create in a new place, with new people or create something not in your usual style
  • Mix it up - Example: try a new combination of materials or combine obscure genres

Go on: express the joy of creating & take a break from the norm! 

Join me in my Wright Story Summer Challenge.

I shall be posting my Summer Challenge experiences on this blog. If you want to share your experience then leave comments and links on any of my blog posts. I always love to learn what you've been creating.
My initial ideas for this summer challenge are to try and get some new type of items in my etsy shop, experiment with threads/fabric, try painting/mounting on wood and I really want to start creating ACEOs. But my priority will be to enjoy my children therefore I'll just take each day with the challenge in mind and see where the summer takes me.
Meanwhile...don't miss my interview with Tammy from Daisy Yellow in today's Wright Story Extra.

And you can catch up with TIC TOCC numbers 1 through to 15 by visiting my Wright Story Extra page which lists links to past issues. If you give any of these past TIC TOCCs a try and want to share your results - just leave a link in a comment on my latest post. I shall be sure to visit your results and can post links on Facebook/Twitter to direct other people to view your blog.
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  1. I love the creativity of the tree and it's creativity encouragement for others.

  2. Sending out hugs to you! Hope you have a wonderful time during the break.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Pamela - thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment. :-)

    Anne - thank you sweetie, hugs back to you. I shall still be around, write some blog posts & will check in with you when I come. Xx

    Kat X

  4. Enjoy that extra time with your kids, go have lots of summer fun I really like your piece!

  5. Thank you Missy :-)
    Kat Xx


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