Sunday, 21 August 2011

IA Icy & A BIG blog GIVEAWAY!!!! Chance to win super art & craft goodies...

This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge theme, set by the lovely Lisa Wright Stuff, was "Icy".  My entry started with a rather bad sketch of an ice-cream cone that I then matted on lots of layers of gorgeous K&co. scrapbook papers, handmade paper and little of my own hand coloured paper for the words. I then created the wording, added some brads and doodles. I think at a later date I may find some photos of my children eating ice-cream and add this onto a scrap book page. It is approximately 17 x 24cm in total size. If you visit the Inspiration Avenue blog late Sunday afternoon you'll be able to view lots of wonderful interpretations of this week's theme.

Now to the exciting bit of today's post.....
Last week this blog reached a total of 100 followers and I mentioned that as a celebration and thank you to you lovely readers I would host a giveaway. Here is a snapshot of the goodies available to win:

Now for more detail...
Below shows the assortment of handmade papers which includes 4 mulberry papers intertwined with metallic thread, thick purple handmade paper with a heart print and a large sheet of soft fine handmade paper with a fan type pattern interwoven through it. The following photo doesn't do the the papers justice but trust me that they're nice :-))

Two sheets of peel-off stickers. On the left the white sheet contains transparent shaped peel offs which are great because you can encase art, dried flowers etc underneath. The silver right hand sheet offers some pretty elaborate corner embellishments.
 Below shows a large sheet of 'Pebbles' funky self adhesive card letters that are great for scrapbooking, card making, collage and much more.
 Here are a few 3D embellishment: material hearts, lovely mother of pearl effect buttons and three pairs of mini pegs in silver, gold and natural wood.
 The next photo shows you 1 to 4 of the eight 'Tuscan Rose' collage papers included. These are high quality collage papers printed on decent weight paper and will come to you in a thick plastic wallet suitable for loading into a ring binder folder.
 And here are sheets 5-8:

I hope you like the selection of art & craft materials I've chosen. I really got excited choosing them for you.

Entry details:
To be entered into the draw for a chance to win these lovely goodies all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Midnight (GMT) on 31st August 2011 and be a follower of this blog (see right hand column or top tool bar to follow if you don't already). In your comment confirm that you would like to be entered into this draw and that you follow my blog. (Please note: If you're unable to follow using google connect/friends but subscribe to my blog posts via email or a reader then this makes you eligible too). I will then assign you a consecutively allocated entry number.

For extra chances to win:

 You can be given extra entry numbers and therefore extra chances to win if you:
  • 'Like' my Wright Story facebook page (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Follow Wright Story on Twitter (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Subscribe to my blog posts via email which can be done via link in the right hand column of this blog (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Subscribe to my Wright Story Extra Newsletter (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Mention & link to this giveaway post on Twitter (=1 extra entry number)
  • Mention & link to this giveaway post on Facebook (= 1 extra entry number)
  • Mention and link to this giveaway post on your own blog (= 2 extra entry numbers)
Which means you can have up to 9 entry numbers in this draw. All you have to do is tell me in the comment section which, if any, of these extra entry makers you're eligible for. For example: "Hi Katina, yes please enter me into your draw, I am a follower of your blog and I also follow you on Twitter & facebook. I've also mentioned & linked to this giveaway on my blog at" This would entitle you to 5 entry numbers.

Confused? Any questions? Just tweet, facebook me or send me an email at contactwrightstory (at) gmail (dot) com. 

If you just want to simply leave a comment and follow this blog that is fine too. I just wanted an extra chance to thank those of you who meet up with me in all different areas of this virtual world.  Thank you for keeping me company, offering me such amazing support & kindness - it means a lot to me.

Oh and the prize draw is open to followers worldwide.

I will fairly pick a number out of a hat (or use an online random number generator) on the morning of the 1st September 2011 and announce the winner in a post that day!

Good Luck!! :-)

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  1. Very timely - I've just finished eating a cruchie ice cream (which I can heartily recommend!!).

    Nice pic, but I think you're right - some pics of kiddies with ice cream all round their chops would just finish it off nicely!!

    Would love to enter the giveaway too. Gratz on reaching 100 followers!

  2. Hey Kat. I want to join in your giveaway. I am follower of your blog via the Google reader where I enter your link there. I also follow you on FB, twitter and have posted your giveaway on both social networks. I am already a subscriber of your newsletter..

    Great giveaway and I hope I'll be chosen! Thanks a lot and congrats to you! :)

  3. Lisa - oooh crunchie ice-cream - yummy! You are in the hat. Just remind me how many entries you need. Ie. where you follow/subscribe. I know you follow me on Twitter....

    Elisa - your 6 number entries are now in the hat! Thanks so much for spreading the word on F/B & Twitter. :-) X

    Kat X

  4. I like your ice cream and cone. It is very cooling. I think your photos around it would be great.

    I have tried RSS feeds and they just don't work for me. Then I tried FeedDemon and it put blog entries on my desktop I didn't want. I applaud your hundred followers. Unfortunately, I have given up on following blogs. So no entry for me.

  5. Elizabeth - Thank you :-) I'm sorry about the entry - I've left you a longer comment on your great ICY IA entry blog post.
    Kat Xx

  6. This is a great fun scrapbook page with a real summer holiday vibe - a lovely ice-cream in ice-cream colours! It would be fab with the photos added too.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and the chance to won such gorgeous goodies!

    I'm following your blog and FB page, and will mention your giveaway on FB too.

    *Crosses fingers and hopes for the best *

  7. Hi Katina, thanks for the comment on my IA entry and now I'm here to GFC follow and also mentioned your giveaway on my business FB page=2 draws.

    I can't "like" any FB pages, as it's merely a business page, and I haven't twittered.

    I need a Flake right about now! See it on your icecream cone IA entry- sweet and delicious.

    Thanks for the entries and congrats on your followers.

  8. Whoops, forgot to show you where the comment was made

  9. First of all, I'm loving your ice cream collage ~ it's making me crave an icy treat!

    What a cool giveaway ~ I'm in! I already follow your blog. I'm a hopelessly bad facebook user and tweeter, but I'm following :)

    Hope you have a great week!


  10. Angie - thank you, I shall have to find just the right photos :-) Thanks for entering & spreading the word. That's 3 numbers in the hat for you. :-) Xx

    New End Studio - thank you for joining in & mentioning on F/B. I'm now following your page on fb too. Your two entries are in the hat :-) Hope you got your flake - they're yummy! One of my favs X

    Maggie - thanks, hope you've managed to get an iced treat :-) Your 3 numbers are in the hat Xx

    Thanks all :-)
    Kat Xx

  11. Love the ice-cream piece and now you have 103, yay! What a lovely giveaway, that paper is awesome!

  12. Kat, this is a fantastic giveaway - thanks for the chance to enter!

    I have 6 entries:
    I liked your facebook page
    I'm now following you on Twitter (I'm @creativartitude)
    I've subscribe to your blog via email (I'm much more likely to see your posts via email than a blog reader!)
    I've also subscribe to the Wright Story Extra Newsletter
    and I've posted about the giveaway, with link, on Twitter:!/CreativARTitude/status/106159837590728704
    I'm excited to find your blog! I have fibro and disabilities and have just started to develop my creativity, over the past year, for healing, connection, sanity saving and more.

  13. Missy - thank you :-) I think that's 3 entries into the draw for you but correct me if I'm wrong :-) Xx

    Cynthia - welcome & thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment & spreading the word on the giveaway. Great to 'meet' you - I look forward to learning more about you :-)Your 6 entries are in the hat!

    Kat Xx

  14. Kat, I'd like to join your giveaway too!! I'm not going to qualify for many points though - I'm off on holiday tomorrow and at the moment my horrible children are busy knocking chunks out of each other with plastic guns in the name of pre-holiday excitement, so I'm going to have to turn off my computer and referee. Sigh...... Congrats on reaching 100 followers xxx. See you when we get back!

  15. Lady~Love, You're so talented! I can learn much from you! Love 'n Peace<3

  16. Sam - Hope your having a fab holiday. I shall of course put you in the hat for the prize draw. I shall check out how many numbers to put in for you.:-) X

    Feather - thank you for visiting my blog & leaving such a lovely comment. :-)

    Kat X

  17. Prize draw is now closed. I'm just adding up everyone's entries before posting the results later this morning. Thanks all for entering.

    Kat :-) X

  18. 100 IS an exciting number!
    How wonderful it makes us feel to know that someone is reading! ;)

    And I am content to just absorb the beauty of your blog.

    Have a lovely and creative day!



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