Sunday, 21 August 2011

IA Icy & A BIG blog GIVEAWAY!!!! Chance to win super art & craft goodies...

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge theme, set by the lovely Lisa Wright Stuff, was "Icy".  My entry started with a rather bad sketch of an ice-cream cone that I then matted on lots of layers of gorgeous K&co. scrapbook papers, handmade paper and little of my own hand coloured paper for the words. I then created the wording, added some brads and doodles. I think at a later date I may find some photos of my children eating ice-cream and add this onto a scrap book page. It is approximately 17 x 24cm in total size. If you visit the Inspiration Avenue blog late Sunday afternoon you'll be able to view lots of wonderful interpretations of this week's theme.

Now to the exciting bit of today's post.....
Last week this blog reached a total of 100 followers and I mentioned that as a celebration and thank you to you lovely readers I would host a giveaway. Here is a snapshot of the goodies available to win:

Now for more detail...
Below shows the assortment of handmade papers which includes 4 mulberry papers intertwined with metallic thread, thick purple handmade paper with a heart print and a large sheet of soft fine handmade paper with a fan type pattern interwoven through it. The following photo doesn't do the the papers justice but trust me that they're nice :-))

Two sheets of peel-off stickers. On the left the white sheet contains transparent shaped peel offs which are great because you can encase art, dried flowers etc underneath. The silver right hand sheet offers some pretty elaborate corner embellishments.
 Below shows a large sheet of 'Pebbles' funky self adhesive card letters that are great for scrapbooking, card making, collage and much more.
 Here are a few 3D embellishment: material hearts, lovely mother of pearl effect buttons and three pairs of mini pegs in silver, gold and natural wood.
 The next photo shows you 1 to 4 of the eight 'Tuscan Rose' collage papers included. These are high quality collage papers printed on decent weight paper and will come to you in a thick plastic wallet suitable for loading into a ring binder folder.
 And here are sheets 5-8:

I hope you like the selection of art & craft materials I've chosen. I really got excited choosing them for you.

Entry details:
To be entered into the draw for a chance to win these lovely goodies all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Midnight (GMT) on 31st August 2011 and be a follower of this blog (see right hand column or top tool bar to follow if you don't already). In your comment confirm that you would like to be entered into this draw and that you follow my blog. (Please note: If you're unable to follow using google connect/friends but subscribe to my blog posts via email or a reader then this makes you eligible too). I will then assign you a consecutively allocated entry number.

For extra chances to win:

 You can be given extra entry numbers and therefore extra chances to win if you:
  • 'Like' my Wright Story facebook page (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Follow Wright Story on Twitter (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Subscribe to my blog posts via email which can be done via link in the right hand column of this blog (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Subscribe to my Wright Story Extra Newsletter (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Mention & link to this giveaway post on Twitter (=1 extra entry number)
  • Mention & link to this giveaway post on Facebook (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Mention and link to this giveaway post on your own blog (= 2 extra entry numbers)
Which means you can have up to 9 entry numbers in this draw. All you have to do is tell me in the comment section which, if any, of these extra entry makers you're eligible for. For example: "Hi Katina, yes please enter me into your draw, I am a follower of your blog and I also follow you on Twitter & facebook. I've also mentioned & linked to this giveaway on my blog at" This would entitle you to 5 entry numbers.

Confused? Any questions? Just tweet, facebook me or send me an email at contactwrightstory (at) gmail (dot) com. 

If you just want to simply leave a comment and follow this blog that is fine too. I just wanted an extra chance to thank those of you who meet up with me in all different areas of this virtual world.  Thank you for keeping me company, offering me such amazing support & kindness - it means a lot to me.

Oh and the prize draw is open to followers worldwide.

I will fairly pick a number out of a hat (or use an online random number generator) on the morning of the 1st September 2011 and announce the winner in a post that day!

Good Luck!! :-)

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Friday, 19 August 2011

PPF Tales of the unexpected...

I am very happy, after a long break, to join in with Paint Party Friday today. Here is the painting I worked on this week between school holiday childcare and visitors.  It's part of a series of sisal and acrylic mixed media paintings I've created. I showed my previous sisal tree in this blog post and I've just listed these two on my etsy shop today.
Here's a side view:

So why the title 'Tales of the Unexpected'?

Because: I've been musing this week on how things rarely turn out as expected. For instance three consecutive rainy days would normally ensure the kids were going loopy and starting to drive me insane. But instead they've been in fine moods and we've enjoyed each others company doing activities like baking, art, games and home cinema. Another recent example: my seven year old son was convinced that a trip to a historic house and estate would be 'sooo boring'. Yet he enthusiastically explored, chatted and  questioned with a grin on his face the entire trip.

How many times do we really not want to do something only to have a fantastic time, meet someone or learn something that alters the course of our life?

This also applies to our creative work. Sometimes I sit down facing the blank page or canvas thinking there is no way I can possibly conjure up anything worth reading or seeing. Alternatively I may enthusiastically start a painting or piece of writing that begins to morph into a messy jumble. Yet frequently, in both cases, when I work through these situations and the associated fear something beautiful materialises. It may be something small: a perfectly formed sentence, vague  character idea or accidently discovered paint effect.  But small things can lead to big projects or a life lesson worth learning. Equally, there are days when we just need a rest and that rest time can unexpectedly bring us inspiration itself.

  • What unexpected result have you experienced recently?
  • Do you allow yourself to work past the blocks & fear to discover something the other side?
  • Do you allow yourself creative rest days? What unexpected inspiration have you discovered on a rest day?
In other news:
To celebrate this blog recently achieving 100 followers I will be announcing a fun and creative prize draw this weekend. Be sure to return for a chance to enter.... 

Right, I'm off to visit other Paint Party Friday participants - why don't you join me? There is sure to be lots of gorgeous painting to discover!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Historical Inspiration. How does the past influence our creative work?

I missed out on entering this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge because we went to visit nearby Lanhydrock House.  The house and surrounding estate are beautiful. Inside the rooms are set up as they were during the Victorian period and the glorious attention to detail allows visitors to be transported into the past in vivid detail. The history  and story of the last family to live there was told through the rooms, artifacts & literature. Even my seven year old, who originally hadn't been keen on going, thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up in the stories and splendour. Unfortunately, with no flash photography allowed inside, I was unable to get clear pictures indoors. However here are a few outdoor shots.
The manicured gardens closest to the house were a contrast to the woodland and surrounding farmland.

Following a very long woodland drive you arrive at this gatehouse. 
Grand frontage with circular drive for carriages.

Story book architecture.

These are just a few photos but I took plenty more that I shall be using as fiction inspiration and are liable to appear in future Wright Story Extra editions as part of my TIC TOCC prompts.  I came home wanting to write a story that had developed in my imagination during our visit. I also found myself longing to lose myself in some historical fiction and films.  I was lost to my daydreams of being Lady of Lanhydrock!

History and the past, recent or distant, can provide a wealth of inspiration and learning.

  • How has your creative work been influenced by the past? 
  • Is there a period of History that particularly inspires you?
  • How has your own past had a direct bearing on what you create?
If you're visiting Cornwall I highly recommend a visit to Lanhydrock House.  I also recommend a visit to any local place of historical interest. The stories you uncover may fuel new creative ventures.

Okay I'm off to go and daydream further about being Lady Wright....

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

A string tree WIP & 100 followers...

This week's Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge, set by the talented Judy, is 'The Forest For The Trees'.  I was hoping to have finished this in time but we've had lots of visitors this past couple of weeks in honour of the school summer hols & along with ongoing health stuff I'm struggling to carve out my creative time. So, excuses over, this is not quite finished.  I've tried to create another one of my string/sisal mixed media paintings using one of my favourite subjects: trees. I also had this month's Creative Everyday Challenge, 'Red', in mind whilst creating this.  As favourites of mine, trees and red are both inspiring creative ideas. Also I feel this adds to my own 'summer challenge'.

Arriving at my blog I've also just discovered that I have reached 100 followers!! I'm so grateful for my blogging friends who encourage, support & contribute. Thanks to all of you who keep me company by choosing to follow me. You're all fab! :-) I think it's high time I did a blog giveaway in appreciation. I shall organise this as soon as I can. Watch this space.

If you visit the Inspiration Avenue blog Sunday afternoon you'll get to see all the tree/forest themed entries for this week's challenge.

Hope you all have been having a great weekend!

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Branching out.....

As part of my self-imposed summer challenge I am trying to branch out with new things and be brave. I'm pleased that despite a fair few personal challenges I've managed to update my etsy shop banner (above) and list some wood embellishments I've created (below):

These can all be found now in my etsy shop from only £1.00/$1.63. Please do take a look if you've got a moment to spare. They're all unique and great for card toppers, making brooches, buttons, badges, scrapbooking etc...

My next bit of branching out will be for this week's Inspiration Avenue 'Tree' themed challenge set by the talented Judy.  As trees are a favourite and recurring theme in my creative work I'm going to try hard to create something even though it is busy season in this house with visitors and children.

  • Have you branched out in any area of your life recently? Have you begun something new or developed something further?
Wishing you all a happy & creative week :-)

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