Thursday, 4 August 2011

Branching out.....

As part of my self-imposed summer challenge I am trying to branch out with new things and be brave. I'm pleased that despite a fair few personal challenges I've managed to update my etsy shop banner (above) and list some wood embellishments I've created (below):

These can all be found now in my etsy shop from only £1.00/$1.63. Please do take a look if you've got a moment to spare. They're all unique and great for card toppers, making brooches, buttons, badges, scrapbooking etc...

My next bit of branching out will be for this week's Inspiration Avenue 'Tree' themed challenge set by the talented Judy.  As trees are a favourite and recurring theme in my creative work I'm going to try hard to create something even though it is busy season in this house with visitors and children.

  • Have you branched out in any area of your life recently? Have you begun something new or developed something further?
Wishing you all a happy & creative week :-)

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  1. A good week to you too, Kat. Especially like your wooden heart

  2. These look great! Love your new banner!

    Glad you're branching out. I have branching out ideas, just got to get going on them. Thanks for being an inspiration to do just that!

  3. Yay or being brave!! Love the wood embellishments!


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